Odell Beckham Jr. derseves Suspension

As the days continue to pass after the Week 15 matchup for the New York Football Giants losing by a field goal to the undefeated Carolina Panthers, it sounds like Odell Beckham Jr. has been the target by all the Giants opponents and it looked like this game was the last straw for him taking all these verbal and physical cheap shots.

His manhood was attacked and the way he plays the game has been questioned along with his new celebrity coming so suddenly since that fantastic one handed catch last season against the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday Night Football. But the truth is that Beckham should’ve known he was going to become a target in his second season of performing in the NFL.

The final straw that broke the Camel’s back was video evidence of the Panthers bringing a baseball bat to warm ups and one of the players or a member of the coaching staff shouting at Beckham and pointing it in his direction. Video evidence has shown ODB getting unhinged at the situation towards him and ripped off his helmet to shout obscenities back at the Panthers.

The rest is history as Beckham and Josh Norman were physically and mentally grabbing, jawing and wrestling with each other on nearly every single play and it all came ahead when Beckham who went past Norman, circled back and decided to become Ram Man (Masters of the Universe Character) and intentional launched himself with a flying head butt into the helmet of Norman and could’ve caused a concussion.

Thankfully the impact wasn’t that sever and Norman was able to walk off on his own power. This was the singular moment for the NFL Officiating Crew to not just throw flags, but use the power that was given to them by head of officials and the head of the rule book from Dean Blandino to eject Beckham Jr. and send him back to the showers early. That never happened and now after all the evidence was sent to the leagues office in Manhattan Odell Beckham Jr. is suspended for the Sunday night game at the Minnesota Vikings.

After it’s all said and done the truth is that Beckham went too far and he is showing that his skin is not so thick, because he can’t handle the insults and the cheap shots he is getting from his opponents. I’m not saying what’s going on is right and he should let it go, but he is showing at the moment he is not mature enough in the NFL to handle all of this negativity towards him and his opponents know that they can get to him mentally with ease.

It’s also showing that Tom Coughlin and the Giants are not doing the job to reign him in and trying to regain his composure after a hard nose battle on the field, or when he is getting insulted intentionally. Someone needs to tell Beckham that he isn’t in the college game anymore & he is not facing kids in the SEC, these are grown men which he is becoming and needs to learn to be a professional at all times. I understand it’s hard for him to hear all of these nasty and terrible insults that are being flown all over the field, but he needs to understand that he is now considered a target by the defense as they will try and stop him from being one of the best wide receivers in the game.

Because he has the talent and the makeup to be one of those great players that could have a hall of fame career and right now he is proving that he is still immature and he could’ve ended Josh Norman’s career with his human cannonball trick. It’s really a shame that the Panthers who brought a baseball bat and intentionally pointed at Beckham went so low in the insults war, but at the same time it’s a bigger shame that Beckham allowed himself to lower his level and take the bait.

We all know how special he is and what he is going to do for the future of the Giants, but once again he needs to lower his anger and he needs help from either himself, his teammates, coaches and others from within the organization to calm him down or else the next time he faces another top corner and it goes badly like the last time, it could be a lot worse and so could the punishment.

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