NFL should revisit Bye Week Schedule

Since the NFL has gone into these bye weeks to help give all the teams a break into a 17 week schedule it has truly refreshed the teams in a grueling four month affair that gives some nagging injuries a chance to heal up a little bit quicker, but I’m sorry to say when certain teams gets a week of rest between weeks four thru six is a bit much for my taste.

Especially when the Denver Broncos gets a break after the first three weeks of the season and then they relax at the end of September. Why should anyone get scheduled a bye week when you barely get thru a month of an NFL season? It’s makes no sense at all and to me it feels like your getting another week off after the pre-season is over and only playing in three regular games.

I would love to propose to the NFL & the Players Association a new way to make sure the bye weeks are still viable and when the players deserve a real break in the regular season. It’s very simple and easy to understand, when Week’s 8 & 9 come around or if you want to make it Week’s 9 & 10 that’s when half the teams in each conference will take a break depending on which of those weeks they will get it.

So let’s say it’s Week 9 of the NFL Season, the two divisions in the AFC & the other two of the NFC that will earn their bye will come from the AFC South & West, NFC East & North giving the other divisions in both conferences a game. Then Week 10 comes and those divisions that got their games in will earn the bye while the others re-start their seasons.

It’s the middle of the season and that’s when all NFL teams should get their bye weeks, sort of like an All-Star Break in a way, but not really an All-Star Break as each and every season will alternate who takes the Week 9 Bye & the Week 10 Bye.
To see certain teams take or given a bye week between Weeks 4 thru 7 is laughable and embarrassing, it also questions why a bye week should be given at those certain times, when it could’ve been used better to just play a game. I understand why the bye weeks are there and that’s not my problem, it’s when you play three games and then take a break I have been questioning and I believe I have the answer.

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