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Darrell Ceciliani is fresh off an outstanding 2010 campaign with the Brooklyn Cyclones hitting for a stellar .341 average with 21 stolen bases and 12 triples in 68 games. Cecliani is hopeful that last year’s performance will serve as the impetus to another productive and injury-free season.

“I had a great year last year,” noted Ceciliani. “I feel good coming into this year. I kind of knew what to expect going into to last year, so that helped. I stayed healthy all year and that was a big part of my successes. As long as I can stay on the field, I can produce and help the team as much as possible.”

Ceciliani has adjusted nicely to the daily grinds and rigors of spring training by completing a strict offseason regimen. The 20 year old worked with the Mets training staff on strength, endurance and agility drills aimed at taking his batting and baserunning to another level.

“My offseason was a big part of getting ready for the season,” noted Ceciliani. “It helped me to get mentally and physically prepared. I’ve hit the weights pretty hard, along with the agility and speed stations. I think you really have to work hard. It’s tough to push yourself in the offseason but you have to find a way. My trainer made sure I was there doing all baseball exercises, agility and ladder drills.”

Ceciliani took part in the Mets STEP Camp (an early program before spring training begins) to help acclimate young players to an offseason routine. The young outfielder noted that the camp’s lessons extended beyond the baseball diamond, with instructors emphasizing off the field conduct and professionalism.

“The STEP camp was a lot of meetings about life in general,” Ceciliani said. “How to treat the New York media. How to act as a person off the field. Not getting in any trouble. We got on the field a couple weeks early and we got ahead of the game, to get physically ready.”
Ceciliani appears eager to improve his overall repertoire; honing his skills through an unrivaled work ethic and zeal for the game. The young outfielder is driven and motivated to build on his strengths and improve on his weaknesses as he looks to jumpstart his career.

“I’m trying to work on every part of my game,” noted Ceciliani. “I’m not too close to where I want to be. So I’m going to work hard on everything. I think the two biggest things are bunting and baserunning. Getting good jumps and making fielders adjust to my speed game is critical. Those are the two biggest things I’m going to push for this year.”
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