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Nets and Knicks 2014 Season Predictions

The NBA regular season is still over a month away, so FansFavorite would like to jump the gun and predict where both New York basketball clubs will finish in 2014.

Nets 2014 Season Outlook

2013 record: 44-38

Projected 2014 record: 50-32 | No. 4 Seed in the East

With Brook Lopez back in the fold, the Nets will get back to inside-out basketball and play through their big man on offense. Lionel Hollins will impart his defensive philosophy on a Brooklyn team that struggled to defend the paint consistently last season. If Deron Williams can stay healthy and motivated under new leadership and in a new system, the Nets could be a dark horse team to keep a close eye on in a wide open Eastern Conference.

Projected 2014 TEAM MVP: Brook Lopez

Projected 2014 Stats:

22.2 PPG 7.9 Rebs 1.9 Blks 4.0 Asts

Projected Sixth Man Team Award: Jarrett Jack

Knicks 2014 Season Outlook

2013 record: 37-45

Projected 2014 record: 37-45 | No. 10 Seed in the East

Phil Jackson might be calling the shots in the front office, but the Knicks are lacking the depth and talent to contend for a playoff spot in 2014. Carmelo Anthony will continue to carry the offensive load, but Iman Shumpert is the only willing defender on the team’s roster. Unless the Knicks are clicking on all cylinders beyond the arc, they’re going to be on the wrong side of some lopsided losses this upcoming season. Look for 2015 to be the year that finally gives Knicks fans some playoff hopes.

Projected 2014 TEAM MVP: Carmelo Anthony

Projected 2014 Stats:

28.2 PPG 7.9 Rebs 0.4 Blks 3.0 Asts

Projected Sixth Man Team Award: J.R. Smith

Author: Rick Laughland

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  1. Wow, I've never heard of this site before but this is the most reasonable prediction I've seen for these teams so far. Most places are valuing the Knicks too high and the Nets too low.

  2. Yeah I agree...this is a cool site...looks like they're looking for writers to!...but anyway the media is so critical of the Nets offseason, but they lost 36-year-old Paul Pierce and Shaun Livingston who struggled mightily in the playoffs. Blatche looks like he might sign elsewhere, but with Plumlee the first big off the bench, I think the Nets are in good shape. Plus a healthy Lopez and Deron Williams could make this team dangerous. As for the Knicks, they're a complete mess and need another star to pair with Carmelo because Stoudemire's knees are shot....


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