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2016 Jets Season Week 2 Review Show

Join Daniel Feuerstein and Rick Laughland as they review the Week 2 victory as the New York Jets defeat their AFC East Division Opponents in the Buffalo Bills on Thursday Night Football

2016 Jets Season Week 2 Preview Podcast At Buffalo

Join Daniel Feuerstein and Rick Laughland as they Preview the big Thursday night match up as the New York Jets head to Western New York to face the Buffalo Bills. Joining us to Preview this match up is Earl Reed from Rich Stadium Dreams.

2016 Jets Season Podcast Week 1 Review

Join Daniel Feuerstein as he alone will discuss the Week 1 Loss by the New York Jets as they fall to the Cincinnati Bengals by a point 23-22.

2016 Jets Week 1 Podcast Preview Show

Join Daniel Feuerstein & Rick Laughland as they Preview the first week of 2016 New York Jets Season with Rebecca Tobak of Cincy Jungle from SB Nation.

Giants vs. Cowboys: 3 Matchups To Watch

Heading into the first game of the 2016 regular season, the New York Giants look to overcome the Dallas Cowboys in Dallas. History is against the Giants, as they have never won a season opening game against the Cowboys.  If the Giants can take advantage of these three matchups, they should have an easy time getting their first season opening win against the Cowboys ever.

            At the line of scrimmage, the Giants defensive line will need to find a way to out-play the Cowboys league-best offensive line. Olivier Vernon and Jason Pierre-Paul will have matchups against Tyron Smith and Doug Free, two of the best offensive tackles in the NFL. Vernon and Pierre-Paul as a duo will have the advantage in nearly every NFL game this season, but against Smith and Free, they will have to be creative to get to the Cowboys quarterback, Dak Prescott. On the inside of the defensive line, Damon “Snacks” Harrison and Jonathan Hankins will have to go against a mixture of Zack Martin, La’el Collins, and Travis Frederick. Martin, Collins, and Frederick make for one of, if not the best interior of an offensive line in the NFL. Harrison and Hankins will have a very tough time stopping the Cowboys running back, Ezekiel Elliott. The Giants will need to be creative in order to outsmart the Cowboys offensive line. If they want a chance at beating the Cowboys, they will need to find a way to get to the quarterback. Giving Prescott too much time in the pocket will hurt the Giants, as it will require the secondary to cover the receivers for a longer period of time. It is key for the Giants to outplay the Cowboys offensive line on Sunday.

            Looking to the backend of the defense, the Giants’ linebackers and secondary will need to cover the Cowboys’ receivers and tight ends far better than they did last season. Dez Bryant is healthy, and that means he is likely back to his top 7 wide receiver form. Bryant is far bigger than any of the Giants’ cornerbacks, so it is extremely important for Janoris Jenkins and Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie to stay with Bryant and knock away some passes. Jason Witten, the man who caught the game-winning touchdown in last year’s Giants vs. Cowboys matchup, has looked good this preseason. Team captain Jonathan Casillas and the rest of the Giants’ linebackers will need to maintain Witten in the middle of the field and limit his receptions. If the Giants can limit the Cowboys recievers and tight ends, it will take a ton of pressure off of the defensive line and will make it impossible for the Cowboys to put many points on the board.

            Odell Beckham Jr vs. Brandon Carr is the final matchup that the Giants need to win in order to acquire a win this week. Carr is most famously known for being on the bad end of Beckham’s famous bending, one-handed touchdown grab two seasons ago. However, Carr was able to limit Beckham to less than 100 yards last year. Beckham will need to play far better than he did against Carr last year if he wants to give the Giants any chance at putting points on the board. While Giants’ receivers Victor Cruz and Sterling Shepard will have their own opportunities, Beckham is without a doubt the Giants best receiving option. He will need to beat Carr throughout Sunday’s game to get the Giants a win.

            These three matchups are the key matchups to watch this week as they all can go either way. If the Giants can win at least two of these three matchups, they are in good position to get a win in a moderate rated matchup against a very talented Cowboys’ offense, but an extremely mediocre Cowboys defense.

Marty Lyons Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic

The 31st Annual Marty Lyons Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic will be held on Monday, July 11, 2016 at Old Westbury Country Club.

Joe Namath March of Dimes Celebrity Golf Classic at Bethpage State Park on September 21-22 in addition to the MLF Celebrity Golf Classic.

