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Deal or No Deal?

On Wednesday afternoon, Mikhail Prokhorov voiced his displeasure with the Melo-drama fiasco, effectively halting New Jersey’s pursuit of superstar Carmelo Anthony. The Russian owner declared the Nets will withdraw from the trade talks for Denver’s talented shooting forward and are resolute in their desire to move on.

Prokhorov believes that the month long soap opera has taken its toll on his players and does not wish for trade rumors to hang over their heads any longer. New Jersey offered the Nuggets a combination of young talent, top draft picks and salary cap relief, but Denver appears determined to squeeze every last asset out of New Jersey.

The straw that may have broke the camel’s (or in this case Russian’s) back came when the Nuggets threatened to trade Carmelo Anthony to the Knicks if the Nets continued to make trade talks public. Nets general manager Billy King worked tirelessly to make a Carmelo deal come to fruition, seeking out a third and even fourth team to help finalize the trade. Denver will likely play trade talks close to the vest, holding out for the best possible deal before the February 24th trade deadline.

The Houston Rockets, New York Knicks and even the Dallas Mavericks have emerged as possible destinations in the Melo-sweepstakes; now that the Nets have vacated the idea of bringing Anthony to Newark. Meanwhile, Anthony continues to play to a chorus of boos in front of the Pepsi Center crowd, as his departure from Denver appears imminent.
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