Sheldon Richardson's troubles just doubled

He apologized for getting caught smoking recreational pot as the NFL suspended Sheldon Richardson for four games which means he's not going to London for the road trip against the Dolphins. He apologized to his teammates, coaches and the fans that he will do better and not make this same mistake again. Well it's unfortunate for Richardson as he just raised the bar to another level of stupidity as reports were slowly coming in that he was arrested for drag racing and had a minor along for he ride.

Richardson was driving over 140 MPH and being chased by the local police in Missouri while having a family member and a 12 year old in the car and the worst of it is that the Jets never knew about it till the story was broken late Thursday night on July 30th. For the new Bowels/McCagnan era of the New York Jets this is currently the only negative the Jets have been facing till we get to the Mohamed Wilkerson contract situation.

Right now Todd Bowles is not happy and I don't blame him, as there was a promise from Richardson that these shenanigans will never happen again and sadly it has. What Sheldon doesn't understand is that when you become a high priced athlete and a big defensive player that is considered to be on one of the best front sevens in the NFL, you will become a liability and acting immature will get you off the team very quickly.

He promised his teammates that he takes full responsibility for his actions and it won't happen again, but sadly it happened again.and while he will miss the first four gams of the season due to marijuana, I wouldn't be surprised if the NFL will suspend him for the rest of the 2015 season and that means high profiled 2015 first round draft pick Leonard Williams should get as many reps as possible and replacing Richardson as a starter, because the truth is will the Jets keep him now or release him because it sounds like none of the other teams will touch him with a ten foot pole.

If Richardson does get cut that means whatever amount of money he is owed should go right to Wilkerson and a brand new contract as you would kill two birds with one stone. I wish it would be that simple and I'm personally disappointed at how Richardson has quickly self destructed after he was drafted two years ago. Maybe he should've gone to OTA's and avoided all these issues before training camp got underway. Sadly all these positive moves made by the Jets have all gone away as Richardson's immaturity has ruined this great offseason.

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