The Committee is asking for people to donate an item for the raffle or silent auction or even have interest in a foursome, or simply make a tax-deductible financial donation.

Namath's event raises money for March of Dimes and helping babies. Marty Lyons' event grants wishes to critically ill children and please note that $0.92 of every $1.00 by the MLF goes directly to granting wishes.

Upcoming Charity Events:
7-11-16 31st Marty Lyons Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic, Old Westbury CC
9-20-16 4th Annual Victor Green Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic, Glen Head CC
9-22-16 12th Annual Joe Namath March for Babies Celebrity Golf Classic, Bethpage State Park (Bethpage Black)

Cleveland Rocks!

Cleveland's 52-year championship drought finally ended on Sunday night as the Cavaliers became the first team in NBA finals history to come back from a 3-1 deficit to win a series by virtue of their 93-89 victory in Game 7.

Lebron James fell to the hardwood at Oracle Arena in disbelief as the final buzzer sounded and cried tears of joy as the reality sank in that the burden was finally lifted.

Cavs head coach Tyronn Lue sat at the bench with his head in his hands, clearly overcome with emotions. Even J.R. Smith let it all pour out as he celebrated the title in Oakland.

The 73-win Warriors entered the series as heavy favorites and had three chances to secure their second straight Larry O'Brien Trophy, but they let it slip out of their grasp.

The reigning two-time MVP Stephen Curry stole the show during the regular season as Golden State had a record-setting 2015-16 campaign, but the team from the Bay Area was dealt its ninth loss of the playoffs which matched its regular season total.

Lebron carried the city of Cleveland on his back and finally lifted the curse that haunted its fans for more than five decades. When Lebron made "The Decision" and left Cleveland for Miami back in 2010, he was demonized.

Upon announcing his return to the franchise in 2014, the King wrote a heartfelt letter to his fans to tell them he was coming home and vowed to deliver the city a championship.

As bleak as things looked at times, Lebron delivered on his promise.

Cleveland can finally celebrate its first Pro title since 1964 and call itself the City of Champions.

Top 5 Sega Genesis Games of ALL-TIME

5. Pete Sampras Tennis

Whether it was the pretentious "Quiet Please" from the PA announcer or the life-like grunts from each player, this Genesis classic was loads of fun and had 4 player action to boot.

4. Super Baseball 2020

It's scary to think that the year 2020 is just around the corner, but this futuristic baseball game features robots and mutants that could hit and pitch with the best of them.

3. Sonic and Knuckles

What could be better than playing as Sonic's arch-nemesis and playing classic levels and new worlds with a bevy of characters to choose from.

2. Sonic the Hedgehog

Move aside Mario there's a new sheriff in town. This speedy little rascal became the face of the Genesis console and his debut was a masterpiece.

1. Sonic 3

The most polished and refined of the Sonic series, Sonic 3's adventure was the best of the bunch and is widely considered a top 5 game of all-time

#SCBDReview: Kitch Organic in Red Bank


If you are someone looking different, organic and a bit healthier than your usual you better get your booty to Kitch Organic. It’s not far from where I slay in good ole Red Bank and they are always serving up fresh food including herbs, etc that are from the garden in the back. Kitch Organic aka KO is located on 75 Leighton Avenue tucked away behind Shrewsbury Ave and away from the craziness of Broad Street.

It’s small but if you can grab a seat inside or outside it is perfect for a little lunch date or early breakfast its totally worth it! When we went I got the Strawberry Basil Lemonade [$5] and the Chicken Bahija [$15] (pictured above). The portions were great and you get what you pay for.

Next time I come in I’d love to try to the breakfast! It ranges from $8-14 but seems really worth it!

It’s definitely top on my dining destination lists!

TOP 5 N64 Games of ALL-TIME

5. MADDEN 64

While the gameplay wasn't exactly legendary, the 3D player models, albeit blocky, were revolutionary and made an impressive debut for the Madden franchise into a 3D world.


Not quite as good as its predecessor, Mario Kart 64 had incredible 4-player split screen action that created endless hours of entertainment and fun.


The most realistic first person shooter of its time, Golden Eye become an iconic game in Nintendo's history and still has a widespread following to the present day.

2. MARIO 64

From 2D side-scroller, to bouncing around Bowser's massive 3D castle, everyone's favorite Italian plummer was a smash hit on the N64 in this instant classic.


