Jets Route pitiful Dolphins and reamin in the hunt for the Wild Card

After losing their last four in five games the New York Jets finally stepped up to the plate and found their way to defeat the Miami Dolphins for the first time in three home games and sweep the series by a final of 38-20. After a big tirade by rookie head coach Todd Bowles at the Texans, this team needed to step up and have a better game against their most bitter rivals and a season that is forgettable in Dolphins history. 

Ryan Fitzpatrick had a fantastic game by throwing for four touchdowns, two towards Brandon Marshall, Eric Decker and to Devin Smith for his first NFL Touchdown in his career at the end of the first half. Fitzpatrick accumulated 277 yards by completing 22 out of 37 attempts and was sacked once. 
Brandon Marshall accumulated a big 131 yards receiving with nine catch as he was allowed to use his height and jumping ability to make some big grabs with the opening touchdown in the 1st quarter as he continued to beat Brent Grimes all game. A 17yard leaping grab inside the end zone that looked routine and a 3yd grab towards the 4th quarter that continued the route. 

How about that play where Marshall burns Grimes for a 45 yard catch and run down the far sideline and made a fantastic spin move to avoid the initial tackle. While Marshall has had his own drop issues, he made up for it with some great plays and two scores. That also included a quick 2yd catch inside the end zone in the 4th quarter.

Chris Ivory had a fantastic start to the season and it looked like he could be on the verge of a 1,000 yard rushing season, but somewhere along the way he wasn't hitting the holes the offensive line was giving him or injuries slowed him up, but as always when he has the ball in his hands he loves to grab extra yards after contact. 

When the Jets played the Dolphins in London, England it was a running frenzy for Ivory who ran it over 166 yards with the opening touchdown. The yardage in this game wasn't like it was at Wembley, but Ivory made a fantastic 31 yard run for a touchdown where he broke three tackles and left six defenders in his dust. 21 rushes for 87 yards and he continues to burn the Dolphins with his fantastic runs.

When Devin Smith was drafted from Ohio State he was one of the pieces to Chan Gailey's puzzle to make this offense dynamic and it looked to be that way during training camp, but sadly a few broken ribs and a punctured lung held him back and he was playing catch up as well. While he did drop two big passes last week against the Texans, he made a big contribution with a big 17 yard catch in the end zone and everyone was celebrating the rookie's first NFL Touchdown. 

The Dolphins were absolutely pitiful in this game as they had no 3rd down conversions in six tries in the first half & overall were four for fifteen the entire game. Ryan Tannehill was terrible all game long as he completed 33 passes out of 58 attempts and while he did throw three touchdowns, it was after the fact as the Jets destroyed this team from start to finish. 

The Dolphins who were playing hurt continued to lose players left and right. Mike Pouncey left the game with a possible right broken foot and injured legs and arms from at least another three to four players that makes this season for Miami even tougher to get through.

But for the Jets they go back above .500 and now have a big game coming against the NY Football Giants as they will be the road team at Met Life Stadium.

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