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2015 Jets Season Week 16 Review Show

Join Daniel Feuerstein & Rick Laughland as they review the Overtime Victory by the New York Jets as they defeat the New England Patriots 26-20 and got help with a botched call on the coin flip

Jets Win on Patriots Coin Flip Decision before OT

It was the biggest Christmas gift that Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots could give the New York Jets. After tying the game at twenty a piece in regulation, it was on to the coin flip in overtime and after winning the toss Matthew Slatter informed the referee that the Patriots will kick off to the Jets.
From the orders of head coach Belichick, Slatter was told to kick the ball to the Jets to start the overtime period and later had a confused look on his face and it was too late to change the call. After a 2yd run by Ivory to start the overtime, Ryan Fitzpatrick finds Quincey Enunwa on the far side with a catch & run for 48 yards, then after another Ivory 4yd run Fitzpatrick finds Brandon Marshall for 20 Yards and a first & goal on the Patriots 6yd line.
And the dagger to end the game as Fitzpatrick throws a 6yd fade to the near side and inside the end zone to Eric Decker who made the catch and over 82,000 Jets fans exploded into a happy frenzy and one step closer to clinching a playoff spot as the Baltimore Ravens did the job to throw a loss at the Pittsburgh Steelers and at the moment these two sides have flip flopped their positions.
It was another magical game for the Jets as Brandon Marshall & Eric Decker made NFL history as both players converted a touchdown catch in the same game for the 8th time & for Marshall he was able to make plays caught the ball eight times for 115 yards and two touchdowns. A quick 2yd screen pass and breaking the plain of the goal line for a 10-3 lead before the 1st half ended and then in the 3rd Quarter a big 33yd throw just inside the end zone while in coverage that brought all Jets fans to their feet.
While Chris Ivory looks like he has run out of gas, Bilal Powell is revving up his motor and made some spectacular runs to attack a weakened Patriots defense. Running it seven times for 56 yards and several catches and runs five times for 34 yards, running rough shot all over the place.
Ryan Fitzpatrick was fantastic once again as he found Enunwa, Decker & Enunwa several times in the open field and while he had a slow start and overthrowing passes early he tied Vinny Testeverde for most Touchdown throws with three today and twenty nine for the season with one game left. He completed 26 out of 41 passes for 296 yards and of course the strip sack fumble that was returned for a touchdown.
While the Jets were able to prevent Tom Brady for most of the game from doing any damage once again it would be a moment while down by a score to get back out there and tie the game, which did happen with a big 9yd catch in the middle of the field and was wide open for the score. While the Jets stopped the Patriots on 3rd down and they converted once in ten tries, the 4th down conversions were perfect at three for three.
But at the end of the day the Jets while lucky by a flip of a coin and a poor decision from Belichick, they took the bull by the horns and took control for most of the game and found a way to win and continue their march to a playoff spot. Celebrate now and then get ready for the Buffalo Bills in Western, NY.

2015 Jets Season Week 16 Preview Show vs. Pats

Join Daniel Feuerstein & Rick Laughland as they Preview the Week 16 Matchup as the New York Jets face off against the New England Patriots in a hotly contested AFC East Divisional Game

Odell Beckham Jr. derseves Suspension

As the days continue to pass after the Week 15 matchup for the New York Football Giants losing by a field goal to the undefeated Carolina Panthers, it sounds like Odell Beckham Jr. has been the target by all the Giants opponents and it looked like this game was the last straw for him taking all these verbal and physical cheap shots.

His manhood was attacked and the way he plays the game has been questioned along with his new celebrity coming so suddenly since that fantastic one handed catch last season against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football. But the truth is that Beckham should’ve known he was going to become a target in his second season of performing in the NFL.

The final straw that broke the Camel’s back was video evidence of the Panthers bringing a baseball bat to warm ups and one of the players or a member of the coaching staff shouting at Beckham and pointing it in his direction. Video evidence has shown ODB getting unhinged at the situation towards him and ripped off his helmet to shout obscenities back at the Panthers.

The rest is history as Beckham and Josh Norman were physically and mentally grabbing, jawing and wrestling with each other on nearly every single play and it all came ahead when Beckham who went past Norman, circled back and decided to become Ram Man (Masters of the Universe Character) and intentional launched himself with a flying head butt into the helmet of Norman and could’ve caused a concussion.

