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On Line gambling put to a screaching halt by NY D.A.

When you think about sports betting of any kind we always look at Las Vegas for full blown betting and sports books while Atlantic City only handles the horseracing end of things. But when the technology continues to get better and better as well as the internet to go and place bets then the evolution was Draft Kings and Fan Duel was born and the industry was exploding.

Certain amounts was placed to make a best bet for fantasy sports making a certain person good enough to earn a big pay day and it looked like the future would be big and bright. The NFL Network has their fantasy football show while a Fantasy Sports channel is on your cable boxes or satellite dishes to give you experts picks as well.

The other professional leagues are still being cautious to add their logos with this new form of betting while Major League Soccer dove in feet first to join these companies to help create these new types of games and some have said they rushed in to quickly. But while there has been some grumblings from Vegas that this is not fair, the District Attorney of the state of New York decided to take a look into this argument and on Tuesday, November 10th Mr. Eric Schneiderman has ruled both Fan Duel & Draft Kings are illegal and forced to shut down.

They have been offered a cease-and-desist notices which is a huge blow to these new companies trying to create a new form of as they said are “Games of skill” and they are going by the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 which both companies have said that their businesses are legal and fair.

But Mr. Schneiderman has said “the customers are clearly placing bets on events outside of their control of influence, specifically on the real game performance of professional athletes.” So as of right now both companies have been told they can still work in the state of New York, but can’t be allowed to take bets from residences of New York State.

But what we have seen so far is that there are still people who will gamble or find ways to get out of NY State that will place bets in a different state or the surrounding NYC tri-state area. But what will happen if other states that will follow New York’s lead and stop these companies that create this new form of chance as well? If that could be the case, then it’s up to Atlantic City, as well as some of these other smaller casinos in Connecticut, Pennsylvania, upstate & Western NY to start leading the charge.

A good friend of mine named Andrew Smith is an avid gambler in fantasy sports as well as horse racing as he continues to get into pools and other fun stuff to wager on. He has longed for Atlantic City to start opening up sports books and be the Vegas of the east. The amount of people would absolutely flock to their casinos along the boardwalk and inside the Marina, to place their bets and still have these same better head over to the slot machines and the tables if it’s done the right way.

But until that happens Fan Duel & Draft Kings are going to have a major fight on their hands as they will challenge the ruling from NY D.A. Schniederman and maybe bring this case to court or try to find a way to settle it out of court if it’s possible. But the overall discussion in all this is that people are afraid of new things that can be dangerous, or the danger is not real and others are making a big fuss about it.

While I have dabbled into fantasy sports and being a part of a fantasy hockey league, March Madness pools, Super Bowl squares & a suicide football season pool (Which I nearly won, but lost on the last three weeks of the season) I can say for myself and myself only that I would never try these types of betting games like Draft Kings & Fan Duel, because it’s out of my comfort zone.

That doesn’t mean you can try it, but it means that you should know what you are doing and at the same time I think the states as well as the National Government who may or may not be involved in this argument should not get involved and allow the adults to spend their money on how they see fit.
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