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Social Media Stupidity

When we try to have a serious discussion about sports between friends, you try to either have a sensible discussion or at least calm your friend down when he might go completely crazy about the player he has an issue with.

But on social media it's a completely different story. Sometimes having people waiting to hijack your comments to try and bait you to say something silly or to try and tag you for being a racist all because you had a negative and legit comment about a certain player and it wasn't for the color of his skin.

Geno Smith who is the backup QB for the New York Jets right now is a player that has the ability and the talent to do some damage on the football field and has won games in the past, but the negative on the field is he makes too many mistakes and he hasn't corrected them.

But off the field he made the biggest mistake inside his own locker room during the pre-season last year. We all know the situation that got Smith sucker punched by I.K. Emekapali inside the Jets locker room because he was too immature not to settle the matter like an adult, or at least do the right thing by paying Emekapali back the money for the flight Smith missed as a family member was injured.

Every time I look at an professional athlete that plays for a certain sport or for a certain team, it's a given that they have fantastic athletic ability to go out and perform at the highest level, but as I have always said his mental makeup is also a major part of how any professional athlete conducts his actions on and off the field.

Smith boasted when Ryan Fitzpatrick came back during training camp that he was auditioning for the 31 teams in the NFL for his services and outside of a decent performance in the first week of the Pre-Season against the Jacksonville Jaguars, he flopped big time and while he is still in Green and White, Smith looked disappointing.

So are my comments about Geno Smith racist? No they are not, because this is a simple evaluation of the young man who has plenty of potential and sadly lost the respect of the locker room as each and every player were Black, White and Hispanic. At the same time when Mark Sanchez was injured back in 2013 I was rooting for Geno to have a good season and hoped he was the future franchise quarterback this Jets team desperately needs.

Why is it that I have supported Todd Bowles as the head coach of the Jets when he came over or why is it I have a Darrelle Revis Jets jersey in my possession. Not only do I want athletes of all colors to succeed for the sports teams I cheer for, but I also show respect to the ones that I enjoy having conversations with like the professional soccer players who come from England, Jamaica and those from the United States.

It is a damn shame that internet trolls who hide behind their computers will try to hijack a legitimate conversation and try to tag you as a racist, just to make you feel like crap and stop the conversation. Why is it that I have made friends either thru School, Summer Camp and show respect to colleagues in the sports writing business of all color, yet a pathetic fraud wants to pick a fight or try to end a legit discussion because they throw that word out there without showing any responsibility for it what so ever.

Sadly we may never know why these internet trolls and cyber bullies will continue to try and make you look like something you're not or shaming professional women journalists because they think they are better than these woman who do a fantastic job at their craft.

Just for once you wish these trolls would have the courage and dare I say the balls to actually have a legit discussion about the topic that is being discussed and stop throwing out words that will halt it. Because you do nothing by destroying real conversations for no reason.
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