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Revis: Less pressure, distractions with Pats

Darrelle Revis has dealt with quarterback controversies during his time with the New York Jets and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but now with Tom Brady on his side, the All-Pro cornerback can finally rest at ease.

“We’re talking about one of the greatest to probably ever play this game,” said Revis of the Patriots signal-caller. “Beforehand you know who you’re teaming up with, I mean you’re teaming up with Tom and you know what he brings to the table. In the past those things might have been distractions you know in New York even in Tampa, but it’s cool, it’s just less pressure. We know who’s going to lead us throughout the year no matter what the situation is team-wise, Tom is going to be our guy.”

Revis signed a one-year, $12 million deal to join the Jets’ arch nemesis this offseason, but now he’s relishing his time with the powerhouse of the AFC East. Revis returned to MetLife stadium on Thursday night to take on the New York Giants in their preseason finale, but No. 24 insists that the trip to his old stomping grounds is just business as usual.

“No. I played them last year when I was in Tampa,” said Revis of his matchup with the Jets this upcoming season. “It’s football. It doesn’t matter if the Monstars were on the schedule that’s just what it is. It doesn’t matter who’s on the schedule or who we play and what team was I on before all of that stuff is out the door.”

Space Jam references aside, Revis and the Patriots travel to Sun Life Stadium for a Week 1 matchup against Miami; the same place Revis suffered a season-ending ACL injury when he was with the Jets in 2012. Despite the bitter memories from that game, Revis hopes to leave with a good taste in his mouth this time around.

“You know what I thought about that the other day,” admitted Revis. “I think it will be fine. I think it’s just that I’ve got to redeem myself, that’s kind of how I’m looking at it. From tearing my ACL, it being such a big tragedy during that time, but I think I’ll be fine. “

While Revis is putting injuries and quarterback drama behind him, the shutdown corner was able to find some humor in New England’s current quarterback situation.

“There was a quarterback battle,” joked Revis. “There was. When I talked to Bill I asked him can I start in front of Tom.”

Clearly the star defensive back has taken a liking to his new surroundings, but he hasn’t lost that competitive edge and is aiming to make some noise in the season opener.

“I think you’ve got to make that statement the first week,” noted Revis. “That’s how good our defense can be by turning over the ball and making plays defensively."

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Deron Williams is NBA's most overrated player

When the Nets made the move from New Jersey to Brooklyn, the ownership group led by Mikhail Prokhorov had a grandiose vision for the franchise that featured point guard Deron Williams as the building block of the future. Williams has been an utter disappointment after signing a five-year, 100 million contract in 2012.

Plagued by ankle injuries, poor conditioning and run-ins with coaches Avery Johnson and Jason Kidd, it's widely believed that Williams' contract far outweighs his on-court value. The Nets point man averaged 14.3 points per game and just 6.1 assists per contest which was his worst output since his rookie year.

Williams missed 18 games in 2014 due to injury and underwent yet another ankle surgery this offseason. During his time in Utah, Williams didn't see eye-to-eye with Jerry Sloan which ultimately led to the head coach's resignation. Upon being traded to the Nets, Williams was hobbled by ailments to his wrist and ankles, while often criticizing the lack of fan support in New Jersey.

In the 2014 playoffs, Williams went scoreless and shot 0-for-9 from the field in a pivotal Game 2 loss against the Miami Heat. Once regarded as one of the league's premier point guards and a highly coveted superstar, Williams has quickly plummeted down the player rankings and is now an afterthought in the minds of fans and general managers alike.

Whether it's his lack of conditioning, poor body language or inability to work well with his coaches, 2014 could be Williams' last chance to prove his naysayers wrong and finally evolve into the leader the Nets franchise so desperately needs.

Decker's leadership paying dividends for Jets

After stock piling offensive talent throughout the 2014 free agency, Head Coach Rex Ryan and quarterback Geno Smith were set to improve on an offense that was No. 26 in passing yards this past season. In order to combat the teams lack of a passing attack General Manager John Idzik brought in a collection of offensive talent. By signing former 2,000 yard talent in Chris Johnson as well as drafting a Tight End that broke multiple BCS records in Jace Amaro the team was ready to take the next step and compete for a playoff position. However, the most important acquisition for the New York Jets was the signing of Eric Decker. Not only has Decker solidified himself as a 1,000 yard and double digit touchdown threat, his presence in the starting lineup and locker room leadership has become priceless for the Jets.