Thankfully the impact wasn’t that sever and Norman was able to walk off on his own power. This was the singular moment for the NFL Officiating Crew to not just throw flags, but use the power that was given to them by head of officials and the head of the rule book from Dean Blandino to eject Beckham Jr. and send him back to the showers early. That never happened and now after all the evidence was sent to the leagues office in Manhattan Odell Beckham Jr. is suspended for the Sunday night game at the Minnesota Vikings.

After it’s all said and done the truth is that Beckham went too far and he is showing that his skin is not so thick, because he can’t handle the insults and the cheap shots he is getting from his opponents. I’m not saying what’s going on is right and he should let it go, but he is showing at the moment he is not mature enough in the NFL to handle all of this negativity towards him and his opponents know that they can get to him mentally with ease.

It’s also showing that Tom Coughlin and the Giants are not doing the job to reign him in and trying to regain his composure after a hard nose battle on the field, or when he is getting insulted intentionally. Someone needs to tell Beckham that he isn’t in the college game anymore & he is not facing kids in the SEC, these are grown men which he is becoming and needs to learn to be a professional at all times. I understand it’s hard for him to hear all of these nasty and terrible insults that are being flown all over the field, but he needs to understand that he is now considered a target by the defense as they will try and stop him from being one of the best wide receivers in the game.

Because he has the talent and the makeup to be one of those great players that could have a hall of fame career and right now he is proving that he is still immature and he could’ve ended Josh Norman’s career with his human cannonball trick. It’s really a shame that the Panthers who brought a baseball bat and intentionally pointed at Beckham went so low in the insults war, but at the same time it’s a bigger shame that Beckham allowed himself to lower his level and take the bait.

We all know how special he is and what he is going to do for the future of the Giants, but once again he needs to lower his anger and he needs help from either himself, his teammates, coaches and others from within the organization to calm him down or else the next time he faces another top corner and it goes badly like the last time, it could be a lot worse and so could the punishment.

2015 Jets Season Week 15 Review Show

Join Daniel Feuerstein & Rick Laughland as they Review the big Week 15 matchup at AT&T Stadium as the New York Jets defeats the Dallas Cowboys 19-16 and go 9-5 with two games remaining.

Jets survive first half scare and beat the Cowboys 19-16

There is no way to sugar coat this performance down at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas. The New York Jets had their worst performance in the first season of the Todd Bowles coaching era as they found a way to win ugly against the Cowboys and pushed their record to 9-5 with a 19-16 victory.

But that big drive in the fourth quarter that put the Jets ahead for good was a fantastic throw by Ryan Fitzpatrick to Kembrell Thompkins down the near sideline for 43 yards and just stepped out of bounds at the Cowboys 26 yard line. A couple of running plays to try and get close for Randy Bullock who kicked a 40yd field goal right down the middle for the lead and the win.

A big Interception by Marcus Williams with 10 seconds remaining in the game solidified the victory and his sixth of the season to make sure the Cowboys had no more life left as they are officially eliminated from playoff contention. But to be fair when Jason Garrett changed quarterbacks from Matt Kassell to Kellen Moore, the Cowboys showed some life and made things difficult for the Jets.

But there were still mistakes made by the Cowboys as Moore threw three interceptions and a touchdown pass to Dez Bryant that made it 10-9 in the second quarter. The Jets also made their own errors as well by dropping sure passes and sadly Chris Ivory was not effective in this game as the Cowboys defense stopped the run.

But the Jets who committed seven penalties in the first half and cleaned it up in the second half only committed one were able to make some plays and found Brandon Marshall who made four catches for 75 yards and the big 3yd grab by Eric Decker who faked out the defense going from the near side to the far and had lots of room to make the catch.

With that touchdown catch by Decker he and Marshall have made a new Jets record for WR Touchdowns combined with 21 passing Keyshawn Johnson & Wayne Chrebet from the 1998 season. But Decker also went six catches for 55yds and thankfully wasn’t injured early in the first half on that tackle where it looked like he might have injured a leg.

Since Nick Folk went down with an injured hip and is out for the season Randy Bullock has been a decent replacement, but this time around he failed to convert an extra point and as he converted a 40yd field goal before the first half ended; a penalty flag was thrown for an illegal shift.

