Jets endure complete meltdown in San Diego

It was right there on the big screen as Rex Ryan’s New York Jets never showed up at San Diego and you saw this team on both sides of the ball gets manhandled by a San Diego Chargers team that is in sync and can take you down when backups and third stringers want to make a difference for a team that is badly banged up and continued to get banged up.

All the Chargers players did was answer the call from head coach Mike McCoy and they plugged the holes from those who were falling from injury during the game, what were the Jets players doing when they needed to make a big play? Absolutely nothing and putting themselves into penalty trouble when those extra 15yd personal foul flags were being thrown all over the field.

While Geno Smith didn’t have a good game, the truth is neither did the running backs and the wide receivers. If you thought Michael Vick was going to be the answer to the start of the second half, his offense wasn’t as good for him as it wasn’t as good for Geno either.

The front seven also failed in the game today by not taking advantage of 3rd down situations to force punts. Only Philip Rivers was able to throw himself out of trouble and getting major plays. How many 90+ yard drives did the Chargers generate and ended in touchdowns? The answer is too many and it was a complete embarrassment to all Jets fans hoping to see this team have a better 2014.

The worst of all is that this will not get any better as they will have two games in three weeks at home next Sunday against Denver and a divisional game on the road at New England. If you are expecting Rex Ryan to get fired after the game today or maybe John Idzik getting the hatchet, it’s not going to happen because Robert “Woody” Johnson will not fire anyone during the season. 

The real question is this, will Georgie McFly have enough courage and chutzpa to tell Biff he’s done as the head coach of the Jets at the end of the season. Because as of right now I have no faith or confidence in the band aid king to make that decision at the end of the season, but as we all know the only way to fix this problem is to start winning.

Do these players have enough pride to go out there against another dangerous and hall of fame quarterback to get this job done when Peyton Manning & the Broncos are coming to Met Life Stadium? The truth is you hope they will, but I’m telling you right now I don’t if either Geno Smith or Michael Vick or whoever is going to be the starting quarterback of this team will get the job done and which real Jets defense will show up and actually start tackling the opposition & make plays. 

Author: Daniel Feuerstein 

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