One of the most underrated platformers in gaming history, Banjo Kazooie had all the goofy laughs, fun storyline, memorable characters and immersive environment to make it a top pick for the N64 console.

#SCBDReview: NickJonas Album


So on Friday, Nick Jonas dropped his long-awaited, third solo album appropriately called, ‘Last Year Was Complicated.’ When I heard that was the album title, it automatically made me want to buy it more because I knew I could relate since Nick is on the single train too! I loved Nick’s last cd, Nick Jonas x2 so I was bit apprehensive if he’d have hits that would be better than ‘Jealous’ and ‘Chains’. But he proved me wrong, when he started teasing us fans with, “Close”, and “Champagne Problems”, I knew we were in for a treat.

The album starts with an upbeat song called, “Voodoo”, which is basically about how he can’t help but come back to his girl because her ‘Voodoo’ keeps him under her spell. Turn it up its great to start pregaming or even a dance party. The next song, which is ideal for any pregame is called, ‘”Champagne Problems” which he used to promote the album as one of his teaser songs, at least that’s what I like to call it. It’s extremely catchy, and I’m pretty sure I know all the words already. After that, it goes into, the deep and Nick’s debut single, “Close”, from ‘LWYC’ featuring Tove-Lo. With lyrics, like “Cause space is just a word made up for someone whose afraid to close.” How can you not like it? It also has a very chillax tempo! The next song, “Chainsaw” is a ballad about a breakup.

I love the album as a whole but I already have two favorites I’m constantly blasting which I foresee being big hits. The first one, number five, “Touch”. It’s so catchy, with lyrics like “I go from touchin’ you with both hands, to touchin’ you with no hands
T-t-touchin’ you, That’s my favorite way of touchin’ you.”
I can’t stop singing it in my car and the beat is great.

The next song I love is, “Good Girls” which features Big Sean. I feel like it’s a song that any millennial woman can relate to. I know I can. Here are some of the lyrics from the chorus,
“When did all these good girls decide to be bad?
Dancin’ up on the table, gettin’ back at your dad
Who’s the asshole that told you
That’s what you had to do? Yeah
When did all these good girls decide to be bad?
You know I love your skin, but is it deeper than that?
Don’t wanna blame you for it, cause that’s what we ask of you
Yeah, but when did all these good girls”

Big Sean kills it in his part to which I think most of the fellas can relate to,
“I used to be too bad for the good girls
Now I’m too good for the bad girls, no middle ground
Funny how big cities turn to little towns
When you tend to get around, I think we should sit it down
Girl you way too good to be in here
I see what they don’t see and see it clear
I think we should prolly take a little time out
You know, slow it down, clear your mind out
Figure out what you’re into
You don’t strike me as a club girl, you seem more residential
To keep it real, I just want a bad girl tonight
And a good girl for life, all I seen was potential”

As I mentioned earlier, I love the whole album. I took a trip to Long Beach, NY and it lasted me the whole trip. I got my cd (yes I didn’t download it) at Target because it came with bonus tracks. I highly recommend you give it a listen! I’m constantly bumping it on Spotify too!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my first of many music reviews! I’ll try to post one once a month.

XO Sara

NJ Native wins Madden 2016 Championship

Frank "Stiff" Sardoni Jr. won the Madden 2016 Championship at EA's tournament in Los Angeles, CA.

Sardoni Jr. used the Chicago Bears, his childhood team, to knock two-time Madden Challenge Champion Eric "Problem" Wright's San Francisco 49ers in the final.

EA Sports announced the 2017 Madden Championship series, which will include a $1 million prize pool given out over the course of the tournament.

Jets Off-season Podcast: Fitzpatrick Conundrum

Join Daniel Feuerstein & Rick Laughland as they discuss another New York Jets Off-Season Podcast and talk about the Ryan Fitzpatrick situation that has gone way too long and one side needs to make a decision to either accept a deal or end the chase altogether.

#SCBDFitness: 10 Minute Barre Ab Workout


Hey all! I told you I’d be back in full force, slowly but surely. I’ve been going through a rough patch lately and have had the urge to workout more than ever, which includes going to a class once a week at Pure Barre Red Bank (maybe it’ll increase in time too). I love the barre workout because toning and abs are a big focus. Since I’m not a big runner I decided to look up a workout I could daily on Youtube that would help me build my six pack. I came across this— PopSugar Fitness 10 Minute Barre Ab workout and it kicks my ass enough and gives me a nice little workout when I wake up in the morning. It also keeps me going during the week before and after my 6 AM class on Tuesday’s!

