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Mario Tennis Aces destined to take Nintendo Switch's online community by storm


For most Nintendo Fans, the release of Mario Tennis Aces can't come soon enough. Less than three weeks away from the highly anticipated June 22nd rollout date, screenshots and rumored features have been leaked by Nintendo to various media outlets.

The most promising potential for the tennis title is the online capabilites allowing up to four players compete in doubles matches in addition to local play. Online tournaments appear to be the most groundbreaking and promising mode added to the franchise for the Nintendo Switch as there have only a handful of games that have fully utlized online play. Assuming Mario Tennis Aces takes a page out of Mario Kart, this looks to be a major step in the right direction as social play and tournaments take on a whole new life of its own.

Currently, there is a demo available for the Switch that allows users to choose up to playable five characters to get a flavor for the new gameplay mechanics and graphics engine. It appears as though the adorable Mario-led sports game straying away from the arcade classic and transitioning to a fast-paced, competitive sports arena with a depth of customizable options including building your energy meter to wear out opponents and seize momentum. For the time being, the short tutorial and demo are the only experience users can enjoy, but the release of Mario Aces appears destined to catch the Nintendo Online community by storm.

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God of War for PS4 achieves rarified air


Kratos might be showing signs of slowing down, but the God of War is at its strongest and most complete in the PS4 installment that hit consoles in April. The perfect balance of gripping storylines along with fast and furious button mashing gameplay make this iteration the ultimate experience for newcomers to the franchise and hardcore fans alike.

Santa Monica Studio pays impeccable attention to detail in world building as well as character models. The PS4 graphics engine is fully utilized as gamers are immersed into the Norse Mythological world where Kratos' second wife passes away while he is responsible for raising and teaching survival skills to his son Atreus.

The tale is a heartwarming story of a father and son battling through evil and violent forces in Ancient MidGuard. The bond between father and son grows with each passing challenge. The duo help each other in unexpected ways as their journey represents the passing of the torch from Kratos to his young son Atreus.

God of War for PS4 has reached unprecedented heights by selling over 5 million copies within the first month of its release and sets the stage for the revival of a franchise that many had left for dead.


Rockstar releases Red Dead Redemption 2 Official Trailer


Rockstar Games is proud to present the all-new trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2, which is set to come to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the Spring of 2018. The newest release tells the story of outlaw Arthr Morgan and the Van Der Linde gang as they pillage their way across the heartland of America to stay alive.

Check out the Official Trailer which was released today!


Capcom Announces Dead Rising 4-FRANK's BIG PACKAGE coming to PS4 this Holiday Season


Photojournalist Frank West is back on the scene for Dead Rising 4 that chronicles the events 16 years following the original Dead Rising. West finds himself in a battle with a covert military operation as he looks to uncover the truth behind a government conspiracy that is the sinister force behind the zombie outbreak.

Headed to PS4 on December 5, this holiday-themed zombie slasher promises to bring intense open world action to PlayStation gamers this winter.


Now Available in GTA Online: Bombushka Run Mode and RM-10 Bombushka Plane



More exciting new content from the Smuggler’s Run update this week:

First comes the brand new RM-10 Bombushka plane. In addition to room for six including three turret positions, the Bombushka comes with an array of available upgrades from the Hangar Workshop including Incendiary and Cluster bombs.

Also now available is Bombushka Run, a new team-based mode which pits one highly-fortified gunship against a fleet of agile Buzzards. To celebrate the launch of this aerial game of cat and mouse, Bombushka Run will be doling out double payouts from now through October 1st.

Hangar Workshops are also 25% off this week, with further deep discounts on Aircraft Weapons, Liveries, Resprays, Mobile Operations Center Cabs, and Executive Offices.


Put your piloting proficiency to the test in Bombushka Run, the latest mode to hit GTA Online. Two teams of up to four square off, with one side piloting the heavily armed Bombushka as the other attempts to bring the beast down with a swarm of Buzzard Attack Helicopters. Teams then switch sides, and whichever one survives the longest while piloting the Bombushka scores the victory. It’s the classic game of cat and mouse, except the mouse is an enormous Cold War bomber bristling with .50 Cal Turrets and the cats get armed copters. Earn Double GTA$ & RP in Bombushka Run, now through September 25th.


