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Darrelle Revis comes home for good

After trading him to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers for two draft picks that was Sheldon Richardson & Dee Milliner and a Super Bowl Championship this past season with the New England Patriots, The man who owns an island where Wide Receivers can’t get off of Darrelle Revis comes back to the New York Jets and all parties are excited.

The deal that was made keeps Revis for five years and $70 Million dollars with $39 Million guaranteed. The way that free agency has started for the Jets it looks like new GM Mike MacCagnan and new head coach Todd Bowles are not messing around as they want to put a solid stamp in their first season running the New York Jets on and off the field.

The trade for Brandon Marshall signaled the start of this era as they sent the Chicago Bears a 5th round pick in this year’s draft and signing blocking guard James Carpenter for four years and $4 Million from the Seahawks and keeping both David Harris & Bilal Powell from leaving the team.
But as we all know the wonderful things that Revis has done with the Jets, we can’t forget the times he’s done something against the Jets and that was holding out for two new contracts while under an existing one as he wanted to be paid as the top cornerback in the NFL. Yet Woody Johnson did honor Revis wishes and restructured his contract and he continued to play well for the Jets.

But this time around it looks like Revis is a happy man coming back to the team he was drafted and will spend the majority of his career with the last two seasons away as a member of Gang Green and once his career comes to an end, it wouldn’t surprise me that his name will join the many that has been added to the ring of honor of the New York Jets right away.

It’s a happy day for Jets fans as one of their best players is coming back and not only has everyone celebrated by either purchasing a new Jets Revis jersey, but there are those like myself who never burned their old Revis Jerseys took them out of the closet and putting it back on like it’s been an old coat they love wearing all winter long.

Author: >Daniel Feuerstein
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