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The Stephen Hill project is officially over

We all know the NFL is a cutthroat business when you have players either recently picked up through the draft, free agency, trades or needs to improve their play to remain on that said team.

Stephen Hill was one of those players that needed to improve his play and his health status to remain on the Jets and be that monster down the sideline to grab passes from Geno Smith to advance down the field or get into the end zone.

Those moments are not going to happen anymore as John Idzik and Rex Ryan have officially cut Hill and decided not to give him a second chance to sign him to the practice squad. While many within the Jets’ fan base and in the local media were ready to cut him loose, I felt Hill deserved a final chance this season and needed to go out there to prove he can play here.

But sadly the truth was out there, the majority of Hill’s statistics are on the negative side of targets and not a lot of positives on the receptions. The only time Hill did wonderful things was in two games at MetLife Stadium against the Buffalo Bills with three touchdowns.

But at the end of the day it’s what you do in your schedule outside the Buffalo games against the Patriots, Dolphins and other opponents and it wasn’t enough to keep him on the roster. The combination of dropped passes and not finishing the season has allowed the Jets to move on from the project and we all know he worked hard during practice sessions at the Atlantic Health training facility, but if it doesn’t move to the games that actually matter then there is no choice but to end the experiment.

I truly believe that Hill needs to find a way to fix his mental errors so he can become a better wide receiver. Maybe being cut from the Jets will help him become a better player in the future on another team, but if he thinks he can jump back into the game and still has the same issues then the Arena Football League could be calling for him or he won’t get a job in the game period.

Author: Daniel Feuerstein

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