The former University of Minnesota product has quickly became a face of the franchise as well as someone Geno Smith can lean on. Not only is Decker a sure handed safety net on the field, but Decker, working with Peyton Manning the last 2 seasons has improved his knowledge of the game, and can potentially rub some of what he learned from Peyton onto Smith. Looking at No. 7's improvement thus far in his second seasonal you'd have to think that some of Decker's work ethic has rubbed off on Smith.

"We have a lot of guys on this team that have been around, "noted the Jets wide receiver. "Nick (Mangold) has been around awhile. Just having success and being in Denver, I felt like that was one of the qualities that I could bring to this team is that leadership and work ethic, coming to work every day and being consistent. These guys have been great. They have been so receptive to me coming in. I feel like one of the guys and that is a big thing to me coming in. I’m having fun with it. "

As Decker's presence impacts Geno Smith, Decker has become the leader of the teams receiving corps. When scouring through the Jets' receiving corps, it's a collection of middling talents or unproven kids. With Decker in the lineup, the receivers have someone to watch them and potentially make them better football players as well.

With Decker rubbing off on them, expect an improved offense. When asked how good this offense can be with Decker thinks the sky is the limit.

"It can be as good as we want," noted Decker. "That’s the thing. If we can eliminate the turnovers like we did tonight in the first half and if we can move the ball on third down and score in the red area, then we can play with anybody. Our defense is very stout and that is something that we are going to keep (improving on) and not just be ok with it. We have to keep pushing ourselves."

Decker knows how to push himself more than anyone, as the third round pick has became a pro-bowl talent. 87 has done so by becoming the master of the fundamentals. Excellent route running and golden hands. Decker's work ethic is what made him one of Peyton Manning's favorite targets with Denver. His leadership will pay dividends to the Jets offensive passing attack, especially when comparing it to last seasons attack.

At times during the season you saw players that were barely NFL caliber jumping into the teams starting lineup. Players with extremely limited experience and success on the pro level were being asked to start on an NFL roster. Transitioning from Clyde Gates in the starting lineup to Eric Decker is an undeniable upgrade. Not only is Decker a sure handed 6'3 athlete whom lives in the red-zone, Decker has only missed 2 games in 4 seasons with Denver. As the Jets' former #1 receiver Santonio Holmes has only played in 15 games in the past 2 seasons, the team finally has someone that can actually stay on the field.

As No. 87 is starting at Wide Receiver for the Jets this upcoming season, his role on the team will have numerous positions. As the teams leader, Geno's security blanket, and most reliable player on offense, he will have a lot to carry for the Jets. Decker, coming off a 1,200 yard 10 touchdown season is up for the challenge, and making the statement that he is more than a product of a Peyton Manning offense.

Author: Andrew Acampora

Red Bulls dominate F.A.S. in Champions League Play

When the New York Red Bulls finally earned their regular season championship in the Supporters Shield last season, which gave them their CONCACAF Champions League Spot and in the draw grouped them with the Montreal Impact representing Canada and Club Deportivo F.A.S. from El Salvador.
With Montreal already up at the top of the group with six points and already played F.A.S. this was the Red Bulls chance to get their first win in CCL play and to put their opponents into elimination.

The game plan for the Red Bulls was to attack down the flanks and hit the cross to the strikers in the middle of the park, it was drawn to perfection in the 11th minute when Ambroise Oyongo crossed the ball to Tim Cahill as he placed a soft header pass to newly acquired Saer Sene who was all alone and smacks it home for the early lead.

After half time the Red Bulls got their second of the match as Peguy Luyindula found an attacking Lloyd Sam going down the near side and when he collected the ball in the 70th minute, it was a screamer going short side and converting inside the near post for the two goal lead and victory over F.A.S.