I love it and if you follow me on snapchat I am constantly snapping my progress lately!!! I promise I’ll be taking more pictures before and after class and updates on snapchat!

Stay tuned for my posts on my barre experience at Pure Barre Red Bank and the great deals they have starting this month so you can join me!

XO Sara

Jets Offseason Podcast: Bye Brick, Hello Clady

Join Daniel Feuerstein and Rick Laughland as they discuss on the podcast the retirement of D'Brickashaw Ferguson and the trade to bring over Ryan Clady from the Denver Broncos fills a hole quickly.

Jets Podcast Free Agency Review Show

Join Daniel Feuerstein & Rick Laughland as they review the 2016 New York Jets Free Agency pick ups and losses as they go from the signing of Matt Forte to the losses of Chris Ivory and Damon Harrison

Phantom Goal allowed by NHL War Room

If you are a New York Rangers fan you have to think to yourself that not only are you facing a very tough Washington Capitals side that is in first place of the Metropolitan Division, but at the same time you feel like there is another opponent lurking against the Rangers and it is the National Hockey League.

Because when the Rangers began the second period of their hockey game at the Verizon Center there was a play at the net as Antti Raanta tried to stop a potential goal scoring play and got help from Defenseman Kevin Klein to clear the puck off the goal line and the referee’s blew their whistle to end the play.

Of course the protocol to make sure if there is a goal or not is to go to the replay booth or as we all know, the war room in the NHL office in Toronto to make sure it’s a good goal. After MSG Network and on Comcast Sportsnet Mid-Atlantic showed all angles that was afforded to their viewers that never showed the entire puck cross the goal line, simple logic is that the Washington Capitals wouldn’t get credit for a goal.

But sadly that thought process is wrong as the referee’s were informed by the war room in Toronto is that there was enough evidence to give a goal. The Rangers were incensed of this decision and Alain Vigneault challenged the ruling. Sadly the challenge was lost and the Rangers were playing on their heels for the rest of the second period.

T.J. Oshie tied the score at two in the second period, but when the beginning of the third began Derek Stepan converted the game winner and the Rangers held on to win the game. But the negative feeling still hovers as the NHL has allowed a phantom goal to count after a review that showed all angles that the “ENTIRE” Puck never crossed the line. But the cameras caught something on the inside of the posts and it looked to be a camera inside the posts.

It looks as though the NHL is trying a new way to help call goals from a camera view inside the post to see if the entire puck has crossed the line. But there is just one slight problem and that is there was no replay angle from inside the posts allowed to be shown on the respective networks that were broadcasting the game. The NHL in secrecy is not showing this new angle to try to get calls correctly when it comes to goals barely being scored over the goal line.

Why are they not showing their fans on a regional sports network for both the home side and the road side a simple replay to prove there is a goal? Are they testing this new angle and keeping things under wraps? All angles afforded to the fans were showing in full the entire puck did not cross the goal line and the inside the net camera if there was one also never showed the entire puck cross the goal line.

In Tennis and slowly but surely in Soccer they are using the Hawkeye technology to make sure that if a Tennis Ball is struck towards the lines to make sure the play is either in or out except for clay court tournaments like the French Open as the ball leaves an impression if it’s in, on the line, or out of play.

In the 2014 World Cup they put a chip inside the soccer ball and to make sure the “ENTIRE” ball has crossed the goal line and it’s a legal goal. The NHL has been notorious for adjusting the rules during the regular season as well as the playoffs when they feel something is not right and need to amend a rule in the book during the current season when these issues should be taken care of during the off-season.

Kevin Klein and the Rangers were angry and upset that a goal was allowed when all angles of these replay cameras showed the entire puck never crossed the goal line and while the Rangers did win the game the truth is that all 30 teams should be on warning right now. You never know when this flawed system is going to be used in their game and if it is that close to call, the replay room will award a phantom goal because they think they can. 

Once again these types of shenanigans are being used on the Rangers and one day it could happen to your favorite team, but here is the link to the actual highlight and you make the call if the entire puck did cross the line. Because as of right now the National Hockey League once again under Gary Bettman’s rule has made another grave mistake.

