Jets Second Half routes the Redskins 34-20

So the Jets coming off the bye week after a successful start to their season along with a big victory on their longest road trip in their history beating the Dolphins in London, England. But of course after a long break it was time to get back to business and face the Washington Redskins.

But the start was not what the Jets wanted and even though there were behind by three points at halftime, the Jets came out roaring in the 2nd half and scored twenty unanswered points and took home a 34-20 victory that moves them to 4-1 on this season.

After Nick Folk kicked the tying field goal to tie the score at 13 a piece the Jets started to play their game and once Ryan Fitzpatrick got his offense going he took down the Redskins scoring 27 points with a fantastic 18yd run and diving into the end zone, then a terrible throw to Brandon Marshall who found a way to grab the ball before it hit the ground and avoided three defenders to get into the end zone, then a short throw late in the 4th quarter to Eric Decker continued the highlight reel show.

Great game on the stats list for Brandon Marshall once again as he made seven catches for 111 yards and has over 500 yds in five games. Chris Ivory once again showing why he is an up and coming running back in the NFL, as he continues to love taking the contact as he rushed 20 times for 146 total yds and a touchdown with his longest being 54yds.

But while the second half was a major change in how the game plan was given, that first half didn’t have a solid start. After a solid stop on the Redskins first possession of the game Decker lost the ball on the first play as he made a catch and got stripped. Washington would take the early lead & even though Ivory ran it in to tie the score, this was a field goal fest and then mistakes by the offense as Marshall got stripped and an interception thrown by Fitzpatrick.

Even though his stats aren’t so bad as Fitzpatrick completed 25 of his 43 attempts for 253 yds two throwing touchdowns and running one in himself and a QB rating of 113.1 some of his throws are a bit troubling as he continues to put himself into jeopardy with possible picks and thankfully it hasn’t happened except for the loss at home against the Philadelphia Eagles.

But after such a solid start to the season, the next game on the road will be their biggest test of all in the New England Patriots, as they are looking to continue to get revenge on the league for the way Tom Brady was treated by Commissioner Roger Goodell. But this will be a big moment for the Jets as they can deliver the first loss of the Patriots season and take over the top spot in the division.

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