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New Mets-New Year-New Philosophy

Although fans' interest and stadium attendance have dwindled the past two seasons; the Mets organization is overhauling the front office to restructure their philosophy and revitalize the fan base. With sports marketing research indicating the diversification of the consumer market place, the Mets will look to capitalize on this trend, offering a ballpark with limitless alternatives to appease virtually every consumer segment.

The front office’s first measure will be to dispel the notion that the Mets lack a clear and concise direction. Public relations efforts include emailed newsletters from front office staff, conveying the organization’s plan to create a better fan experience and assemble a high performing team on the field. The new regime, led by general manager Sandy Alderson, will bring stability and focus to an organization that has been in limbo the past few years.

Alderson will look to develop the Mets by building from within, while adding complementary pieces in the open market and through trades as need be. The Mets organization will utilize a long-term plan for success, applauding the fans patience, and building a contender for years to come.
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