Jets earn ugly win over Raiders despite miscues

The opening game of the 2014 NFL Sunday Season is upon us as everyone gets ready to start tailgating and making the march to the MetLife Stadium to see the New York Jets open up against the Oakland Raiders who have had a terrible season after terrible season.

This game even though they did go 1-0 to start the season, was a game where it shouldn’t have been as close as it was on the scoreboard. This was a game where Geno Smith and the offense made many errors as well as many good plays to get the Green and White into blowout city, but somehow they forgot their tickets to blowout city and got caught on the platform of the train station.

How was it possible after earning a grand total of 402 yards (212 rushing, 190 passing) that the Jets barely squeaked thru that game winning by a measly five points on a team that is still trying to find ways to improve their roster and finding that winning chemistry, instead the Jets almost put themselves into a situation that they couldn’t get out of.

Outside of those negatives the positives are Geno Smith looked solid and in rhythm with the play calling and his front five are keeping him upright just long enough to make the throws down the field finding Eric Decker, Jeremy Kerley and others down the field. But when the stats are in favor of the team leading the game the majority of the way that team should be up by a lot.

There are many things the Jets need to clean up when they travel to Green Bay, Wisconsin next week and face Aaron Rodgers and the Packers, but the one thing that needs to happen is stay away from the mental errors and the penalties that kept the Raiders in the game for absolutely no reason what so ever. Because the Jets defense had a great game today and they did their job flawlessly, unlike what the offense did on their side of the ball.

Author: Daniel Feuerstein

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