Geno Smith officially declared Jets starting QB

As the pre-season is winding down for the New York Jets the annual match-up against their co-tenants of MetLife Stadium the New York Giants was a very interesting to see how the first team was going to improve and do well. But of course the number one concern even though it shouldn’t have been was to see if Rex Ryan was going to nominate a No. 1 quarterback.

To be honest we all knew it was going to be Geno Smith to start this game and we all knew he is the No. 1 for Rex Ryan, but because the media tries to blown things out of proportion. But Smith got the full first half and to be honest he looked better and a strong grasp of the offense.

But of course the bigger question is this, what’s the head coach's opinion on how Smith played?

“He played a little better than the last time he was here against the same opponent,” said Ryan. “His command and presence, the way he can use his legs to get positive yards, and he can throw the football. I was really, really pleased with how Geno played Tonight.”

Seeing Smith attacking the NY Giants with full confidence was a fantastic thing to see as he was mobile, throwing the ball to Jace Amaro, Eric Decker, Chris Johnson and anyone else he thought could make a positive contribution to the team. Let’s also not forget the throw on the Giants 1-yard line to Amaro who got his first NFL pre-season Touchdown in the back of the end zone.

“That was great," admitted Ryan of the TD. "But I’m not surprised with it. That’s how he’s been playing. He had one pick this preseason that was more of a timing issue. I was really happy with him. I think he’s taken off from where he left off. I expect great things in the future from him.”

If this is what Smith can really do in the NFL and for the Jets, then it looks like John Idzik did draft a solid quarterback for the future and during the offseason Smith decided to bulk up and learn the playbook which is a great thing to hear when you have someone like him that wants to learn.
So as we have one more pre-season game that travels south to Philadelphia and facing the Eagles we can be assured that Smith is the starter for the season and talk about a welcome back for Michael Vick who will be returning home.

Author: Daniel Feuertein

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