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Red Bulls readying themselves for a possible Shield and a jinx breaking

Well here we are again Red Bulls supporters and even though it is the final game of the regular season, it has that same feeling about two years ago when the New York Red Bulls were in this same position when all the marbles came down to the final game of the regular season. 

Back in 2013 the New York Red Bulls had a four goal explosion on the Chicago Fire and won their first MLS hardware in the Supporters Shield and the entire South Ward was chanting Champions in Spanish and while the ride didn't last that long, it was the start of something that no one would've ever expect. 

Now we turn to the end of the 2015 Regular Season and this time the same opportunity is in front of the Red Bulls but it's a bit different. The opponent is the same but this time it's on the road at Toyota Park and not only is the shield on the line, but that damned record of futility that is staring right in their faces. The club needs to bite the bagel on the win column for the very first time and it's been an issue. 

"We have to approach it with the right mentality obviously, I just think we have to approach it as a playoff game." Said Dax McCarty, "Maybe we need to make this into a play in game so the winner can move on to the next round. We don't want to leave our fate to another team when it's in our hands. Supporters Shield is in our sights. We can't worry about the past, or the history at Toyota Park that the club hasn't won there. We need to get in there and play strong."

It's already been discussed a few months ago that the Red Bulls have never won a single road game at Toyota Park and as we all know that if this Shield party is going to get kicked off correctly, the full three points is up for grabs and that will be the only they can kill two birds with one stone. But don't be fooled with this Chicago Fire side as they still have dangerous players that can put the ball into the back of the net. 

But while this season was a big mystery from start till the middle of the season when everything started to click there was always a belief from Jesse Marsch that went straight to the players and now that they are in this position he believed in the success, but tried to not make it a bigger deal till those goals became reality.

"I think it's fairly evident that where we are in this season that it's the case." Said Marsch, "We've never shied away from it, but there's not much need to discuss it till they become reality. So the shield is now a reality and once we get by that the Cup is the next goal. I never stopped saying supporters shield, but we had to maintain our focus." 

And of course this club is heading back to the CONCACAF Champions League for the 2016-17 edition and are already placed in Pot 3 with the other MLS & Liga MX sides when the draw will be done next May or June. But as of right now the club is focused on fighting the Chicago Fire on the road at Toyota Park and will play at the same time when FC Dallas hosts the San Jose Earthquakes and we shall see who will be the ones that will celebrate a regular season championship.
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