Looking at the Jets Roster Moves

And now the real issues begins for the New York Jets as they need to find ways to keep the majority of their roster and make those tough decisions to possibly let go a player or two if they feel they need to move forward.

Now Mike MacCagnan has the difficult job of making shrewd moves and tough decisions to try and keep or send players away, while the NFL Combine for those coming into the NFL for the Draft in a few months have already showcased their talents in Indianapolis.

But the first news that came out in this offseason was the release of Corner back Antonio Cromartie who came back from a season in Arizona and had a solid 2015. Making several big plays to intercept opposing offenses and knocking the ball away, the Jets knew they needed some cap room and decided to say goodbye to Cro.

Seeing Marcus Williams have a big season for the Jets with six interceptions with nineteen solo tackles probably showed both Bowles and MacCagnan that he is ready to make a big step in his Jets Career. So we shall see what this situation can do for the Jets as the Secondary remains to look solid.

Of course the big worry is Muhammad Wilkerson walking away and trying free agency. We all know what happened in the last game of the regular season as Wilkerson had his leg broken at the Bills, but still when he gets back to full health Wilkerson will be a monster once again. WFAN reported a story from the Associated Press that the Jets will use the Franchise Tag which will pay him $15.701 Million for the 2016 season. But there is plenty of time for the Jets to try to get a deal done by July 15th and sign Wilkerson to a multiyear deal, or else the tag is coming in.

The NFL Offseason always shows plenty of intrigue depending on what happens to certain teams that are trying to improve, remain as is or finding someone new if a certain player is coming or going. But after such a magical year that ended in heartbreak in Buffalo, the Jets are trying to keep this magic alive and well to begin the 2016 season.

Old Time Hockey,Rangers take care of Simmonds

That’s what was needed on Valentine’s Day at Madison Square Garden. Two big rivals in the Metropolitan Division as the Rangers and the Flyers were going at it from start to finish. You already know this is a big game when a big two points are on the line on Garden Ice.

But the real discussion of this article is what happened during warm ups and the start of the game as some of the Rangers were looking to exact a little revenge on the Flyers as well as Wayne Simmonds for his sucker punch on Rangers Captain Ryan McDonagh.

There was already some chatter at center ice between Simmonds and Dylan McIlrath as the young defensive prospect had some words with Simmonds that he wanted to take him on and avenge the loss when McDonagh got sucker punched in Philadelphia. So thirty-seven seconds into the first period and both men dropped the gloves and got it on.

Simmonds had a very good start to the bout as he got a hard right into the face of McIlrath and stunned him, but not enough as the young Rangers prospect was able to stand his ground and was able to continue. Both exchanged punches, but at the end of the contest it was McIlrath who finished it off and cut Simmonds above his left eye.

But just before the first full minute of the first period was about to expire we saw Tanner Glass take on Ryan White and sadly White got his clock cleaned as Glass was able to deliver a strong message that no one is going to take advantage of the Rangers that evening. So after two fights inside of a single minute and the Rangers sending a clear message to the Flyers that they won’t be pushed around, Madison Square Garden was full of energy and the excitement of Old Time Hockey has made a return.

But the truth is this and once again we have to make people aware that if Stephane Quintal would’ve done his job and punished Wayne Simmonds properly for his cheap shot on Ryan McDonagh, maybe this wouldn’t have happened. But since Quintal & the NHL won’t do their jobs properly, it’s time to get rid of the instigator rule and allow fighting to come back in.

I don’t think we will ever get those big brawls back, but it’s time to allow the players to police themselves again and the NHL should stop trying to phase it out of the game. They have failed big time in these reviews or so called reviews when a proper punishment should’ve been warranted.

At the same time that also means to bring John Scott back to the NHL as he has shown to have some skill in that All-Star Game. After all while it was a bit of a farce in these write in votes for the game, it was a happy occasion after all and the NHL should be ashamed of themselves for forcing this part of the game to be erased from existence.

After all why is it we love that old Hockey Movie that starred Paul Newman called Slap shot. Because it was fun and it was the old story of a minor league hockey team trying to bring back any form of popularity back into an old steel mill town in Central Pennsylvania.

But once again the NHL has failed in the player safety department and the league has also failed trying to prevent a good man from earning his plaudits as a write in candidate for the mid-season festival. But back to a final thought on the Rangers side of things, the team did what they had to do to get revenge on Simmonds.

