Reviewing the First Quarter of the Jets 2015 Season

So as the New York Jets are about to restart their season after the bye week has come and gone there has been some interesting moments in the first quarter of the 2015 season as well as the Todd Bowles/Mike MacCagnan era that has started off very well.

The 3-1 start has been a bright spot so far with the defense playing strong and that front seven looking very scary against opponents when they have the ball. The return of the cornerback tandem of Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie has shown to be a lethal force as these two are tracking back to cover the top wide receivers of all their opponents and at the same time either swatting down balls or picking them off.

The front seven was without Sheldon Richardson for the first quarter of the season as he was serving his four game suspension due to substance abuse. But it didn’t stop them from forcing the quarterbacks to make bad throws or causing plenty of turnovers.

The defense have forced or created 13 turnovers in four games that is a lot higher than the last season or two with Rex Ryan at the helm. Plus Todd Bowles defense is disguising their blitzes very well and they are finally getting to the quarterback. Leonard Williams is just as advertised rushing at the quarterbacks and while he hasn’t had a full sack yet, he is showing why he was a steal in this past draft.

While it is true that Ryan Fitzpatrick is just good enough to get thru a game as the starter right now after Geno Smith got his jaw broken by I.K. Emekapali, the truth is that he has made this offense better with his years as a starter with a lot of teams. He has a beast of a running back in Chris Ivory who has torched the Miami Dolphins for over 100 yards and ran into the end zone three times for a total of 314 yards.

The passing game has improved tremendously when Brandon Marshall was traded over and you can see why he is a feared receiver as he continues to use his size and height to catch the ball, protect the ball and has already become a hero to Jets fans when he ripped away an interception to keep possession against the Browns. And when he is trying to get free there is always a flag being thrown towards him and getting 1st downs thru penalties as no one can cover him.

Racking up 400 yards with three touchdowns Marshall and Eric Decker have become a solid one-two punch as both men complement each other and in this offense by Chan Gailey Decker has received three touchdowns for a total of 180 yards. We are seeing a quarterback like Fitzpatrick with weapons he hasn’t had for a good long time as these veterans are doing a great job confusing the defense and eating up yards like there is no tomorrow.

But while Fitzpatrick has shown plenty of good, he still reminds you of why he is still a bit bad and once again, it’s throwing interceptions that shouldn’t happen and continues to overthrow his targets that are either out of play or nearly being intercepted. Ryan Fitzpatrick is not the long term solution right now, but at the moment he is a good solution for this Jets team to compete with the New England Patriots for the top spot in the AFC East.

As of right now the next opponent is the Washington Redskins this coming Sunday and this may look easy to most, the truth is that you don’t want the team to down play an opponent that is hungry and looking to change the fortunes of the Jets who have come out of the gates red hot and in two weeks will be on the road at the New England Patriots.

At the moment Todd Bowles is starting to shine and let’s hope a losing streak won’t make him dull, but if he can continue to draw out the right game plan and execute them with perfection, then let Gladys Knight continue to sing on his CD player all the way to a possible divisional title.

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