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Mental Error Costs Red Bulls Points

As the labor day weekend came to our Nation’s Capital at the historic RFK Stadium two sides that are trying to add on to their point totals to either lead the east or get back into a playoff position. But what looked to be a solid first half went down quickly on a bad communication gaffe from the keeper and the central defender.

It all came down in the 57th minute when the Red Bulls were on the offensive and a solid chance was grabbed by DC Keeper Bill Hamid. After his kick landed in the New York half of the field, Luis Silva got a good bounce and had a trailing Ibrahim Sekagya tracking him and did catch up, but sadly that’s where the problem started and of course ended with the ball in the back of their net.

Seeing Sekagya slowing down his defending run on Silva not only allowed DC a sure chance at a shot on goal, but Robles mistimed his clearance and that gave Silva a free shot on net to give DC the lead. A major mental error we have not seen from Robles since last year in Toronto at BMO Field.

The questions have been coming up wondering who is at fault for this mishap as many have pointed the blame at Sekagya who stopped his run or didn’t at least continue to go towards the net and try to stop the ball from going in. The truth is that both players for New York are at fault.

While the play was going towards the New York area, the call or the motion of Robles coming off his line allowed Sekagya to slow down his run. The ball was no where inside the area and when the swing and miss happened, that’s when it all went downhill from there.

It’s true that the Red Bulls had plenty of chances to get a few goals late in the first half or tried to equalize the match in the second after the DC tally, but sadly the mental error brought down the whole side and it looked like DC United was going to get the full three points at the end.

A side that lost 4-1 at Los Angeles against the Galaxy mid week and a cross country trip back to their home to play a few days later would assume that the Red Bulls would’ve had a better chance to earn three points against a side that hasn’t looked at their best.

But sadly the Red Bulls after earning six points in league and CONCACAF Champions League Play got nothing from a day where they should’ve earned something to either advance back into a playoff position or get closer to going inside those positions.

Author: Daniel Feuerstein

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