Looking at the Jets Roster Moves

And now the real issues begins for the New York Jets as they need to find ways to keep the majority of their roster and make those tough decisions to possibly let go a player or two if they feel they need to move forward.

Now Mike MacCagnan has the difficult job of making shrewd moves and tough decisions to try and keep or send players away, while the NFL Combine for those coming into the NFL for the Draft in a few months have already showcased their talents in Indianapolis.

But the first news that came out in this offseason was the release of Corner back Antonio Cromartie who came back from a season in Arizona and had a solid 2015. Making several big plays to intercept opposing offenses and knocking the ball away, the Jets knew they needed some cap room and decided to say goodbye to Cro.

Seeing Marcus Williams have a big season for the Jets with six interceptions with nineteen solo tackles probably showed both Bowles and MacCagnan that he is ready to make a big step in his Jets Career. So we shall see what this situation can do for the Jets as the Secondary remains to look solid.

Of course the big worry is Muhammad Wilkerson walking away and trying free agency. We all know what happened in the last game of the regular season as Wilkerson had his leg broken at the Bills, but still when he gets back to full health Wilkerson will be a monster once again. WFAN reported a story from the Associated Press that the Jets will use the Franchise Tag which will pay him $15.701 Million for the 2016 season. But there is plenty of time for the Jets to try to get a deal done by July 15th and sign Wilkerson to a multiyear deal, or else the tag is coming in.

The NFL Offseason always shows plenty of intrigue depending on what happens to certain teams that are trying to improve, remain as is or finding someone new if a certain player is coming or going. But after such a magical year that ended in heartbreak in Buffalo, the Jets are trying to keep this magic alive and well to begin the 2016 season.

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