So as Bullock retook the field goal for 45yds the ball sailed wide right and kept the Cowboys ahead by a point. So while Bullock dropped four points, Todd Bowles dropped three points on his own as he decided to go for it on 4th & 1 early in the first quarter instead of kicking a sure field goal to tie the game at three.

But as the dust settles the New York Jets eventually win the game and are now heading back home to host the New England Patriots for another pivotal AFC East Divisional match up.

2015 Jets Season Week 15 Preview Show At Dallas

Join Daniel Feuerstein & Rick Laughland as they preview the Week 15 match up on a special Saturday Night game on NFL Network as the New York Jets finish their NFC East portion of the schedule and travel back to Texas to take on the Dallas Cowboys.

Joining us from Cowboys Nation .com is their senior writer Ben Grimaldi.

2015 Jets Season Week 14 Review show

Join Daniel Feuerstein & Rick Laughland as they review the Week 13 match up as the New York Jets destroy the Tennessee Titans by a final of 30-8 and go 8-5

Perfect first half as Jets destroy the Titans

This was a crucial game for the New York Jets because of remaining in the playoff hunt as well as attempting to create a three game winning streak for the first time in a long time. But with the Tennessee Titans whimpering to Met Life Stadium to try and throw a wrench into the works.

But it was the Jets who had a big game in the first half that put the Titans away early and often as they converted five times out of six possessions either thru a touchdown or a field goal to win 30-8 and going 8-5. Ryan Fitzpatrick and the offense found a way to carve thru the Titans defense as they started on a 14 play 80yd drive that saw Eric Decker make a 16yd catch inside the end zone for the early lead. 

After a couple of field goals from Randy Bullock from 47 yards and 23 yards (also missed one from 53yds) the Jets would go to work again and this time they would find Bilal Powell with a quick slant and slashing through the Titans defense with a 16yd catch and run for his second touchdown of the season.

But the best play of them all when the clock was counting down to halftime was the 69yd catch and run by Brandon Marshall as the Jets were ready to snap the ball, the Titans secondary was not sure where to set up and Ryan Fitzpatrick who has great chemistry with Marshall was able to link up for that play and take advantage of the miscommunication

That entire first half for the Jets scoring 27 points in six possessions with a whopping 46 plays for a combined 330 yards that also includes the missed field goal with a Buster Skrine interception. A terrific game plan from Offensive Coordinator Chan Gailey to rip apart the defense. 

Fitzpatrick completed 21 out of 36 passes for 263 yards with 3 touchdown passes and he helped his own cause with a nineteen yard run himself and rushing three times for 23 yards. The three touchdown passes he threw has put him at 25 for the season, he is four short of the record held by Vinny Testeverde who threw for 29 back in the 1998 season when Bill Parcells got the Jets to win the AFC East that year and to the AFC Championship game at Mile High Stadium.

Marcus Mariota had a horrific day behind center and that was helped by a Jets defense that was terrorizing him to no end as he got sacked five times and three of those were by Muhammed Wilkerson who got a season total of 12 so far with three games remaining in the regular season and the others were by Demario Davis and Leonard Williams who is familiar with Mariota being in the PAC 12 conference.

The New York Jets went out on the field to perform a solid game plan that has moved them to an 8-5 record that is still in a tight race with the Kansas City Chiefs, Pittsburgh Steelers as one is still chasing while the other is remaining at the top of the pack with the Jets, but at the moment it the Steelers that have a better conference record than the Jets and that could be a sticky situation coming towards the end of the season.

But right now the Jets are looking strong and are only worrying about themselves and they should be. Just continue to play strong football and be ready for your own opponents on your own schedule. We shall see what the future holds for this team with three games remaining this season.

2015 Jets Season Week 14 Preview Show Vs Tennessee

Join Daniel Feuerstein & Rick Laughland as they preview the next home game as the New York Jets host the Tennessee Titans at Met Life Stadium. 
Joining the guys is Jimmy Morris of Music City Miracles a SB Nation blog on the Tennessee Titans, as he gives us his opinions.

2015 Jets Season Week 13 Review Show

Join Daniel Feuerstein & Rick Laughland as they bring in The Giants Beat from Scout as the New York Jets defeat the New York Giants in Overtime by a final score of 23-20 and the Jets get back to a playoff spot while the Giants are in more trouble.

