Gilbride Targets Hall

DeAngelo Hall is a marked man, as he should be. The all-pro cornerback has amassed five picks on the year, accounting for half of Washington’s season total. Remarkably, Hall intercepted Jay Cutler four times during the Redskins 17-14 week seven win over the Bears.
Giants offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride knows all too well of Hall’s proclivity for making game-changing plays.

“You’re certainly appreciative of his ability to intercept the ball”, exclaimed Gilbride. “He has very good ball skills. He’s like a lot of those terrific corners that will gamble, they’ll take a chance, sometimes they make a play, sometimes you make a big play on them because of their risk taking.”

In six career games against Big Blue, Hall has collected four interceptions and 11 pass deflections. Gilbride will be watching Hall intently looking for the opportune time to exploit Hall’s aggressiveness.

“He’s one of those guys that has the ability, if you throw it incorrectly or he guesses right, he’s going to catch it,” commented Gilbride. “You’re certainly very cognizant of where he’s at. And you should be attentive to where he’s at on any particular play. If cheats on one then we can take advantage it, or maybe just stay away.”

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