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Marty Lyons Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic

The 31st Annual Marty Lyons Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic will be held on Monday, July 11, 2016 at Old Westbury Country Club.

Joe Namath March of Dimes Celebrity Golf Classic at Bethpage State Park on September 21-22 in addition to the MLF Celebrity Golf Classic.

The Committee is asking for people to donate an item for the raffle or silent auction or even have interest in a foursome, or simply make a tax-deductible financial donation.

Namath's event raises money for March of Dimes and helping babies. Marty Lyons' event grants wishes to critically ill children and please note that $0.92 of every $1.00 by the MLF goes directly to granting wishes.

Upcoming Charity Events:
7-11-16 31st Marty Lyons Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic, Old Westbury CC
9-20-16 4th Annual Victor Green Foundation Celebrity Golf Classic, Glen Head CC
9-22-16 12th Annual Joe Namath March for Babies Celebrity Golf Classic, Bethpage State Park (Bethpage Black)

Cleveland Rocks!

Cleveland's 52-year championship drought finally ended on Sunday night as the Cavaliers became the first team in NBA finals history to come back from a 3-1 deficit to win a series by virtue of their 93-89 victory in Game 7.

Lebron James fell to the hardwood at Oracle Arena in disbelief as the final buzzer sounded and cried tears of joy as the reality sank in that the burden was finally lifted.

Cavs head coach Tyronn Lue sat at the bench with his head in his hands, clearly overcome with emotions. Even J.R. Smith let it all pour out as he celebrated the title in Oakland.

The 73-win Warriors entered the series as heavy favorites and had three chances to secure their second straight Larry O'Brien Trophy, but they let it slip out of their grasp.

The reigning two-time MVP Stephen Curry stole the show during the regular season as Golden State had a record-setting 2015-16 campaign, but the team from the Bay Area was dealt its ninth loss of the playoffs which matched its regular season total.

Lebron carried the city of Cleveland on his back and finally lifted the curse that haunted its fans for more than five decades. When Lebron made "The Decision" and left Cleveland for Miami back in 2010, he was demonized.

Upon announcing his return to the franchise in 2014, the King wrote a heartfelt letter to his fans to tell them he was coming home and vowed to deliver the city a championship.

As bleak as things looked at times, Lebron delivered on his promise.

Cleveland can finally celebrate its first Pro title since 1964 and call itself the City of Champions.

Top 5 Sega Genesis Games of ALL-TIME

5. Pete Sampras Tennis

Whether it was the pretentious "Quiet Please" from the PA announcer or the life-like grunts from each player, this Genesis classic was loads of fun and had 4 player action to boot.

4. Super Baseball 2020

It's scary to think that the year 2020 is just around the corner, but this futuristic baseball game features robots and mutants that could hit and pitch with the best of them.

3. Sonic and Knuckles

What could be better than playing as Sonic's arch-nemesis and playing classic levels and new worlds with a bevy of characters to choose from.

2. Sonic the Hedgehog

Move aside Mario there's a new sheriff in town. This speedy little rascal became the face of the Genesis console and his debut was a masterpiece.

1. Sonic 3

The most polished and refined of the Sonic series, Sonic 3's adventure was the best of the bunch and is widely considered a top 5 game of all-time

#SCBDReview: Kitch Organic in Red Bank


If you are someone looking different, organic and a bit healthier than your usual you better get your booty to Kitch Organic. It’s not far from where I slay in good ole Red Bank and they are always serving up fresh food including herbs, etc that are from the garden in the back. Kitch Organic aka KO is located on 75 Leighton Avenue tucked away behind Shrewsbury Ave and away from the craziness of Broad Street.

It’s small but if you can grab a seat inside or outside it is perfect for a little lunch date or early breakfast its totally worth it! When we went I got the Strawberry Basil Lemonade [$5] and the Chicken Bahija [$15] (pictured above). The portions were great and you get what you pay for.

Next time I come in I’d love to try to the breakfast! It ranges from $8-14 but seems really worth it!

It’s definitely top on my dining destination lists!

TOP 5 N64 Games of ALL-TIME

5. MADDEN 64

While the gameplay wasn't exactly legendary, the 3D player models, albeit blocky, were revolutionary and made an impressive debut for the Madden franchise into a 3D world.


Not quite as good as its predecessor, Mario Kart 64 had incredible 4-player split screen action that created endless hours of entertainment and fun.


The most realistic first person shooter of its time, Golden Eye become an iconic game in Nintendo's history and still has a widespread following to the present day.

2. MARIO 64

From 2D side-scroller, to bouncing around Bowser's massive 3D castle, everyone's favorite Italian plummer was a smash hit on the N64 in this instant classic.


One of the most underrated platformers in gaming history, Banjo Kazooie had all the goofy laughs, fun storyline, memorable characters and immersive environment to make it a top pick for the N64 console.