This was a dominating performance from the Red Bulls in their first group stage performance since being in their last Champions League action back in the 2009-10 edition when they were runners-up for the 2008 MLS Cup losing to W. Connection in the Qualifying Round with a two goal draw in the first leg down in Trinidad, but losing on aggregate 4-3 at Giants Stadium in the second leg.

But while this was a dominating performance for the club, it was also a bit frustrating as they had plenty of clear cut chances to convert more and make it a route. Tim Cahill had at least four chances to convert and sadly was either stopped by the keeper or the one after Sene converted was called for offside.
It’s not just wins the Red Bulls needed but goal difference is a big plus when they will face the Montreal Impact at Stade Saputo on September 17th and the next week against F.A.S. down in El Salvador. But so far the first hurdle has been passed and the Red Bulls are off to a good start in International Cup Competition.

Author: Daniel Feuerstein

Jeter's farewell tour marks end of an era

As baseball fans bid farewell to one of MLB's most gracious superstars, the impending retirement of New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter marks the end of an era. Jeter was the poster boy for the Yankees dynasty of the late 90s and early 2000s. New York's captain never let ego or personal glory sidetrack his ultimate goal of winning. No. 2 has become an iconic sports figure across the country and his retirement tour pays homage to the man, the myth, the legend. So the dog days of August unfold, fans can sit back and enjoy watching one of most exciting and humble players the league has ever known.

J.R. Smith: I'll be one of NBA's best shooters ever

When you think of the best shooters to ever grace the NBA Court, J.R. Smith doesn't exactly pop into your head. Streakiest, maybe. But greatest ever?

On Tuesday the Knicks' mercurial shooting guard took to Instagram to defy his critics and claim his place in NBA history. Smith posted a screenshot of the NBA's list for all-time 3-point field goals made, a list which he ranks No. 30 with 1,312 splashdowns. Clearly the 28-year-old has a chip on his shoulder, but with a career field goal percentage of .425, the New Jersey native might be looking through rose colored glasses.

Smith's Instagram post reads as follows:

"They said I wouldn't make it! I did! They said I wouldn't stay! This is my 11th yr! They said you can't shoot like that in the league! I'm on pace to be one of the best shooters the game had ever seen! Bottom line what yall say don't me sh@$ What I do says everything! #Gone."

Clearly New York's 3-point specialist is fueled by criticism, but to proclaim himself to be one of the greatest shooters to play the game is going too far. Even for Smith.

Mets ownership needs to pony up for 2015

It's been eight years since the New York Mets tasted the MLB postseason and 28 years since reaching World Series glory so unless Fred Wilpon and the ownership group step up to the plate the once proud franchise will continue to be the laughing stock of the league.

While General Manager Sandy Alderson has been reluctant to recruit high priced fee agents, New York's fan base is disenfranchised with the state of the team. With high hopes for pitchers Matt Harvey, Zack Wheeler Jacob deGrom, Jenrry Meijia,Noah Syndergaard, the promise of a bright future has been the team's selling point the past few years.

Mets fans are sick of waiting until "Next Year" to make some noise and finally become a legitimate playoff contender. While Alderson comes from the Billy Bean "Moneyball" school of thought, he's running a team based out of the sports capital of the world like a small market operation. It's time for fans to hit Wilpon and company where it hurts most: their wallets. Fan attendance has been in decline at Citi Field as the Mets faithful protest the sad state of affairs surrounding the Amazins.

New York has shown glimpses of brilliance yett he 2014 season, much like the past seven seasons, has been littered with disappointment. The Mets currently sit at (62-70) seven games back of the second Wildcard position in the National League. While not all hope is lost, the Mets are once again a long shot to make the postseason and it's likely they'll be at home watching with the rest of baseball fans come October.

There's no question that the Mets young arms and the evolution of players like: Lucas Duda and Juan Lagares are reasons for optimism,ultimately the ball is in Wilpon and Alderson's court. The front office is hell-bent on not mortgaging the future for short-term gain, but next season the Mets could be two pieces away from being in a serious pennant race.

So when the hot stove heats up this winter and the Amazins will need to pony up the dough, and for the first time in the long time roll the dice on some proven talent and give long suffering Mets fans something to cheer about.

