#SCBDReview: Kitch Organic in Red Bank


If you are someone looking different, organic and a bit healthier than your usual you better get your booty to Kitch Organic. It’s not far from where I slay in good ole Red Bank and they are always serving up fresh food including herbs, etc that are from the garden in the back. Kitch Organic aka KO is located on 75 Leighton Avenue tucked away behind Shrewsbury Ave and away from the craziness of Broad Street.

It’s small but if you can grab a seat inside or outside it is perfect for a little lunch date or early breakfast its totally worth it! When we went I got the Strawberry Basil Lemonade [$5] and the Chicken Bahija [$15] (pictured above). The portions were great and you get what you pay for.

Next time I come in I’d love to try to the breakfast! It ranges from $8-14 but seems really worth it!

It’s definitely top on my dining destination lists!

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