Jets Win in OT and win the Battle for NY against Giants

So after being down by ten points and waiting for the New York Giants to falter in this game that moment came in the 4th quarter with more than eight minutes remaining, saw Tom Coughlin inform Eli Manning to go for it on a 4th & 2 play on the Jets 4yd line. And instead of taking a sure three points Manning threw it into double coverage and Rontez Miles picked it off for the start of a big comeback.

It started off with a 12 play, 80yds possession that set up a 24 yard field goal by Randy Bullock who cut the deficit to a Touchdown and from that moment the Jets fans who were well outnumbered at Met Life Stadium as this was a home game for the Giants were able to force them to a three and out and made their final run of regulation into a Brandon Marshall Touchdown with 27 seconds remaining just inside the goal line.

After several solid plays like a 20yd run by Bilal Powell, as well as some solid catches from Marshall for 10yds and a Fitzpatrick 15yd run on a 4th down and 6 call to himself when no one was open that would set up that big 9yd catch inside the end zone and the conversion of an extra point to tie it up and send the game into overtime.

The Jets won the coin flip and took the opening possession with a good mix of runs and throws to get close to field goal range. A solid 13yd catch from Brandon Marshall with a mix of runs by Bilal Powell and a huge 17yd grab by Eric Decker that got the Jets into field goal range that Randy Bullock kicked for 31yds to give the three point lead.

The Giants had some good moments as well in the overtime session and when it was time to tie the game up with Josh Brown who has been perfect all season and has made long field goal kicks from 53yds had a 48yd field goal that was missed wide right and put the Jets into a two game winning streak and are 7-5 this season. This win also put the Jets back into a playoff spot knocking off the Houston Texans who lost to the Buffalo Bills.

The heroes of this game is not only Ryan Fitzpatrick who had one of his greatest games in his career, but the wide receivers were huge in this game including Eric Decker who made some great catches in the slot that for some strange reason the Giants couldn’t stop him. But catching the ball eight times for 101yds is outstanding.

Brandon Marshall had another spectacular game as well as he caught the ball twelve times for over 130yds & made team history along with NFL History. He became the first 1,000 yard receiver since Jerrico Cotchery back in the 2008 season when Brett Favre was the Quarterback and he has also earned 1,000 yds receiving for four separate teams that includes being with the Broncos, Dolphins & the Bears. He is the first player in NFL history to do this feat.

While there were some great plays in the first and fourth quarters for the Jets, they were absolutely terrible in the 2nd quarter. An 80yd punt return for a touchdown by Dwayne Harris that gave an early 7-3 lead and a 72yd catch and run touchdown by Odell Beckham Jr. that gave the Giants back the lead by seven after Bilal Powell scored one that tied the game at ten. But once again it’s not about how you play some of the time; it’s how you play all the time in the game of football.
The Jets took advantage of that big miscue in the 4th quarter that allowed them to tie the game on two consecutive possessions and got into position for the winning field goal as well as the missed field goal by the Giants. But overall the New York Jets are 7-5 and back inside the playoff picture with the Kansas City Chiefs for the Wild Card spots

2015 Jets Season Week 13 Preview Show At NY Giants

Join Daniel Feuerstein & Rick Laughland as they preview the real Snoopy Bowl as the New York Jets and the New York Giants will faceoff this Sunday and see who will be the kings of NYC for the next four years.

2015 Jets Season Week 12 Review Show

Join Daniel Feuerstein & Rick Laughland as they recap the AFC East Divisional match up as the New York Jets defeat the Miami Dolphins 38-20 & Sweep the fins for the first time in five years & finally beat the Dolphins at home in the last three games.

Jets Route pitiful Dolphins and reamin in the hunt for the Wild Card

After losing their last four in five games the New York Jets finally stepped up to the plate and found their way to defeat the Miami Dolphins for the first time in three home games and sweep the series by a final of 38-20. After a big tirade by rookie head coach Todd Bowles at the Texans, this team needed to step up and have a better game against their most bitter rivals and a season that is forgettable in Dolphins history. 

Ryan Fitzpatrick had a fantastic game by throwing for four touchdowns, two towards Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker and to Devin Smith for his first NFL Touchdown in his career at the end of the first half. Fitzpatrick accumulated 277 yards by completing 22 out of 37 attempts and was sacked once. 
Brandon Marshall accumulated a big 131 yards receiving with nine catch as he was allowed to use his height and jumping ability to make some big grabs with the opening touchdown in the 1st quarter as he continued to beat Brent Grimes all game. A 17yard leaping grab inside the end zone that looked routine and a 3yd grab towards the 4th quarter that continued the route. 