Kidd's departure could be a blessing in disguise

A Net Fans Favorite during his time with the New Jersey Nets, Jason Kidd was the impetus for the franchise's only two finals appearances in 2002 and 2003 and became one of the most beloved players across the NBA.

After forcing his way out of the Garden State in 2008 while faking migraine headaches and then demanding a pay raise after serving just one rollercoaster year as Brooklyn's head coach, Kidd finds himself in basketball purgatory with the Milwaukee Bucks. Nets fans will always look back fondly on Kidd's ability to transform a downtrodden franchise, but his unceremonious exit as both a player and head coach have somewhat tainted what could have been a pristine legacy.

With Kidd's time as a Nets player and coach now only a distant memory, former Memphis Grizzlies head coach Lionel Hollins leads the charge for Brooklyn. Under Hollins' watch, the Grizzlies were a perennial playoff contender and reached the Western Conference Finals in 2013 before getting outclassed by a savvy Spurs team in four games. Memphis' front office and Hollins didn't see eye=to-eye and his coaching philosophy ultimately clashed with the organization's belief in basketball metrics influencing playing time.

In his first year with the Brooklyn Nets, Hollins' strong emphasis on defense and rebounding will need to resonate with big man Brook Lopez who will be counted on to play at an elite level after Paul Pierce joined the Washington Wizards during free agency. It will be interesting to watch how the pieces of the puzzle fall into place, but with a younger roster and more seasoned coach, the Nets could be in a better position than last year to contend in an Eastern Conference that is truly up for grabs in 2014.

Dimitri Patterson suspended by Jets

After going AWOL for 48 hours New York Jets cornerback Dimitri Patterson was suspended indefinitely.

General Manager John Idzik told reporters on Monday that he had a sit-down with the veteran cornerback, but he did not disclose the deailts to the media surrounding Patterson's unexcused absence from practice.

Signed this offseason to fill the void left when Antonio Cromartie left for the Arizona Cardinals during free agency, Patterson failed to stay healthy throughout training camp and reports indicated that he may have been contemplating retirement. Despite attending the team's walkthrough and pregame meal on Friday, Patterson failed to show for the preseason contest against the New York Giants. Team officials were finally able to reach the eight year veteran after countless phone calls failed to reach him on Friday and Saturday.

To make matters worse, cornerback Dee Milliner is still sidelined by a high ankle sprain and Antonio Allen left Friday night's game with an apparent concussion leaving just Kyle Wilson, Darrin Walls, Ellis Lankster and LeQuan Lewis as the only viable and healthy options left at cornerback. With less than two weeks before the regular season opener against the Oakland Raiders, the Jets are in dire need of help in their secondary if they aim to make any noise this season.


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Jets Podcast: Giants at Jets Review

Listen To Sports Internet Radio Stations with The Jets Beat on BlogTalkRadio

Join Daniel Feuerstein and Rick Laughland as they review the annual pre-season match-up as the New York Jets face off against their neighbors at MetLife Stadium in the New York Giants for the MetLife Bowl or the Snoopy Trophy as it is up for grabs.

Rick Laughland on FOXSports Radio

Giants and Jets Insider for Fox Sports and, Rick Laughland joins The Swollen Dome to talk about the expectations in New York including the the hype surrounding Jets' Rookie DB Calvin Pryor

Read more:

Geno Smith officially declared Jets starting QB

As the pre-season is winding down for the New York Jets the annual match-up against their co-tenants of MetLife Stadium the New York Giants was a very interesting to see how the first team was going to improve and do well. But of course the number one concern even though it shouldn’t have been was to see if Rex Ryan was going to nominate a No. 1 quarterback.

To be honest we all knew it was going to be Geno Smith to start this game and we all knew he is the No. 1 for Rex Ryan, but because the media tries to blown things out of proportion. But Smith got the full first half and to be honest he looked better and a strong grasp of the offense.

But of course the bigger question is this, what’s the head coach's opinion on how Smith played?

“He played a little better than the last time he was here against the same opponent,” said Ryan. “His command and presence, the way he can use his legs to get positive yards, and he can throw the football. I was really, really pleased with how Geno played Tonight.”

