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Mets Bargain Bin Shopping

Mets principle owner Fred Wilpon and COO Jeff Wilpon, (or Coupon as they’ve been nicknamed by Mets fans) are seeking a silent partner to purchase between a 20 to 25 percent ownership stake in the team. The Wilpon's reportedly borrowed 700 million dollars against the team, a debt that diminished the New York Mets franchise value. In 2010, the Mets were valued at 850 million, but the 700 million the Wilpon's have accumulated in debt brings the valuation down to 150 million. Thus, a minority share could be had for about 35 million dollars, which is quite a bargain!

The Wilpon’s are adamant that the financial hit they incurred from the Bernie Maddoff scandal will not impact their payroll, but the offseason tells the real story.

As the hot stove talk heats up the Mets have had a modest offseason to say the least.

Notable Additions:

Catcher Ronnie Paulino, Pitcher Chris Young, Center Fielder Scott Hairston, Pitcher Taylor Tankersley, Pitcher Taylor Buckholtz, Pitcher Chris Capuano and Pitcher David Bush


Outfielder Angel Pagan, Pitcher Mike Pelfrey, Pitcher R.A. Dickey

Key losses:

Pitcher John Maine, Chris Carter, Pitcher Sean Green, Hisanori Takahashi

Overall, a ho-hum offseason for New York, a team mired in financial distress while undergoing a complete front office overhaul. 2011 looks to be a year of transition, and with so many variables in the clubhouse and front office it’s difficult to peg where this team will finish.

2011 season outlook: 83-79 Third in the NL East
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  1. To quote the Mets new GM "team payroll will significantly be reduced" which means third place in NL East looks like a pipe dream, right now. Predicition 39-123 which will eclipse their own record for futility set in 1962. They will finish sixth in a five team division, 64.5 games back of the Phillies.

  2. Although Mr. Scalabrine does make a very compelling argument, I shall attempt to be the voice of reason during these difficult times for us Mets fans. Yes, there will be some negative and pessimistic views from the seats of Citi(at least what it's called for now) Field. And of course this current journey will have plenty of bumps and bruises along the way, which is to always be expected when one embarks on a rebuilding project. In this case "the one" is a multitude of fans, media and countless others which include front office personnel and what is certain to be a seemingly never ending carosel of players.

    The Wilpons have been the primary owners for a decade now and the franchise back in 2002 was in a very similar position in terms of their on field persona. After reaching the World Series with a future Hall Of Famer and a bunch of rag tag ball players who really had no business in the Fall Classic or having come within a Timineol Perez base running blunder of taking at worst a split back to Shea for a Game 3. Yet I digress, and back to how this version of the Mets compares to that 2002 squad. In actuality it may be more reminiscent of the '03 or '04 although those clubs had a bright future ahead with a left side of an infield seemingly in place or at least coming up through the farm system. Come to think of it they were more like the current group of New York Jets then this season's brand of Metropolitans. With that ALL being said, Mets go 63-99 and avoid a hundred losses only because they draw the Pittsburgh Pirates eight times in late May/early June. Not only does Johan Santana make a wonderful comeback from shoulder surgery but he becomes the third pitcher in team history to win the NL Cy Young, with David Wright finishing fourth in MVP voting.

  3. 73-89 for fourth place in the east just ahead of washington is my prediction for the Mets upcoming season. The bullpen has to much uncertainity accompianed by a less than stellar staff projected for opening day. The team will go as far as there offense can take them and keep Bay Beltran and Reyes on the field.

  4. Its shameful Mets fans actually are buying tickets. If the games were 50% capacity the team would take notice but ppl continue to be lulled in by this nonsense.

  5. Do you think the Mets made a mistake by downsizing from Shea Stadium (55,000 capacity) to Citi Field r(42,000)? Apparently the front office is consumed with selling 10 dollar milkshakes sushi platters and selling out luxury boxes and club seating, but with ticket prices at obscene levels and the team carrying so many bad contracts: castillo, perez ect, are Mets fans at the point of boycotting attending games?


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