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Revis: Less pressure, distractions with Pats

Darrelle Revis has dealt with quarterback controversies during his time with the New York Jets and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, but now with Tom Brady on his side, the All-Pro cornerback can finally rest at ease.

“We’re talking about one of the greatest to probably ever play this game,” said Revis of the Patriots signal-caller. “Beforehand you know who you’re teaming up with, I mean you’re teaming up with Tom and you know what he brings to the table. In the past those things might have been distractions you know in New York even in Tampa, but it’s cool, it’s just less pressure. We know who’s going to lead us throughout the year no matter what the situation is team-wise, Tom is going to be our guy.”

Revis signed a one-year, $12 million deal to join the Jets’ arch nemesis this offseason, but now he’s relishing his time with the powerhouse of the AFC East. Revis returned to MetLife stadium on Thursday night to take on the New York Giants in their preseason finale, but No. 24 insists that the trip to his old stomping grounds is just business as usual.

“No. I played them last year when I was in Tampa,” said Revis of his matchup with the Jets this upcoming season. “It’s football. It doesn’t matter if the Monstars were on the schedule that’s just what it is. It doesn’t matter who’s on the schedule or who we play and what team was I on before all of that stuff is out the door.”

Space Jam references aside, Revis and the Patriots travel to Sun Life Stadium for a Week 1 matchup against Miami; the same place Revis suffered a season-ending ACL injury when he was with the Jets in 2012. Despite the bitter memories from that game, Revis hopes to leave with a good taste in his mouth this time around.

“You know what I thought about that the other day,” admitted Revis. “I think it will be fine. I think it’s just that I’ve got to redeem myself, that’s kind of how I’m looking at it. From tearing my ACL, it being such a big tragedy during that time, but I think I’ll be fine. “

While Revis is putting injuries and quarterback drama behind him, the shutdown corner was able to find some humor in New England’s current quarterback situation.

“There was a quarterback battle,” joked Revis. “There was. When I talked to Bill I asked him can I start in front of Tom.”

Clearly the star defensive back has taken a liking to his new surroundings, but he hasn’t lost that competitive edge and is aiming to make some noise in the season opener.

“I think you’ve got to make that statement the first week,” noted Revis. “That’s how good our defense can be by turning over the ball and making plays defensively."

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