Seeing Smith attacking the NY Giants with full confidence was a fantastic thing to see as he was mobile, throwing the ball to Jace Amaro, Eric Decker, Chris Johnson and anyone else he thought could make a positive contribution to the team. Let’s also not forget the throw on the Giants 1-yard line to Amaro who got his first NFL pre-season Touchdown in the back of the end zone.

“That was great," admitted Ryan of the TD. "But I’m not surprised with it. That’s how he’s been playing. He had one pick this preseason that was more of a timing issue. I was really happy with him. I think he’s taken off from where he left off. I expect great things in the future from him.”

If this is what Smith can really do in the NFL and for the Jets, then it looks like John Idzik did draft a solid quarterback for the future and during the offseason Smith decided to bulk up and learn the playbook which is a great thing to hear when you have someone like him that wants to learn.
So as we have one more pre-season game that travels south to Philadelphia and facing the Eagles we can be assured that Smith is the starter for the season and talk about a welcome back for Michael Vick who will be returning home.

Author: Daniel Feuertein

Sources: Scott Gomez to return to NJ Devils

A team source with knowledge of the situation has indicated that former New Jersey Devil Scott Gomez has been working out at the Devils' training facility and could sign with the team. Gomez, 34, spent seven seasons with New Jersey and captured two Stanley Cups with the franchise over that span. The talented center bounced around four teams since leaving the Garden State in 2007 including tours with the Rangers, Canadiens, Sharks and Panthers. Gomez enjoyed the best seasons of his career with the Devils tallying at least 70 points five times, while only reaching that mark once over the past seven years. Clearly Gomez could become a Devil Fans Favorite yet again.

Wright-Phillips sets Red Bulls' scoring mark

Down a goal late in the first half but plenty of time to rethink their strategy for the second half the Red Bulls dominated by scoring four goals with two each by Thierry Henry and Bradley Wright-Phillips. The game was tied in the 53rd minute on a fabulous cross from Eric Alexander to the middle of the park and a diving header by Henry beats Evan Bush to equalize the game.

Then the second came fourteen minutes later as Dax McCarty found Henry wide along the near side and a shot which screened the keeper hits the inside of the far post and into the back of the net to give the Red Bulls the lead. But Henry wasn’t finished yet as it was his turn to help Bradley Wright-Phillips tie a club record since 2007.

Peguy Luyindula had the ball near the midfield circle and finds Henry along the near side. Then it was a quick slotted pass to an oncoming Wright-Phillips who pulls Evan Bush off his line and then curls it inside the near post for his nineteenth of the season, in the 74th minute. The crowd went crazy and it looked like that might be all for the golden boot leader.

But in second half stoppage time Luyindula would be the one to help Wright-Phillips to not only smash the record, but convert his 20th of the season and confirm the full three points before their next match in international cup competition. For the first time in MetroStars/New York Red Bulls history this club finally has on record a 20 goal scorer in one season.

Giovanni Savarese never did it, Clint Mathis never got a chance for it, only Juan Pablo Angel came the closest to that moment in his first season in MLS. Bradley Wright-Phillips is the man who holds this record and now has a chance to get into MLS history to reach the record of 27 goals held by both Chris Wondolowski of the San Jose Earthquakes and the original record holder in the early years of MLS in former Tampa Bay Mutiny striker Roy Lassiter. Ten games are left, let’s see what happens.

Author: Daniel Feuerstein

LimeRICKs: Giants 35 at Jets 24 Final


The Jets and Giants battled for City Bragging Rights
A preseason matchup between men in tights
Gang Green jumped out to a 10-0 start
But Eli Manning’s two minute drill showed some heart
Smith played well then Vick entered as the crowd grumbled
On his first play the former Madden Cover Boy fumbled
The backup QB regained his composure orchestrating a TD drive
Vick connected with Eric Decker in the end zone then slapped him high five
The Giants second teamers bested Gang Green putting them in a trance
The Jets only second half highlight was Matt Simms Salsa Dance
Big Blue captured the win 35-24 as its fans went loopy
The Giants owned this year’s MetLife Bowl and take home Snoopy

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