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Mario Tennis Aces destined to take Nintendo Switch's online community by storm

For most Nintendo Fans, the release of Mario Tennis Aces can't come soon enough. Less than three weeks away from the highly anticipated June 22nd rollout date, screenshots and rumored features have been leaked by Nintendo to various media outlets.

The most promising potential for the tennis title is the online capabilites allowing up to four players compete in doubles matches in addition to local play. Online tournaments appear to be the most groundbreaking and promising mode added to the franchise for the Nintendo Switch as there have only a handful of games that have fully utlized online play. Assuming Mario Tennis Aces takes a page out of Mario Kart, this looks to be a major step in the right direction as social play and tournaments take on a whole new life of its own.

Currently, there is a demo available for the Switch that allows users to choose up to playable five characters to get a flavor for the new gameplay mechanics and graphics engine. It appears as though the adorable Mario-led sports game straying away from the arcade classic and transitioning to a fast-paced, competitive sports arena with a depth of customizable options including building your energy meter to wear out opponents and seize momentum. For the time being, the short tutorial and demo are the only experience users can enjoy, but the release of Mario Aces appears destined to catch the Nintendo Online community by storm.

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