Manning Respects Rex's Defense

the Jets; putting an abrupt halt to Gang Green’s magical playoff run. Manning’s brilliance included completing 26 of 39 drop backs for 377 yards and three touchdowns as he surgically shredded New York’s secondary. In preparation for this Saturday’s Wildcard meeting Manning praised Gang Green’s defense noting the Jets’ upgrades in personnel as #18 has done his homework.

“I played (the Jets) twice last year and they are as good as they advertise,” admitted Manning. “They are excellent from a scheme standpoint and I think player-wise, they are better than they were last year.” They’ve added some really good players and from the film I’ve seen so far, we are cramming to get caught up since it’s a Saturday night game. They are playing really well on defense. They can get you in a lot of bad downs and distances. A lot second-and-longs and third-and-longs and those are just hard to overcome. Like I said, the addition of some new players, has made them even better I think.”

Meanwhile, Rex Ryan aims to exact revenge on Peyton for sending the bombastic coach and his Jets squad packing last January. Manning refused to get wrapped up in a personal battle with Rex, yet offered praise and admiration for Ryan’s defensive schemes. Peyton also credited Gang Green’s cornerback tandem of Antonio Cromartie and Darrelle Revis for giving opposing quarterbacks fits.

“I know that he is an excellent football coach,” acknowledged Peyton. “Every time we played him, he’s always had good players, but I’m not sure he’s had players as good as he has now.” He has excellent corners when you talk about (Antonio) Cromartie and (Darrelle) Revis outside, those are two excellent cover corners that can play man-to-man and just make a lot of plays. They have experienced linebackers, so it’s a combination. They have a great scheme and great players and that’s why it will be tough.”

Peyton Manning, a renowned NFL film junkie, has watched nearly all of this season’s Jets games along with his seven prior matchups with Rex Ryan. Manning is a student of the game and his film study and preparation have been instrumental in elevating #18 to legendary quarterback status.

“When you play, a coach in his first year at a (ball club), it’s worthwhile to look back at (where) he has been, especially when you play against them,” noted Manning. “It’s a part of the normal routine from a studying standpoint.” There are plenty of films from this year to look at and they continue to give you a lot of different looks. They have good players and that’s what allows their defense to do some of the things that they do because they have so much confidence in the abilities of their players and they should.”

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