How about that play where Marshall burns Grimes for a 45 yard catch and run down the far sideline and made a fantastic spin move to avoid the initial tackle. While Marshall has had his own drop issues, he made up for it with some great plays and two scores. That also included a quick 2yd catch inside the end zone in the 4th quarter.

Chris Ivory had a fantastic start to the season and it looked like he could be on the verge of a 1,000 yard rushing season, but somewhere along the way he wasn't hitting the holes the offensive line was giving him or injuries slowed him up, but as always when he has the ball in his hands he loves to grab extra yards after contact. 

When the Jets played the Dolphins in London, England it was a running frenzy for Ivory who ran it over 166 yards with the opening touchdown. The yardage in this game wasn't like it was at Wembley, but Ivory made a fantastic 31 yard run for a touchdown where he broke three tackles and left six defenders in his dust. 21 rushes for 87 yards and he continues to burn the Dolphins with his fantastic runs.

When Devin Smith was drafted from Ohio State he was one of the pieces to Chan Gailey's puzzle to make this offense dynamic and it looked to be that way during training camp, but sadly a few broken ribs and a punctured lung held him back and he was playing catch up as well. While he did drop two big passes last week against the Texans, he made a big contribution with a big 17 yard catch in the end zone and everyone was celebrating the rookie's first NFL Touchdown. 

The Dolphins were absolutely pitiful in this game as they had no 3rd down conversions in six tries in the first half & overall were four for fifteen the entire game. Ryan Tannehill was terrible all game long as he completed 33 passes out of 58 attempts and while he did throw three touchdowns, it was after the fact as the Jets destroyed this team from start to finish. 

The Dolphins who were playing hurt continued to lose players left and right. Mike Pouncey left the game with a possible right broken foot and injured legs and arms from at least another three to four players that makes this season for Miami even tougher to get through.

But for the Jets they go back above .500 and now have a big game coming against the NY Football Giants as they will be the road team at Met Life Stadium.

Columbus Crew does the job to survive and advance to MLS Cup

The crowd was ready to have a big 2nd leg match at Red Bull Arena and once again a trip to the MLS Cup Finals was on the line for the Red Bulls as they needed to at least score two to force extra time or get three to win the aggregate. But after ninety minutes of regulation along with four minutes added, they came up short and the Columbus Crew will face the Portland Timbers at Maphre Stadium for the final.

The game plan was simple from Gregg Berhalter and that was to clog the middle of the field and force the Red Bulls to lose the ball or get as many half chances as possible. The Crew were able to get off to a decent start as they forced the Red Bulls into make some sloppy passes, but as the match went on the home side was able to start clicking and find some attacking lanes.

But as the game was getting late you saw the Crew continue to play well with their midfield clogging up the middle of the park and their midfielders helping out the defense when the Red Bulls had the ball. Many times they were allowed to go down the flanks by the Crew, but when there was that chance to get a scoring opportunity, it all went for not. 

Solid defense and good goalkeeping by Steve Clark got the Crew into position to start thinking about hosting the Final and while maybe there might have been some doubt creeping into their minds, Anatole Abang who subbed into the match at the 72nd minute for Kemar Lawrence he would be the one to help that doubt creep in as he headed the ball past Clark for the lead in the match.

On the Crew's doorstep as the ball was headed back out by the defense it was Lloyd Sam who headed the ball back towards goal and the tall young Cameroonian found a way to get on the scoreboard as he headed in his first MLS Cup Playoff goal. With a good 90 seconds remaining in second half stoppage time it looked like the Red Bulls were going to do the impossible and once again the game of inches thwarted the home side.

After a long cross came from the far side Bradley Wright-Phillips was in perfect position to head the ball inside the near post to put Red Bull Arena into bedlam and sadly they came up empty. A solid header shot that looked to go in softly found it's way and struck the front of the near post and just cleared away by the Crew at the end line for a corner, but that would be the final chance of the night. 

So after winning the second leg by a goal to nil, the Columbus Crew leave Red Bull Arena by an aggregate scoreline of two goals to one. While the Red Bulls were able to prevent an away goal by the visitors, it just wasn't enough for them to force extra time and now they head into the offseason thinking about what could've been if they were able to host the MLS Cup Final on December 6th.

