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The Rex/Idzik/Woody era needs to end now

Maybe this is the game where everyone’s frustrations need to come out and start screaming at the top of their lungs. Maybe this is the game where everything is not working and it’s time to say goodbye to everything that has happened to start this 2014 season. As of right now it’s not just good enough, but to be honest it’s disgusting and there is no way it’s going to get fixed.

Even when the Jets won their first game of the season, it was painful to see them execute and barely beat the Oakland Raiders, but the real misery started when they took a trip to Green Bay and after scoring touchdowns in their first three possessions in the first half; it all came crumbling down in the 2nd half.

Since then it’s been an absolute disgrace from the coaching staff on down. Quarterback Geno Smith has been terrible and sadly either lost focus or just throwing balls for the sake of throwing the ball and getting intercepted. When everyone thought the performance against New England improved significantly, this game against the Buffalo Bills was disgusting.

The defense has not been a top five defense and sadly for the architect in Rex Ryan, I bet he’s been crying on the inside when his secondary has been getting torched while his front seven who starts the game well, are getting shredded towards the middle to the end of the games.

While you hear the players love playing for Ryan at the moment they are not executing the plays. I’m not saying they aren’t working hard but right now the execution is not there and sadly it going to start imploding very soon before the bye week comes. Sadly it’s time to say goodbye to Ryan, but it’s not all his fault this season because the General Manager has failed him and the fans as well.

What is the plan of John Idzik for the New York Jets to become successful in a win now league that is the NFL? So far in two drafts the positives are Sheldon Richardson and Jace Amaro and trading for Chris Ivory during the 2013 draft. His free agents so far Eric Decker is a plus while Chris Johnson right now is looking like a bust.

For the first time in a very long time Idzik has put the Jets $20-$22 million under the salary cap and that is a good job by the second year GM but sadly this season he hasn’t done enough to make the Jets competitive, in fact he allowed a top cornerback to come to the training facility and let him leave to join that other New York Football team.

What is going on with this guy and why does he think doing things the Seahawks way is going to fix the Jets when they have to face a tough AFC season against top teams from within the AFC East? If Idzik is upset that he couldn’t pick his own head coach then putting Ryan towards the door and kicking him through it is not the answer to intentional sabotage the season.

Idzik sadly has failed this season and he should be fired for not using any of that $22 Million dollar Salary cap money to fix the secondary. While he made a smart and shrewd move to trade for Percy Harvin, he wasn’t enough to fix all the problems that were seen against the Bills.

Finally the man that oversees everything the Jets do is owner and the Band-Aid King in Robert “Woody” Johnson. He has shown to be a man that wants a quick fix and doing it in a cheap way, I understand he paid a lot of money to help build half of MetLife Stadium but it’s just not enough for the fans who paid more than double for tickets and the right to have those tickets with the PSLs.

It’s time for Woody to sell the Jets to an owner who truly wants to see this team earn victory. Look at the new owner of the Buffalo Bills in Kim & Terry Pegula who wanted to own this team after Ralph Wilson died and when he stepped up to the podium during his press conference showed his emotions with pride and happiness to keep the team in Buffalo, NY and making Western, NY proud of having a local guy keeping the team.

Rex has to go, Idzik has to go & Woody Johnson needs to sell the team to a man who truly gives a damn about the Green & White and all Jets fans.

Author: Dan Feuerstein
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