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MLS changes logo for a reboot in 2015

As the nineteenth season of MLS is about to come to a close within a week and a half and then the playoffs will begin at the end of October with the Wild Card games. Since the start of this league there have been subtle changes to the league logo that all of us have been use to with a soccer cleat kicking a ball with the big letters of the league underneath.

And as we all know Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association have silhouette players as a part of their logos while the National Hockey League has a shield and the National Football League has a shield with stars and the actual ball, just like what MLS has done but now there is a big change from the league.

A shield that has the letters of the league with different colors separated diagonally and that diagonal line continues to go thru and outside of its border. Three stars are at the top left corner above the letters of M L S. To be honest it’s not a bad change and it will grow on me and other soccer fans as time goes by. The new logo will be on every single team jersey on the sleeves and the team colors will also affect these new logos as well.

In a certain way this change is a bit refreshing as at times certain logos have been bland or changed for the heck of it as a quick boost to the fans of a certain team or an entire league. The NFL has always added many stars meaning the amount of teams they have in the league, but now with the updated version the eight stars (Four on each side above the letters) represents the divisions and conferences.

The NHL changed the colors of its shield from a black and orange blah, to a firm and exciting Silver and black with an added trim while MLB & the NBA have kept their league logos since they were first used. But that doesn’t mean the old soccer cleat & ball with the big MLS logo wasn’t terrible, it just signified the sport that we soccer fans enjoy. In England the Premier League has a royal lion while holding a soccer ball in place. Most of the other leagues worldwide use a soccer ball or a soccer field as a part of their logo, but while this new version represents the top league in the United states it’s not so bad and I think it will be exciting to see.

Author: Daniel Feuerstein

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