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Mavericks Take Their Talents to South Beach: Come Home Champs!

Poetic Justice was served as the Dallas Mavericks took their talents to South Beach and wrestled a championship away from Lebron James and the Miami Heat. Disappointment and anguish were painted on the faces of Miami’s big three, while Dirk Nowitzki, Jason Terry and Jason Kidd exalted at capturing their first (and previously elusive) NBA title. The series pinned the Hollywood Heat against the Veteran Mavericks, a battle of contrasting styles, which only heightened the interest for media, fans and athletes.

After a slew of early round playoff exits, Nowitzki silenced the critics, lifting the Mavericks to their first championship in the franchise’s history. For Jason Kidd, the third time was a charm as his first two finals appearances went unfulfilled. Jason Terry can brandish his Larry O’Brien Trophy ink with pride and accomplishment as his dream has now become a reality.

With all the buzz and excitement swirling around Maverick’s nation, rest assured there was not a dry eye in the Heat locker room. From Lebron’s Decision, to Miami’s pre-season pep rally, the team set the bar high but fell two games shy. With the NBA’s collective bargaining agreement expiring this summer, the owners will likely request changes to the league’s salary cap system , making it more difficult for teams to afford a trio of superstars the caliber of James, Wade and Bosh. Dallas’ triumph is a testament to the importance of inspiring coach, team unity, chemistry and trust. A proud day for the Mavericks organization and fans as they can proclaim they are the 2011 NBA World Champions.

Should they Stay or Should they Go?

Antonio Cromartie

Opposite Darelle Revis, Antonio Cromartie’s talents were overshadowed by #24’s invincible aura. Possessing elite ball skills, break neck speed and jaw dropping moves in the open field, Cromartie is the one free agent Gang Green can ill-afford to lose. The man they call “Cro” was targeted more than any cornerback in the NFL last season and he answered the bell valiantly. A return to green and white is clearly in order for Cromarti

Tony Richardson

Tony Richardson’s three year song and dance number with the Jets has seen its final curtain call. Richardson will turn 40 in December, which is ancient in NFL years particularly at the physically demanding fullback position. With the Terminator (John Connor) primed to capture the starting role and obliterate any defender in his path, Richardson appears on his way out; although a future in coaching remains a distinct possibility.

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