But as this is the last article to be published on the 2015 season some will look at this ending as a failure because the club never got to the final, but I will disagree this time around. This is a new process that started with fan turmoil at a town hall meeting that saw a beloved figure get fired & plenty of distrust.

But seeing what and where the future of the club is going for the very first time is a big positive and with their USL side creating players who are ready for the big time is also showing why their success is going to be higher than before. Two shields in three seasons is nothing to sneeze at and once again it leads to an entrance to the CONCACAF Champions League which will be back next season.

Right now the 300 page book of Ali Curtis is at #290, if this side can reach the final since 2008 and possibly win it, then Page #300 will be celebrated and the party will be epic. But for right now it's time to see what moves this side will make in the offseason to either keep or bring in new pieces for the 2016 season.

2015 Jets Season Week 12 Preview Show Vs. Miami

Join Daniel Feuerstein & Rick Laughland as they preview the next game on the New York Jets as they host their most bitter rivals in the Miami Dolphins at Met Life Stadium.

Joining the guys is the Barbara Walters of Sports in Kavita Channe follow her on twitter @kavitachanne

Red Bulls ready for Dramatic 2nd Leg against the Crew

New York Red Bulls (2008 - Pres)

After suffering that two goal loss at Maphre Stadium in Columbus the Red Bulls came back to their training facility in Hanover to get ready and prepared for an exciting home match against this same Columbus Crew side where one away goal can end it all for the Red Bulls.

But as we all know the home side will play with no fear as this will be their biggest test to play behind on aggregate like the last time they were behind against the revolution, but they were behind on away goals. But the aggregate claimed the loss for the Red Bulls after Tim Cahill & Peguy Luyindula found ways to convert and climb back into the that match.

But once again this Red Bulls side is ready for a big challenge as they admitted to be disappointed by their performance in the first leg at Columbus. "Obviously it's always tough to get far in MLS in the playoffs, it was tough to get back to this place after what happened last week." Said Dax McCarty, "Obviously we have accomplished most of the goals we set out to this year, but the main goal is to get to MLS Cup and win it so that's still our main goal, that is what the barometer is for success this season. Obviously it's difficult when you have a lot of turnover but since the first day of pre-season when no one thought we would get to this point, the coaching staff did."

One player who took a hard look at the situation the Red Bulls are currently in is Bradley Wright-Phillips. He took it to heart after the first leg performance that it wasn't a good one and he knows what they need to do to right the ship. "The way we play we always get chances. It all depends on each individual on how we play. We conceded the first goal in 10 seconds it's not how we wanted to play and it's unacceptable." Said BWP, "It's not about tactics when the first goal was allowed by us it's about a mentality that wasn't there. It all depends on how they will come to play since they are up at the moment."

We have seen in the regular season two times that the Red Bulls exploded for multiple goals in early in the first half. The three goal explosion on July 1th against the New England Revolution and on the last home game of the regular season they put four past the Philadelphia Union with Mike Grella scoring the fastest goal in MLS regular season history. "We really have to do the same things we have been doing all season at home. We are good at home with some high energy and very good on defense. Do all the thing we have been doing all season." Said Grella, "We don't feel any pressure right now, it's quite the opposite because when we came back home against DC United that was a tricky game. We had the lead and we didn't know if we should've gone for it or now, but it's clear as day in this one. We need to push it from the back to the front and go out there to do a job."

There is a lot on the mind of head coach Jesse Marsch as he knows what this team needs to do to get the result that is need to not just get to the MLS Cup final, but to host the thing as well. "A little bit changes this time around, depends on how the game is being played and how many adjustments we can make, when we played in the US Open Cup against Philly when we want to push the game or when we need to defend it." Said Marsch, "We have been very good at home, we have scored goals at home, very aggressive at home and I expect this game to be on our terms for much of it. Certainly being aggressive without being reckless is important, but we have been fantastic at home all season long."

So it's all come down to this moment on Sunday, November 29th as the New York Red Bulls are heading into a must win situation and if they can prevent an away goal for Columbus and find ways to get multiple goals and lead the aggregate, then the adventure will continue for one more week and hopefully it will be for all the marbles at Red Bull Arena.

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