Week Four: Keys to Victory

Keys to Victory:

1: Stop Ray’s Runs
After getting gashed on the ground by Darren McFadden for 171 yards on 19 carries, a whopping nine yard per carry average, New York is pitted against yet another elite back in Ray Rice. In Baltimore’s two wins, Rice averaged 6.7 yards per carry, while in the Raven’s lone loss his average dipped to 3.3 yards a carry. The Ravens run game has been a key component of their winning formula the past few seasons. With the Jets licking their wounds after the pounding McFadden and the Raiders dealt them last week; the task will not be any easier heading into Baltimore Sunday night. New York will need to tighten up its run defense, if it plans on escaping with the win.

2. No more Shotty Playcalling
The Jets looked like a Jekyll and Hyde team week 3. The first half New York opened up the playbook winging the ball up the field on play action passes and establishing a solid running attack. In the second half, it all unraveled as McFadden ran wild on the Jets and Antonio Cromartie’s mishandled kick return culminated in a two score deficit. It’s critical that New York gets on top early so they can maintain an offensive balance. When Gang Green keeps their opponents guessing they’ve been able to matriculate the ball down the field effectively. Facing a vaunted Ravens defense, New York will need to dig deep into the play call sheet to keep Baltimore on its heels.

3. Make the Right Reed
Suffice it to say that Ed Reed is one of the premier defensive players in the NFL. Mark Sanchez will need to identify where Reed is on the field before every snap, as the ball hawking safety has the potential to turn any play into a defensive score. Sanchez has a propensity for throwing the football up for grabs; something that Reed will make him pay dearly for Sunday night.

Prediction: 17-13 Ra

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