Red Bulls taking a magical journey to face Orlando City

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When you look at the current standings in the Eastern Conference you can see that the playoff spots are starting to tighten up and every single match is getting more important every single week. But after playing NYCFC twice this season as the Red Bulls defeated one expansion side to earn three points, now comes the other expansion side that resides in the vacation kingdom of the world in Orlando, Florida as the Red Bulls will take on Orlando City at the Citrus Bowl this Saturday.
Normally when you think expansion sides or first time teams coming to play, you automatically think that this will be a piece of cake and the win will be an easy one, but not so in MLS as Orlando City have been competitive and fighting for points from start to finish. Some might have forgotten that Orlando City use to play in the USL league and won several championships before making their financial promotion to MLS.
Adrian Heath who manages this side along with owner Phil Rawlins have made great strides from their first match of this clubs existence in Orlando before they moved the club as the original Austin Aztex who now have their own side back in the USL league this season going up from the PDL. Kaka was a solid move to have him play to start the 2015 season and since this club has been playing in the USL and now in the refurbished Citrus Bowl as a temporary home till their new stadium is finished being built, the people of Orlando have been supporting there club and it shows in their attendance record.
So how will the Red Bulls try to take on this big challenge since these days you can't call Orlando City an true expansion team since the have been competitive from their true existence that started in the USL. "It's a very good team and as an expansion team they have done really well." said head coach Jesse Marsch, "I have a lot of respect for what they accomplished so far and I know how hard that is. The big key for them is Kaka as he has meant a lot for them at the start and how he has already bought into the system they are trying to run."

"(Kaka) has been fun to watch as he keeps getting some good passes from the backline and then he vision is incredible. He can dribble the ball on you, set pieces, or just fire balls from anywhere on the field, so it's going to be a full team effort to try and stop him on the field."

But Lloyd Sam knows about taking on sides that were promoted for the first time when he played back in England against sides that have reached the next level in English football. "It's difficult to face a new team because you don't know what to expect, but looking at the table, they have done alright for themselves. It's just like any away game in this league, you know it's going to be tough so it's hard to know what to expect but you got to do your best."

But the one player who is excited to head back down to his backyard so to speak is Captain Dax McCarty as he is a Winter Haven, Florida native and not far away from Downtown Orlando it's self. We've seen that special video of him during the offseason hanging out at his parents house and driving around the area, it should be a special time for him to soak up all that atmosphere as a Central Florida native.

"Not sure how many friends and family are coming over but I know all my friends are Orlando City Season ticket holders. 50 people are coming over & it definitely means a lot to me as the soccer presence was non existent since the Mutiny and the Fusion left. What Orlando City has done in MLS now and in USL Pro then it gave them plenty of success and I was blown away for the amount of fan support they have gotten. I will take a moment to take in the atmosphere and cherish what has happened here."

Being born and living inside the NYC tri-state area I have always been proud representing this area and calling it my true home, but to be honest Orlando has always been a second home to me as I have visited the city many times and as a fan of Disney movies & cartoon as well as visiting Walt Disney World many times in my young to adult life, I have made several friends and have family that lives not to far away from the theme parks.

While I am very happy and excited for the city of Orlando that has not only embraced the game, but they have also showed that they want to excel in the league and earn a trophy one day. But once again we shall see what will happen at the Citrus Bowl and see if these two sides will make a match out of it.

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