Stephen Hill uses the NY Media as a Scapegoat

Just when you thought you felt bad for Stephen Hill and his issues with catching the football or staying healthy for a full season, the former Jet wideout had some harsh words for the beat reporters who covered him in New York. After getting signed with the Carolina Panthers practice squad Hill pointed the finger at the New York media for blowing his struggles out of proportion, which smells of a player who would rather direct the blame at others instead of himself.

He has said that the New York Football media blew it all out of proportion when he couldn’t hold on to the ball on the game field and they made him into a negative when he should’ve been considered a positive.

First things first on my end of things, I was hoping Hill was going to become a top notch wide receiver for the Jets and become a threat in the NFL. I felt bad for him when he and Jeremy Kerley were the only WR’s at the time two years ago as the only deep threats the Jets had when Veteran Santonio Holmes was injured with that Lisfranc injury.

Twice he couldn’t finish a season due to leg injuries that cut him short and yes he was either underthrown or overthrown to by both Mark Sanchez and Geno Smith, but once again when those passes were on the numbers most of the time he failed to hold on to the ball and that is all on him.

Sometimes superstars of the college game are slow learners or can’t catch up to the speed of the NFL game and maybe that’s why he had his issues and that’s fine to admit that, but sadly he decided to take the cowardly way out and blame the media who covers the team that told GM John Idzik to cut him after the pre-season. Idzik cut Hill because he can’t do it here and while he was signed to the practice squad of the Panthers, that should give Hill some more time to try and translate these catches at the training facility to the game field and if it doesn’t work, does he blame the Charlotte media when he gets cut from there?

Hill is a hard worker and there is no question he wanted to get over the hump, but when it’s your own issues and fault for not doing your job correctly and not holding on to the ball, the only direction the blame should be pointing at by you is at yourself, that’s why god created a thumb on your hand when you need to man up and accept the blame.

Author: Daniel Feuerstein

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