Mr. Belichick-All Business

New England head coach Bill Belichick is a man of few words, and preaches to his Patriots to let their play do the talking. In what has been a week filled with bantering by Rex Ryan’s Jets, Belichick has beseeched his squad to ignore Gang Green’s pregame chatter. New England’s head man acknowledges that Sunday’s contest will be a challenge, noting that the Jets are a formidable opponent.

“They’re a good football team all the way across the board,” recognized Belichick. “They’re good on offense, defense (and) special teams.” “(They) beat the Colts in Indianapolis. We all know how tough that is. Everything concerns me. They’re good all the way across the board.”

Belichick takes special notice to Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez and his ability to rally Gang Green in the closing moments of games.

“He’s done a great job this year,” mumbled Belichick. “There have been a lot of close games and (he has) brought them from behind, like in the Detroit game and the overtime games.” “(In) Cleveland, he made a bunch of big plays there. He’s done an excellent job in some tough situations and brought the team back and won for them.
I think anytime a quarterback does that, that’s what you want on your résumé.”

On the Patriots side of the ball, their offensive brilliance stems from the use of multiple personnel groupings; creating a dynamic and versatile attack. The Jets will have to be cognizant of New England’s packages and substitutions in order to identify the matchup they’re trying to exploit.

“I think in every game, you’re always looking for matchups,” noted Belicheck. “You try to create the ones that you feel give you an advantage and try to minimize the ones that you think don’t give you an advantage or give your opponent an advantage.” “However you want to look at it. I think that’s part of every game, whether it’s offense, defense (or) special teams. It really transcends through any sport. You try to find matchups that are advantageous. If you can find them, you try to utilize those and get the most out of them.”

Belichick was then asked whether he is going to have a pregame race with Rex Ryan. The Patriots coach responded true to form.

Belicheck stated, “I think we’ll do our best to win on Sunday.”


  1. I can still remember that masterful performance in Super Bowl XXV against an offensive juggernaut Bills. Somehow I see this Jets team playing spoiler in the same sort of smack mouth style which the Giants corners that January evening did back in 1991 as they put Andre Reed on his kiester nearly every play. Jets 24 Patriots 20

  2. I read that before super bowl xxv. giants defensive coordinator bill belichick showed the gmen pictures of the.bills getting fitted for rings as motivation for his team. When belichick was asked today probably true but he.doesn't remember

  3. although it's a bit of a stretch to compare any Giants team to this current Jets squad I would venture to say the 18-0 Pats going into that Super Bowl vs. Giants were ten times more arrogant and cocky than this edition of Pats. That is why I harken back to Super Bowl XXV because the Giants defense was a great unit but it paled in comparison to it's first Super Bowl unit led by league MVP Lawrence Taylor. Although still a force, L.T. was four years older and alot like the Jets L.T. his best seasons were behind him. That second half performance against Indy was reminiscent of Giants dominating ball control game vs. Buffalo some two decades ago.