Stack the GTA$ sky high by competing in this week’s Premium Race & Time Trial events, live now through September 25th:

Premium Stunt Race - "Water Slide" (Locked to Blazer Aqua)

Time Trial - "Calafia Way"

Launch Premium Races through the Quick Job App on your in-game phone or via the yellow corona at Legion Square. The top three finishers will earn GTA$ and you'll get Triple RP regardless of where you

finish. To take a stab at the Time Trial, set a waypoint to the marker on your in-game map and enter via the purple corona. Beat par time and you'll be duly rewarded with GTA$ & RP payouts.

Previously in GTA Online:
·         Dewbauchee Rapid GT Classic Now in GTA Online Plus This Week's Bonuses

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Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 Official Review


Lauded for its unrivaled gameplay experience, PES 2018 refines the soccer simulation like never before. This year's iteration features realistic game speed as developers granted users the ability to control possession with strategic dribbling. Player utilize simple stick controls to shield the ball from defenders and execute subtle moves to keep them off-balance. With Real Touch+, users control the ball with their entire body in order to adjust to an unpredictable ball flight. With the new FK and PK system, along with the new option to choose a one playoff kickoff, this top soccer franchise refined every aspect of the gameplay.


The best in class just got that much better. All of the nuances of the game are masterfully portrayed in this version from the minute details of stadium lighting for day and night matches as well as the pitch turfs and stadium tunnels. Thanks to Real Capture, developers recreated more than 20,000 detailed components that were captured at Camp Nou and Signal Iduna Park. Player models have been overlaid in spiffy new environments along with extensive animations added to the already stellar repertoire. Everything from uniform fitting to body tatoos have garnered special attention.

What's New


With a refreshed user-interface for all menus, real player images for gameplan and myClub screen, as well as a revamped in-game presentation, PES brings a broadcast quality experience to your console.

PES LEAGUE INTEGRATION: Take advantage of new modes including myClub, Random Selection Match and Online co-op to create endless hours of entertainment.

ONLINE CO-OP: PES 2018 is hopping on the co-op wave by allowing players to join up in either 2-v-2 or 3-v-3 co-op play with support for local guests. This mode gives players the ability to play alongside friends on their couch, or start online matches against players of all levels in the online community.

NEW MODES: A wildly popular mode in last year's version, Random Selection Match enable players to enjoy go inside the life of a manager in the Master League and go behind the scenes for pre-match interviews and locker room speeches.


Strategic Dribbling-Users can use the stick controls to play keep-away from defenders and break ankles with jaw-dropping moves.

Control Improvement- Control mechanics have been reworked so attackers can make split-second moves and control the ball in space with ease while creating separation.

Physicality Representation-
While other versions allowed stronger players to out-muscle users for the ball, the intelligent ball control levels the playing field for everyone by utilizing subtle moves to maintain possession of the ball.

Full Body Touch-Whether you flick on a header or settle down a knuckling ball with your chest, player models use every body component to keep the ball in play and in their possession.

Opposition Awareness-
AI has been completely overhauled so that players receiving passes are more aware of their surroundings and ball possession isn't as easy to change hands.


Corner Kick/Free Kick-
New camera angles and control improvements allow for more natural control and for players to set the timing and execution of plays.

Penalty Kick-This revamped new system hearkens back to prior versions where risk and reward factors for shooters and keepers create a dramatic football environment.

Kick off-New one person kickoff added, so users can change to 2 players at the press of a button.

AUTHENTIC PLAYER MODELS-PES 18 recreates impeccably accurate player models by using real life scanning data.

- Developers built this facet of the game from the foundation up as they went back to the basics to polish such movements as walking, turning and body posture.

HUMAN MOTION- Player movements mock real-life players from the second they emerge from entrance tunnel to the postgame celebrations.

FACIAL EMOTION-Gamers can now feel the emotion of the game following a triumphant win or an agonizing defeat.

GOALKEEPERS– The last line of defense will now have a variety of throwing motions to get the ball back in play as well as some new dazzling save animations.

New cutscenes have been incpororated including for foul calling and substitution as well as a special animated sequence for when a player notches a hat-trick.

