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As Lundqvist returns to action, Cam Talbot deserves your thanks

Congratulations to the New York Rangers for clinching their playoff spot for the 2015 edition of the Stanley Cup playoffs. They played strong the last several months with great defense, some timely goals and climbing the standings from a mediocre start to a fantastic first place position in the Metropolitan division as well as leading the league in points with 101.

But as we start discussing the goaltending for the Rangers we would always discuss how great Henrik Lundqvist is in net and leading the team to some great performances, but ever since he suffered that deflected puck that struck his throat underneath the protector from his mask on January 31st at Madison Square Garden against the Carolina Hurricanes.

So who came in to save the season and helped the Rangers get to where they are? Backup goaltender Cam Talbot who has taken over and played amazing in net, while allowing Lundqvist to take the time to heal up from his vascular vain bruising in his neck and Talbot’s performance has been absolutely amazing.

In 22 games Talbot has recorded a 16-4-2 record and allowed 2 goals or less in thirteen games. His positioning inside the crease has been outstanding & while he was doing a great job, the Rangers goaltending coach Benoit Allaire has made both men play some fantastic goal and while Talbot has signed a one year extension to remain with the team.

But at the same time Talbot can’t play every single game as he needed some rest physically and mentally and stepping in for him in those two games at the Buffalo Sabres was Hartford Wolfpack starting goaltender MacKenzie Skapski and he also got two wins against a scrappy Sabres side that wanted to knock off the Rangers.

But as we get ready to see the King return to his crease on the road at the Boston Bruins we all have to thank Cam Talbot for helping the Rangers earn over 101 points this season and allowing Lundqvist to heal up at the proper pace or else it could’ve been a lot worse. The reports were that if Lundqvist continued to play with this injury, he could’ve suffered a stroke.

But thank goodness for the backups helping out when they need to and to make sure the starter comes back one hundred percent and with nine games to go in the regular season, Lundqvist will need all the minutes he can get.

Author: Daniel Feuerstein
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