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Geno Smith's days as the starter are numbered

So the first month of the season has gone by for the Jets and at the moment it’s not looking very good for a second year quarterback and the second season offensive coordinator. After earning their first win of the season against Oakland, it’s been three straight losses against three of the four NFC North division opponents.

There was a great start against the Green Bay Packers at historic Lambeau Field getting three touchdowns and leading at the half till the start of the second half and it all fell apart. The Monday Nighter against the Chicago Bears at home where turnovers led to a fourteen point deficit to the start the game and just recently against the Detroit Lions a great opening possession until too many three and outs that held them back.

The big question is this, is Geno Smith over thinking on the field and is Marty Mornhinweg over-scheming and putting too much pressure on the second year quarterback? At the moment it looks like both men are cancelling each other out as Mornhinweg has abandoned the run in earlier games and Smith’s decision making has looked horrible.

Many were saying during the game that Michael Vick should replace Smith for the second half of the game or at least one game to allow the embattled quarterback some time to relax and observe what he is doing right or wrong, because at the moment he’s not getting the job done. At the same time why did Mornhinweg have all three running backs out and the play was a QB keeper that led to nothing?

These losses to these three in the NFC was terrible because all were winnable games as either top players were injured for all three games, but the Jets couldn’t get out of their own way with costly turnovers and careless play from their young signal-caller.

At the moment Vick is the short-term answer as the writers of Fans Favorite agree and say Smith needs to take a break for one game and then get back on his horse and get ready to resume, but he needs to make better decisions and make sure that when players are wide open he hits them with confidence or else Vick makes a permanent return to the field.

Author: Daniel Feuerstein
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