They said they wanted some form of revenge and got it the right way. McIlrath stood up for his fallen Captain who just started skating and is awaiting word from the Doctor if he can start contact drills in practice, if the NHL won’t punish those players who intentionally injure the players on the New York Rangers, then the Rangers are going to have to take care of business themselves.

V-Day Massacre: Rangers vs. Simmonds

As we are ready for a big Valentine’s Day game at Madison Square Garden as the Philadelphia Flyers take on the New York Rangers there are a lot of issues coming into this game that involves both sides. While Rick Nash will not be available with a big bruise in his leg and of course the most talked about cheap shot in the NHL when Wayne Simmonds threw a punch at Ryan McDonagh who wasn’t ready to fight and fell down with a concussion.

To add insult to injury NHL Department of Player Safety Stephane Quintal refused to suspend Simmonds because he felt for some strange reason it wasn’t a punishable act. There are two folds to this argument and starting off with Simmonds that goes first. This kid is a very talented player that has shown to skate strong and score as much as possible as he grew up in the LA Kings system.

When he was starting to show his offensive skills he was a future superstar and spending three seasons with Los Angeles he played in 240 games and scored 39 goals till he was traded to the Philadelphia Flyers in the 2011-12 season for Mike Richards and after the lockout continued to play strong and hard scoring over 100 goals, but as always when you get traded to Philadelphia somehow a talented player has to change his way.

Simmonds has acted like a goon since coming to the Flyers and whenever a talented player has to change his game when coming to Philly something different has to happen. And while he has done a good job sticking up for his teammates and himself, there has been at times where he has crossed the line and nearly got suspended for his actions with cheap shots and this case is no different. Getting ejected for that sucker punch on McDonagh got him mad and threw his stick at the referee’s was the only punishable thing he received from the league office as Quintal decided not to continue that direction on what happened to McDonagh.

Since former NHL Defensman Stephane Quintal took over for Brendan Shanahan in the Player Safety Department he has thrown his punishments around like there is no tomorrow except for what happens to the New York Rangers. Derek Stepan was a good five to six feet away from the boards after making a long pass or a clear out of his zone when he got blindsided on Thanksgiving Friday in Boston at the Bruins.

Shoved into the board with an injury and Stepan missed significant time with some rib fractures as well, but instead of giving a proper suspension Quintal has decided to allow the incident to pass and that did not sit well with the Rangers front office as well as the fans.

Now we go to the sucker punch by Simmonds and Quintal has also said that won’t be charged either. Since Quintal has taken over the Director of Player Safety Role it seems too many that he is intentionally targeting the New York Rangers.

Stephane Quintal who played defense in the NHL and born in Boucherville, Que`bec played in over 1,000 games in the top league and scored 63 goals as a solid Defensman and started his career with the Boston Bruins in the 1988-89 season. Played three seasons in Boston, then two with St. Louis, two in Winnipeg, seven years in Montreal but two seasons in-between with the Rangers and the Chicago Blackhawks.

But it was that 1999-2000 season with the Rangers that showed the most troubling in Quintal’s career as rumors were that he never wanted to be in New York when the Canadiens traded him there. He begged to the front office he wanted to go back to Montreal and when he disagreed with the Rangers front office then President & GM Neil Smith and head coach John Muckler suspended him for a few games.

Now it looks like Quintal who has the power taking over for Shanahan as Brendan is the President & GM of the Maple Leafs, has decided to take on some form of revenge on the Original six club because of his one season of influx wearing the Broadway Blueshirt. Someone needs to tell Quintal that both Muckler and Smith are no longer running the Rangers as the positions of President, G.M. & Head Coach are Glen Sather, Jeff Gorton & Alain Vigneault.

All these men want is a fair punishment for those two players from Boston & Philadelphia after what happened to Derek Stepan on Thanksgiving Friday and at Philadelphia on what Simmonds did to the Captain of the New York Rangers. But for some reason Quintal has decided not to give this current team any chance of feeling vindicated and since the NHL is trying to get rid of the goonery as well as trying to get rid of John Scott from the all-star game as we already know didn’t work and he won the MVP of the game, the NHL’s message is confusing and questionable on what they are trying to do to make the game better.

