Dax McCarty lashes out at MLS Disciplinary Committee

It’s only been two games into the reign of Defensive midfielder Dax McCarty’s Captaincy, but as of right now it feels like he’s held that role for a good long while. You can already see on the field that he got involved very quickly with some nice passes to create several chances and those chances have led to goals.

Once he was named captain of the club when Thierry Henry retired, everyone was excited and their hopes were answered when he got the nod to wear the Captain’s Armband on the field for the club, some got excited when he used his captaincy to express his displeasure on a certain play that happened against his club towards the end of the match.

When the game entered second half stoppage time and with a two goal lead, Alan Kelly blew his whistle and pointed to the spot to give DC United a penalty and an attempt to break the shutout bid for Luis Robles & the Red Bulls. Just as Chris Pontius started to take his jog towards the ball, there was an incident outside the area that showed some concern as Perry Kitchen was lined up next to Red Bulls right back Chris Duvall.

While you didn’t see it live, on replay and from the league’s official website Kitchen decided to stomp very hard on the left foot of Duvall as some form of retribution for the score line being against DC United. All of a sudden on the League’s website the incident was being shown and right away your thinking there will be a quick hearing.

But sadly the Disciplinary Committee already gave their answer as they decided not to charge Kitchen with a fine or a suspension for his stomping on Duvall’s left foot. So Captain Dax decided to go on twitter and informed the league’s disciplinary committee that they were wrong. 

“Interesting Precedent @MLS disciplinary committee is setting. Intentional stamp on opponent is NOT a suspension. Got it. @thesoccerdon. Send my fine on over to Red Bull Arena @MLS”

The truth is that McCarty is correct. Last season when the club brought over Armando from Barcelona’s B squad in the lower levels of Spain he was fined & suspended by the league because of hard tackles or challenges that deemed to be too much. When Mike Petke was informed during games that Armando was being targeted by the on field officials because of his play, it was deemed as overkill because, one of those times Armando wasn’t on the roster.

So now the question comes into play is a simple one. Has the league’s Disciplinary Committee have an agenda against the Red Bulls because it looks like any player from any club whether they are a rival or not have free reign to commit these types of acts on the field against the Red Bulls. You hope that’s not the case, but until the next ugly moment happens we shall see. But for now it looks like the league hasn’t sent a response to McCarty for his twitter outbursts.

Author: Dan Feuerstein

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