Jets Win on Patriots Coin Flip Decision before OT

It was the biggest Christmas gift that Bill Belichick and the New England Patriots could give the New York Jets. After tying the game at twenty a piece in regulation, it was on to the coin flip in overtime and after winning the toss Matthew Slatter informed the referee that the Patriots will kick off to the Jets.
From the orders of head coach Belichick, Slatter was told to kick the ball to the Jets to start the overtime period and later had a confused look on his face and it was too late to change the call. After a 2yd run by Ivory to start the overtime, Ryan Fitzpatrick finds Quincey Enunwa on the far side with a catch & run for 48 yards, then after another Ivory 4yd run Fitzpatrick finds Brandon Marshall for 20 Yards and a first & goal on the Patriots 6yd line.
And the dagger to end the game as Fitzpatrick throws a 6yd fade to the near side and inside the end zone to Eric Decker who made the catch and over 82,000 Jets fans exploded into a happy frenzy and one step closer to clinching a playoff spot as the Baltimore Ravens did the job to throw a loss at the Pittsburgh Steelers and at the moment these two sides have flip flopped their positions.
It was another magical game for the Jets as Brandon Marshall & Eric Decker made NFL history as both players converted a touchdown catch in the same game for the 8th time & for Marshall he was able to make plays caught the ball eight times for 115 yards and two touchdowns. A quick 2yd screen pass and breaking the plain of the goal line for a 10-3 lead before the 1st half ended and then in the 3rd Quarter a big 33yd throw just inside the end zone while in coverage that brought all Jets fans to their feet.
While Chris Ivory looks like he has run out of gas, Bilal Powell is revving up his motor and made some spectacular runs to attack a weakened Patriots defense. Running it seven times for 56 yards and several catches and runs five times for 34 yards, running rough shot all over the place.
Ryan Fitzpatrick was fantastic once again as he found Enunwa, Decker & Enunwa several times in the open field and while he had a slow start and overthrowing passes early he tied Vinny Testeverde for most Touchdown throws with three today and twenty nine for the season with one game left. He completed 26 out of 41 passes for 296 yards and of course the strip sack fumble that was returned for a touchdown.
While the Jets were able to prevent Tom Brady for most of the game from doing any damage once again it would be a moment while down by a score to get back out there and tie the game, which did happen with a big 9yd catch in the middle of the field and was wide open for the score. While the Jets stopped the Patriots on 3rd down and they converted once in ten tries, the 4th down conversions were perfect at three for three.
But at the end of the day the Jets while lucky by a flip of a coin and a poor decision from Belichick, they took the bull by the horns and took control for most of the game and found a way to win and continue their march to a playoff spot. Celebrate now and then get ready for the Buffalo Bills in Western, NY.

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