– Through studying partner home stadiums of Camp Nou and Signal Iduna Park, the finest details including players emerging from the tunnels during day and night games and the shadows on the pitch have been masterfully incorporated into the presentation.

The presentation goes behind the scenes to capture the pregame and postgame hubbub in the locker rooms to add to the realism of the game.

The party in the stands is only secondary to the on-pitch action as the improved visuals enhance the atmosphere for users.


Online Co-op (PS4, Xbox One and PC only)


New Mode Supports- 3v3 and 2v2 allowing you to play with your friends or other users to compete against players from around the world.

– Users can custom tailor a match to automatically pair them with a matched player or create a clan of highly skilled players to shoot for the top ranks.

Play with up to 2 local guests and as many as 3 total user controlled players on the same team to play online co-op matches.


From MyClub and PES League Users can enjoy 3v3 action.

PES League (PS4, Xbox One, PC and PS3 only)


Competitions will be held across categories and not in standard 1v1, but myClub, 3v3 and Random Select Mode. Players can enjoy PES LEAGUE with anyone!

This feature permits all teams to have the same average rating for you to win with the team that you truly support.


- Compete in the eSports Competition with myClub


New functions include: a database to find a specific type of player you want, history on past auction results and reservation functions for final round bids.

myClub Online CO-OP-
Assemble your co-op team with your squad and include your friends.

Master League

CHALLENGES- At the onset of the season, players will be provided a set of challenges and objectives according to the state of their club, which are pertinent to achieve if users want to keep their job as manager.

PRE-SEASON TOURNAMENTS – Play in tune-up matches against the elite teams before the season gets underway.

TRANSFER SYSTEM ENHANCEMENT–New elements were added including release fees in player contracts to challenge user's contract management skills.

IMPROVED PRESENTATION – New main menu design throughout PES 18 along with inclusion of pre-match interviews and pre and post game locker room scenes.

Random Select Mode

Fans asked and now they'll receive. There are now more ways to play with new presentation features. Users define the criteria of players they want and play with said players on their team.

– Once players are signed, users can begin to negotiate for player exchanges or block a player they don't want traded depending on what best suits the team.

UI Overhaul

MENUS – Every menu has been reworked to adapt to modern layouts including the HUD display to create a broadcast feel.

– Real player images have been added to the gameplan and in-match
stats display to create an even more lifelike experience for users.


The rich get richer. PES 2018 builds on it's realistic gameplay with refined control mechanics and more polished visuals including player models, crowd reactions and player celebrations. This year's version takes the presentation to new heights by covering everything from pregame interviews to post-match antics and festivities. The fluidity of gameplay is first in class as players are transported onto the pitch for an unparalleled experienced for soccer fans and gamers.

The visual makeover, while impressive, is not earth-shattering. Animations are smooth and the greatest improvement for gameplay is a more heightened awareness and AI for players receiving passes and maintaining ball control. PES 2018 doesn't make wholesale changes to last year's version, but the attention to detail in this installment helps solidify it as the top soccer gaming franchise on the market.

Developers didn't try to reinvent the wheel as they refined PES 2017 with a variety of new on-field animations including the ability to play the ball off a players chest, stomach or thigh, while the depth of game modes received a nice jolt in the arm as well.

The myClub mode forces players to think like a general manager as their charged with handling everything from player contracts to blocking and granting player transfer. All of the game modes have been fully integrated so players can enjoy 3v3 co-op action in virtually any mode.

PES 2018 leaves no stone unturned as players looking to compete in eSports with myClub have that added capability as well. Even the HUD and main menu overhaul create a nice touch for the franchise. From the second players emerge from the stadium tunnels to the moment the final whistle is blown, the realism in presentation and gameplay is a sight to behold. The only thing missing from this year's installment, and likely this was purposeful, is an arcade mode for casual gamers who want a break from the intense simulation-type action and prefer a version with more frenzied action where the rules are thrown out the window.

All things considered, PES 2018 already leaves the FIFA franchise in the dust as it checks all the boxes for gamers and critics alike. A truly all-around wonderful experience for gamers, PES 2018 once against establishes itself as the premier soccer gaming title that is head and shoulders above the competition.