But sadly Stephane Quintal is stuck in the past as this hockey club has no attachment to him and he has none towards the Rangers as he works in the League. But because of that one year of angst he is acting like he won’t pull the trigger on a proper suspension that got two players injured for a significant period of time. Guess this means once again the Rangers are at the mercy of the NHL and this has to stop from Quintal’s end.

All we are asking from Quintal is to do your job and stop making a personal vendetta against the club you spent a year at who wanted you to perform at a top level and then would’ve done something right to send you back to Montreal because that was the place we all knew you wanted to go back to. Instead you acted like a brat and tarnished that shield for no reason, now you’re tarnishing the league shield and the funny thing is that no one cares anyway.

2015 Jets Season Review Show: December-January

Join Daniel Feuerstein & Rick Laughland as they finish their 2015 Jets Season Review Shows as they discuss the month of December and January as the New York Jets took on the NY Giants, Tennessee Titans, At Dallas Cowboys, New England Patriots & at the Buffalo Bills

2015 Jets season Review Show: November

Join Daniel Feuerstein & Rick Laughland as they continue to review the 2015 NY Jets Season in the month of November as the Jets faced these teams at Oakland Raiders, Vs. Jacksonville Jaguars & Buffalo Bills, At Houston Texans & Vs. Miami Dolphins

2015 Jets Season Review Shows: October

Join Daniel Feuerstein and Rick Laughland as they Review the 2015 New York Jets Season as they discuss the games in October as the Jets traveled to face the Miami Dolphins in London, England, The Washington Redskins and their rivals in the AFC East in the New England Patriots

2015 Jets Season Review Show: September

Join Daniel Feuerstein & Rick Laughland as they Review the 2015 New York Jets Season as they review the Month of September as the Jets faced the Cleveland Browns, Indianapolis Colts & the Philadelphia Eagles.

2015 Jets Season Week 17 Review

Join Daniel Feuerstein & Rick Laughland as they Review the heartbreaking loss as the New York Jets Fall to the Buffalo Bills 22-17 at Ralph Wilson Stadium and get eliminated from Playoff contention.

Jets get knocked out by Bills, miss the playoffs

This one needed to have a full night's sleep to process what we all saw at Ralph Wilson Stadium this past Sunday. Once again it was a win and your in moment for this Football team that saw a 5 game winning streak with some impressive wins in OT against the NY Giants and the coin toss gift from the Patriots as well as the Baltimore Ravens doing the Jets a favor by defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers.

But sadly all those gifts the Jets got they couldn't spend one on themselves as they loss to the Buffalo Bills by a score of 22-17 which in fact is the same score when they lost to the Bills at Met Life Stadium on Thursday Night Football. As every single road game at Buffalo is coming closer to reality during the NFL Schedule I have always said that the one terminology discussing these games up in Western New York when these two sides are playing against each other.

No matter how good or how bad the Bills are during the season and when they do play the Jets "SOMETHING SCREWY ALWAYS HAPPENS" and the start to that game proved that the Jets found a way once again to stink up the joint. Yes they found ways to get back into the game, but that's not enough when you need to take a lead and win this game to be in the post season.

The Jets broke many team records and NFL records to have a ten win season and while this was an amazing season in the start of the Todd Bowles/Mike MacCagnan era the sad reality it that it's a season with a glass half full. Solid acquisitions and trades like Brandon Marshall and bringing back Darrell Revis & Antonio Cromartie to help the secondary to get stronger

While the Jets had a better second half there were issues stopping the Bills and the Jets continued to shoot themselves in the foot by allowing Sammy Watkins to grab so many catches and get first downs that you couldn't believe the cushion he got from such a prolific corner in Revis that he never got into the face of Watkins, or if he did a flag was thrown for just barely touching him.

We all knew that Bilal Powell wasn't active as he suffered an ankle injury but how is it that Steven Ridley became the featured back out of the blue and Chris Ivory was demoted as the second runner after blowing by the front seven of the Bills for a 58yd run and wasn't seen ever again. Ryan Fitzpatrick who had a fantastic season sadly showed his old self when he threw three interceptions towards the back end of the 4th quarter and sadly that big moment for the Jets came when Kembrill Thompkins almost became a legend in Jets lore.