#SCBDReview: NickJonas Album


So on Friday, Nick Jonas dropped his long-awaited, third solo album appropriately called, ‘Last Year Was Complicated.’ When I heard that was the album title, it automatically made me want to buy it more because I knew I could relate since Nick is on the single train too! I loved Nick’s last cd, Nick Jonas x2 so I was bit apprehensive if he’d have hits that would be better than ‘Jealous’ and ‘Chains’. But he proved me wrong, when he started teasing us fans with, “Close”, and “Champagne Problems”, I knew we were in for a treat.

The album starts with an upbeat song called, “Voodoo”, which is basically about how he can’t help but come back to his girl because her ‘Voodoo’ keeps him under her spell. Turn it up its great to start pregaming or even a dance party. The next song, which is ideal for any pregame is called, ‘”Champagne Problems” which he used to promote the album as one of his teaser songs, at least that’s what I like to call it. It’s extremely catchy, and I’m pretty sure I know all the words already. After that, it goes into, the deep and Nick’s debut single, “Close”, from ‘LWYC’ featuring Tove-Lo. With lyrics, like “Cause space is just a word made up for someone whose afraid to close.” How can you not like it? It also has a very chillax tempo! The next song, “Chainsaw” is a ballad about a breakup.

I love the album as a whole but I already have two favorites I’m constantly blasting which I foresee being big hits. The first one, number five, “Touch”. It’s so catchy, with lyrics like “I go from touchin’ you with both hands, to touchin’ you with no hands
T-t-touchin’ you, That’s my favorite way of touchin’ you.”
I can’t stop singing it in my car and the beat is great.

The next song I love is, “Good Girls” which features Big Sean. I feel like it’s a song that any millennial woman can relate to. I know I can. Here are some of the lyrics from the chorus,
“When did all these good girls decide to be bad?
Dancin’ up on the table, gettin’ back at your dad
Who’s the asshole that told you
That’s what you had to do? Yeah
When did all these good girls decide to be bad?
You know I love your skin, but is it deeper than that?
Don’t wanna blame you for it, cause that’s what we ask of you
Yeah, but when did all these good girls”

Big Sean kills it in his part to which I think most of the fellas can relate to,
“I used to be too bad for the good girls
Now I’m too good for the bad girls, no middle ground
Funny how big cities turn to little towns
When you tend to get around, I think we should sit it down
Girl you way too good to be in here
I see what they don’t see and see it clear
I think we should prolly take a little time out
You know, slow it down, clear your mind out
Figure out what you’re into
You don’t strike me as a club girl, you seem more residential
To keep it real, I just want a bad girl tonight
And a good girl for life, all I seen was potential”

As I mentioned earlier, I love the whole album. I took a trip to Long Beach, NY and it lasted me the whole trip. I got my cd (yes I didn’t download it) at Target because it came with bonus tracks. I highly recommend you give it a listen! I’m constantly bumping it on Spotify too!

Well, I hope you enjoyed my first of many music reviews! I’ll try to post one once a month.

XO Sara

NJ Native wins Madden 2016 Championship

Frank "Stiff" Sardoni Jr. won the Madden 2016 Championship at EA's tournament in Los Angeles, CA.

Sardoni Jr. used the Chicago Bears, his childhood team, to knock two-time Madden Challenge Champion Eric "Problem" Wright's San Francisco 49ers in the final.

EA Sports announced the 2017 Madden Championship series, which will include a $1 million prize pool given out over the course of the tournament.

Jets Off-season Podcast: Fitzpatrick Conundrum

Join Daniel Feuerstein & Rick Laughland as they discuss another New York Jets Off-Season Podcast and talk about the Ryan Fitzpatrick situation that has gone way too long and one side needs to make a decision to either accept a deal or end the chase altogether.

#SCBDFitness: 10 Minute Barre Ab Workout


Hey all! I told you I’d be back in full force, slowly but surely. I’ve been going through a rough patch lately and have had the urge to workout more than ever, which includes going to a class once a week at Pure Barre Red Bank (maybe it’ll increase in time too). I love the barre workout because toning and abs are a big focus. Since I’m not a big runner I decided to look up a workout I could daily on Youtube that would help me build my six pack. I came across this— PopSugar Fitness 10 Minute Barre Ab workout and it kicks my ass enough and gives me a nice little workout when I wake up in the morning. It also keeps me going during the week before and after my 6 AM class on Tuesday’s!

I love it and if you follow me on snapchat I am constantly snapping my progress lately!!! I promise I’ll be taking more pictures before and after class and updates on snapchat!

Stay tuned for my posts on my barre experience at Pure Barre Red Bank and the great deals they have starting this month so you can join me!

XO Sara

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