Jets suffer first loss of the season in Bowles era 24-17 to Eagles

It came sooner rather than later. After a solid start to the season and earning two straight wins, the Jets sadly finished off September by falling to the Philadelphia Eagles by a final of 24-17 and their record going to 2-1. But while the first half wasn’t anything to write home about, they did find a way to get back in the game and tried to play catch up.

But at the end of the day missed tackles and no running game along with some mental errors caused the Jets to lose a chance to be one of a few sides that were unbeaten to start the season. It was the Darren Sproles & Ryan Matthews show as they ran rough shot all over the Jets.

While Sproles stats wise wasn’t were it should be in this type of win for the desperate Philadelphia Eagles, his 89yd punt return for a touchdown was a spectacular run that made the Jets miss taking him down, but for Ryan Matthews he was unstoppable carrying the ball 25 times for 108yds.

In the throwing department the Eagles were able to get some fantastic plays down by Jordan Matthews and Zach Ertz as they helped Sam Bradford look solid by making their plays. The Jets on both sides of the ball in the first half looked sluggish and unsure of themselves trying to make plays and give the Eagles credit on defense when they stopped Bilal Powell and Zac Stacy on the run game.

There were some solid throws to Brandon Marshall and out of a poor day he did receive the ball 10 times for 104 yds and a touchdown that gave the team life when he grabbed it before halftime on a 16yd throw by Fitzpatrick. But of course the big head scratcher of a play was in the 2nd quarter on the Jets 7th possession of the first half.

After starting on their own 28yd line Fitzpatrick finds Marshall on a 15yd catch and as he was getting tackled down, Marshall made a surprising and dumb move as he tried to lateral the ball to a team mate that wasn’t there. The ball thrown at an Eagles facemask and recovered by the Eagles even though the left elbow was down on the turf while the ball was still in Marshall’s right hand wasn’t enough to overturn the review.

But after all the positives that happened in the first two weeks, it all came crashing down in this loss to the Eagles and now in the last ten meetings, the New York Jets still haven’t found a way to defeat Philadelphia’s NFL side. But sooner than later you had to expect a loss coming and with a long road trip to London, England to face the Miami Dolphins at Wembley Stadium this should be a good time for the team to sit back, relax and get ready for their first AFC East Divisional Game of the season.

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