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Brook and Devin Efficiency Leaders

It comes as no surprise that the Nets cannot sniff the top ten in NBA team rankings, yet point guard Devin Harris and center Brook Lopez find themselves among the NBA’s elite with regards to player efficiency ratings. John Hollinger of ESPN (and creator of player efficiency ratings) ranks Lopez tenth amongst centers (+17.81) and Harris seventh amongst point guards (+19.95). (Just in case you were wondering Carmelo Anthony ranks third amid shooting forwards (21.01)). Brook and Devin are projected to contribute 8.7 wins this year; a significant statistic considering the Nets have nine wins to date.

According to, New Jersey’s most efficient starting five includes: Devin Harris, Jordan Farmar, Anthony Morrow, Travis Outlaw and Brook Lopez. This lineup boasts a +23 efficiency rating, yet being grossly undersized the unit enjoyed merely nine minutes of game action this season. New Jersey is deficient offensively averaging 92.3 point per contest slating them 29th just ahead of the NBA’s worst scoring offense, Milwaukee. Head Coach Avery Johnson is likely to prolong his rotational carousel as he shuffles around multiple lineups, searching for the most productive and efficient player combinations.

The player efficiency metric provides coaches, general managers and fans insight into a player’s overall contribution utilizing a detailed formula to produce a single rating. (I would leave the calculations to Hollinger and the experts). The Nets can proudly state they have top flight efficiency players at their respective positions in Brook Lopez and Devin Harris. With the trade deadline fast approaching,
New Jersey may search for reinforcements to help bolster their lineup as they seek to ascend up the NBA’s ratings. Rest assured Avery Johnson and Billy King are consumed with only one statistic, that being the Nets win total as they will explore all options to improve upon New Jersey’s underwhelming performance thus far this season.
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