What a moment it could've been after making a big catch with only one defender to beat and down the far sideline to take it to the house and score a big touchdown, but sadly he took a shoulder from the last defender and lost the ball that was called incomplete and the last gasp was gone. But at the end of the day, the Cleveland Browns were never going to defeat the Steelers and the Jets sadly found another way to lose a big game that would've punched their ticket to the post season for the first time since 2010.

But while this is a huge disappointment for the Jets 2015 regular season there is some comfort to know that Todd Bowles had some success in his first season as an NFL Head Coach, but he's going to have to fix somethings to get ready for the 2016 season. He needs ti improve his clock management skills and he can't put his faith into certain players that are not at their prime anymore. The Ridley situation was a major mistake as Chris Ivory is your big horse to run the ball all the time with Powell deactivated due to injury. To earn 10 wins in your first NFL Head Coaching job was a good moment, but sadly the end of the season fell apart at the wrong time.

But while Todd Bowles job is over with unfortunately right now and getting ready for next season, it's now Mike MacCagnan's job to try and keep most of this roster and continue to make the Jets better and challenge the Patriots for that AFC East Division Title again.

2015 Jets Season Week 17 Preview Show: At Bills

Join Daniel Feuerstein as he previews the Week 17 match up as the New York Jets travel to Western New York to take on the Buffalo Bills in the final game of the 2015 NFL Regular Season and if the Jets win, they are in the playoffs.

Jets gear up for season finale vs. Bills

As we get ready for the biggest game in the Todd Bowles/Mike MacCagnan era of the New York Jets, we have some time to discuss again what happened between the New England Patriots coin toss discussions after the coin landed and previewing the final game of the regular season in Western New York at the Buffalo Bills.

As all of Boston and the state of Massachusetts continue to gripe and call foul on the decision of Bill Belichick or the supposed referee talking Matthew Slater into kicking the ball towards the Jets to start the overtime period, the truth is the Slater never gave the referee a true chance to speak out on the entire question of “Do you want to kick or receive the ball”

If you go to you tube or to the official NFL website to listen to the whole highlight Slater clearly interrupts the referee and says “WE WANT TO KICK!” and that was all the referee needed to hear and asked the Jets which side do you want to receive the ball. Even after the game was over Belichick went in front of the Boston Media and informed them that it was the truth on his decision to kick the ball to the Jets and play the field position game.

Matthew Slater to his credit also faced the firing squad of the Boston Media and said that was the plan and he made sure that the orders of the coaching staff were correct. And that was where Ryan Fitzpatrick carved up the Patriots in Overtime with a 48yd catch and run to Quincy Enunwa, a 20yd bullet to Brandon Marshall and finally a 6yd fade pass to Eric Decker that sent Met Life Stadium into a frenzy.

After replaying the SNY Jets Post Game Show with Brian Custer, Ray Lucas & the other panelists, WFAN’s Joe Benigno & Evan Roberts and going on You Tube to watch that fabulous possession by the Jets over and over again, it’s time to focus on the matter at hand that is the final game of the 2015 Regular season as the New York Jets travel to take on Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills who only have one mission on their mind and that is to knock off the Jets from entering the playoffs.

While this team is going to be well prepared to face their former head coach for the second time this season, there is some concern for the Jets to take on the Bills. But let me be clear that this Jets team is head and shoulders a better side and a more talented side to get a victory and put their playoff destiny into their hands.

But once again this is Ralph Wilson Stadium and that building has been a house of horrors for the New York Jets for as long as we can remember. No matter how great the Jets are and how bad the Bills are, this description for Gang Green is a real explanation of how they performed there in the past. “Something Screwy always happens” and while this is a homecoming for both Ryan Fitzpatrick and Offensive Coordinator Chan Gailey, whatever the offense is going to be cooking up for schemes it needs to be executed perfectly.

Rex knows what it’s like to coach against the Bills and for the Bills since beginning his head coaching career with the Jets six years ago, but once again the Pittsburgh Steelers made this moment possible by losing to the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium last week and now a trip to Cleveland and facing the Browns is also a huge moment for the Steelers as well finishing off their Division opponents.

But this is why Robert “Woody” Johnson hired Todd Bowles to be the new head coach of his football team and execute a good season that has ten plus wins and make a playoff push, but it all could go for not if the Jets have a brain fart and it could fall apart. But there is a good feeling that Gang Green will finish the job so that this team can get back to the postseason and show the entire league why they are going to be a force to reckon with.

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