Jaiquawn Jarrett's heroics help Jets soar by Steelers

On this eight game losing streak the one glaring hole on the defense has been the secondary as the corners and safeties have looked absolutely dreadful and can’t seem to prevent a big time pass by the opposition's quarterback. General Manager John Idzik never upgraded that part of the defense with corners coming and going so quick there wasn’t enough time to corral or give the proper amount to sign a contract.

But in this game against the Pittsburgh Steelers and trying to get into the bye week on a positive note, there was someone who wanted a chance to get out there and prove that he is a part of this Jets team and make as many plays as possible who is a local kid out of Brooklyn in Jaiquawn Jarrett.

What an amazing game he had against one of the toughest quarterbacks in the league to face against and he made several fantastic plays to help the Jets earn that 20-13 win. Jarrett started the day with a sack on Roethlisberger for a solid 10 yard loss on a 3rd & 15, then after a T.J. Graham touchdown the Steelers tried to run the ball with Antonio Brown as he fumbled the ball and Jarrett recovers it on the Steelers 10 yard line.

The Jets with a 17-0 lead on the Steelers in the first half of this game had to get a bit worried if Roethlisberger was going to march down the field to get a quick score and get back into it, well it never happened on a 2nd & 8 on the Jets 10 yard line as the pass was deflected on the goal line and Jarrett dove for the ball and picked it off.

The final fantastic play by Jarrett was an interception for the Steelers first possession in the second half. Somehow a soft lob down the field was a jump ball and an easy pick for Jarrett to finish off his day and the easy pick for the player of the game as the Brooklyn native comes up big and his hard work has paid off to be a thorn in the side of Roethlisberger all game long.

Let’s hope after the bye week that Jarrett can perform that same type of magic when the Jets travel to Western NY and face the Buffalo Bills for a little revenge.

Author: Daniel Feuerstein

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