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Bart "CAN'T WAIT" for 2011 Season

The New York Jets emotional leader and walking sound bite Bart Scott shared his thoughts on Gang Green’s 2010 season. Scott echoed head coach Rex Ryan’s Super Bowl proclamations while acknowledging the buzz his Jets generated despite falling shy of capturing that all-elusive title.

“That’s the goal every year,” declared Scott. “Every year we think we can win it. One year we’ll be Nostradamus. But, you can’t say we haven’t been must see TV. You can’t say we haven’t been exciting or we haven’t backed him {Rex} up. It’s not like we’ve had a cataclysmic failure or meltdown.”

Speaking of “must see TV”, although Scott was not ready to commit to an encore performance on HBO’s Hard Knocks; he boasts the Jets fun culture as an enticing factor in wooing free agent talent.

“It gave people an inside look at how do things,” admitted Scott. “We operate different and we showed that. Our meetings were not just for television. I guarantee you that everyone in that room mastered their position and their job. We laugh and joke and put a whole new defensive system in and people laugh and think that no one is paying attention and we know it like the back of our hand. I think all the free agents watching took notice.”

As the Jets defensive signal caller, Bart Scott serves as Rex Ryan’s voice on the gridiron. Scott revealed that the Jets can play freely and keep things light because their preparation uncovers all the answers.

Scott offered, “If you study for the test what do you have to be scared for?” “You’re only nervous when you don’t study for the test. You get uptight if you don’t think you’re prepared for the test or you don’t believe in the plan.”

Scott waxed poetically on Rex Ryan’s creative defensive schemes as well as his charismatic way with words.

“I know Rex is a genius because he’s been my coordinator,” stated Scott. “People pay attention to Rex’s talk, but they don’t realize that he is probably one of the few coaches to have a winning rec
ord over Bill Belichick. One day you guys will figure it out that schematically, especially on the defensive side of the ball we have the best coaching staff in the league.”

Scott is adamant that the Jets chatter and swagger have been instrumental in their success, while critics contend that Gang Green’s incendiary remarks give opponents added incentive to win. New York’s linebacker is candid and outspoken, traits likely adopted from his head coach.

"It’s just how I operate, noted Scott. I’m an emotional person you know exactly where you stand with me. I’m not going to sugar coat anything. It’s the same reason I express my affection for Rex in the media."

Although Nostradamus himself may have trouble prognosticating the outcome of the NFL’s labor dispute, it’s apparent that Scott is chomping at the bit to toe the gridiron and help fulfill Gang Green’s championship dreams.
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