Jets gear up for season finale vs. Bills

As we get ready for the biggest game in the Todd Bowles/Mike MacCagnan era of the New York Jets, we have some time to discuss again what happened between the New England Patriots coin toss discussions after the coin landed and previewing the final game of the regular season in Western New York at the Buffalo Bills.

As all of Boston and the state of Massachusetts continue to gripe and call foul on the decision of Bill Belichick or the supposed referee talking Matthew Slater into kicking the ball towards the Jets to start the overtime period, the truth is the Slater never gave the referee a true chance to speak out on the entire question of “Do you want to kick or receive the ball”

If you go to you tube or to the official NFL website to listen to the whole highlight Slater clearly interrupts the referee and says “WE WANT TO KICK!” and that was all the referee needed to hear and asked the Jets which side do you want to receive the ball. Even after the game was over Belichick went in front of the Boston Media and informed them that it was the truth on his decision to kick the ball to the Jets and play the field position game.

Matthew Slater to his credit also faced the firing squad of the Boston Media and said that was the plan and he made sure that the orders of the coaching staff were correct. And that was where Ryan Fitzpatrick carved up the Patriots in Overtime with a 48yd catch and run to Quincy Enunwa, a 20yd bullet to Brandon Marshall and finally a 6yd fade pass to Eric Decker that sent Met Life Stadium into a frenzy.

After replaying the SNY Jets Post Game Show with Brian Custer, Ray Lucas & the other panelists, WFAN’s Joe Benigno & Evan Roberts and going on You Tube to watch that fabulous possession by the Jets over and over again, it’s time to focus on the matter at hand that is the final game of the 2015 Regular season as the New York Jets travel to take on Rex Ryan and the Buffalo Bills who only have one mission on their mind and that is to knock off the Jets from entering the playoffs.

While this team is going to be well prepared to face their former head coach for the second time this season, there is some concern for the Jets to take on the Bills. But let me be clear that this Jets team is head and shoulders a better side and a more talented side to get a victory and put their playoff destiny into their hands.

But once again this is Ralph Wilson Stadium and that building has been a house of horrors for the New York Jets for as long as we can remember. No matter how great the Jets are and how bad the Bills are, this description for Gang Green is a real explanation of how they performed there in the past. “Something Screwy always happens” and while this is a homecoming for both Ryan Fitzpatrick and Offensive Coordinator Chan Gailey, whatever the offense is going to be cooking up for schemes it needs to be executed perfectly.

Rex knows what it’s like to coach against the Bills and for the Bills since beginning his head coaching career with the Jets six years ago, but once again the Pittsburgh Steelers made this moment possible by losing to the Baltimore Ravens at M&T Bank Stadium last week and now a trip to Cleveland and facing the Browns is also a huge moment for the Steelers as well finishing off their Division opponents.

But this is why Robert “Woody” Johnson hired Todd Bowles to be the new head coach of his football team and execute a good season that has ten plus wins and make a playoff push, but it all could go for not if the Jets have a brain fart and it could fall apart. But there is a good feeling that Gang Green will finish the job so that this team can get back to the postseason and show the entire league why they are going to be a force to reckon with.

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