Red Bulls will try to Break the Toyota Park Jinx

And once again we reach a point in the Red Bulls schedule to see who their next opponent will be and whether they are at Red Bull Arena or on the road. And as a fan of this side you know that club schedule like the back of your hand going up and down the line, as you do it's either going to be a fun tie or it could be filled with dread.
That means it's time to play the Chicago Fire and that also means it's the road trip to Toyota Park where the Red Bulls have never won a game since it opened for business on June 11th 2006. But maybe this matchup could be the one where this jinx ends, maybe this time around this long winless streak could be over because for Dax McCarty this whole jinx has been a big question mark for the club. 

"Yeah we'll talk about it. I don't know what it is to be honest, Chicago is one of those teams that get's up to play us and always have. It's an important game and for some reason it's never easy for us." 

But in all seriousness this Chicago Fire team has been downright awful. There seems to be a an issue within the team and in all honesty there is never a dull moment for those who have been supporting the Fire that are upset with either the coach in Frank Yallop or the owner Andrew Hauptman as you heard on my show by Ryan Sealock that it sounds like there is a great disconnect with the fans. 

But at the moment this team that has some talented players are not playing on the same page and maybe with all the turmoil that has been going on seeing players like Jeff Larentowicz, Sean Johnson, Mike Magee and Harry Shipp not performing well or suffering through injury can also attend on what is not going well for this side. 

But whenever they take on the Fire in the Chicago/Bridgeview area, you can throw everything out the window when these two sides are going at it with each other. 

"They are strong at home, they do well at home." Said Lloyd Sam, "Everytime I go there it's a tough game, they don't make it easy on you. I know they changed a lot of players but you know that at their home it's going to be a tough game." 

When you look at the standings right now for the Red Bulls, this is a great opportunity they have right in front of them as they can plan a takeover of first place in the Eastern Conference. While the Red Bulls face the Fire in league action, DC United who is currently on top is at home in CONCACAF Champions League Action and three points are on the line that could knock the deficit by two. 

If that happens it can be a tasty Sunday evening at Red Bull Arena when DC United comes over and a possible leapfrog can take place after ninety minutes. But as of right now all concentration for the club is on this Wednesday night on the road at Toyota Park as part one needs to be done, before we can discuss part two of this plan.

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