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#SCBDFitness: 10 Minute Barre Ab Workout


Hey all! I told you I’d be back in full force, slowly but surely. I’ve been going through a rough patch lately and have had the urge to workout more than ever, which includes going to a class once a week at Pure Barre Red Bank (maybe it’ll increase in time too). I love the barre workout because toning and abs are a big focus. Since I’m not a big runner I decided to look up a workout I could daily on Youtube that would help me build my six pack. I came across this— PopSugar Fitness 10 Minute Barre Ab workout and it kicks my ass enough and gives me a nice little workout when I wake up in the morning. It also keeps me going during the week before and after my 6 AM class on Tuesday’s!

I love it and if you follow me on snapchat I am constantly snapping my progress lately!!! I promise I’ll be taking more pictures before and after class and updates on snapchat!

Stay tuned for my posts on my barre experience at Pure Barre Red Bank and the great deals they have starting this month so you can join me!

XO Sara
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