Watching, Reading & Listening of the Deflate Gate story on Tom Brady

When you were watching the AFC Championship game earlier this past January you saw Tom Brady and the New England Patriots shred thru the Indianapolis Colts like a hot knife through butter as the team in the dark blue jerseys and silver helmets ran up the scoreboard because they were the better and more talented team on that night.

But that one moment you were wondering about when one of the on field officials picked up a ball before the Patriots snapped it and changed it from the sidelines, you were wondering about what was going on. Well when the news came out at the start of the second half that the New England Patriots eleven game balls were deflated by two pounds, you wondered if we were going to have another moment of improprieties and after the Patriots won the AFC, news came out that two men who worked for the team and got orders from Tom Brady to intentionally deflate the game balls.

After the Patriots won the Super Bowl and a total of three and a half months went by of Ted Wells independent investigation on this matter was over, the NFL decided to fine the New England Patriots one Million Dollars, take away their 1st Round pick in the 2016 Draft & a fourth round pick in the 2017 Draft. Tom Brady who supposedly did not intentionally do the deed, but informed these two men on how he wanted to handle the game balls was given a four game suspension that doesn’t count towards their Week 4 Bye.

And now we have a verbal war going around from all parties involved from the Patriots to the League, to the former Patriots players that played with Brady who analyze the NFL on ESPN & NFL Network to the fans in & outside of Boston. First let’s go to the Patriots vs. the NFL as we have seen a lot of shenanigans going on from within the league. While it looks like the NFL finally got this one correct, they are not innocent in this matter as we all know how they handled the Ray Rice mess and the first infraction of Spy Gate as the Patriots were caught cheating. Filming their opponent’s signals during practices and sending it back to Bill Belechick. Roger Goodell has failed the fans and 31 out of 32 of his bosses as the shield has been damaged for a good long time.

The arrogance of the Patriots have soured on the other owners and the majority of the NFL’s fan bases outside the Boston & New England area, as they are seen as a team not so much trying to push the boundaries of the rule book; but to break it at any time. The majority will never trust the Patriots because no matter what happens on the field even if it looks like a legitimate game was played, those will always find fault no matter what.

Former players who played with Brady like Teddy Bruschi, Willie McGinest & Heath Evans that are analysts for ESPN & NFL Network respectively have come out and defended Brady saying “Not once have I seen him break the rules.” Using their platform to support Brady in his time of need, let’s also not forget that every fan of Brady and all of Boston is informing every single fan outside of their region that everyone is jealous of the team’s success and the NFL is on a witch hunt for no reason.

After digesting all the information online, dvr’ing shows on both networks to get to the answers I needed to seek, the conclusion I have come up with is very simple. If the New England Patriots were the better team in the AFC Championship game and they were definitely better than the Colts, why does Tom Brady need help from two idiots to deflate the game balls and compromise the integrity of the game?

Why does this team from New England continue to show their arrogance every single game and continue to bend the rules and hoping not to or not caring if they did break the rules to win a game or to get to the Super Bowl? Bill Belichick is a smart coach and Tom Brady is a very talented Quarterback that doesn’t need to go this far to prove what they are, but for some silly reason they want to prove a point and while that point is disgusting they are showing what they really have become. Taking a phrase from former WWF/WWE wrestler & commentator Jesse “The Body” Ventura in the 80’s “Win if you can, Lose if you must, But always Cheat” because right now there is no integrity from this team.

You have never seen great QB’s in the past pull out illegal plays just to get to a Super Bowl. Jim Kelly, Dan Marino, Joe Namath, Terry Bradshaw, Eli & Peyton Manning, John Elway, Joe Montana, Joe Flacco, Phil Simms, Drew Brees and many other Quarterbacks from the past to the present have always showed the honor and playing the right way to get to and winning a Super Bowl Championship. As most of you know I am a New York Jets fan and in Baseball I’m a Yankees fan, the one moment I can relate to this type of illegal move or illegal play is from the early 90’s as Tim Leary was pitching for the Yankees and on the road down in Baltimore.

It was Sunday Night Baseball and of course more cameras than normal would be around Oriole Park. Play was stopped by the Umpires as they went to the mound to check the Yankees starting pitcher's glove. They examined Leary’s glove and found nothing so play resumed, but one camera on a close up  shot saw Leary cover his face with his glove, but had enough room to see him stuff a piece of sandpaper in his mouth to doctor a baseball and avoid an ejection as well as a possible suspension. I was disappointed and turned off the t.v. as I didn’t care about the win or the loss anymore.

A player on the team I cheer for did the wrong thing & I’ll be honest I have decided to stop cheering for Alex Rodriguez because not only have I forgave him once for admitting he took steroids before the 2009 season got started, but when he got caught the second time and suspended for the entire 2014 season, I swore that I will never cheer for him again in the uniform of my favorite team.

As I have read many facebook posts discussing the Tom Brady situation and many saying that Jets fans are jealous of this so called success, the truth is that I’m not jealous at all. I am not ashamed of being a Jets fan and at the same time why would I be jealous of teams that has won championships the legal and right way? I respect the Steelers, 49ers, NY Football Giants, Ravens, Colts and other NFL teams that won either one or multiple titles. If all four Super Bowl Championships were won the same way as these other teams have done, I would applaud the Patriots and maybe I wouldn’t like it but I have to respect it. But sadly that respect has been thrown out the window as this team with a Great Owner, a fantastic Head Coach and a talented Quarterback has proven they need to break the rules to earn a couple of false titles.

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