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Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Red Bulls defeat Impact and win a game in hand

This was the biggest task the New York Red Bulls had to face and while you know they once had one of the greatest strikers in the world in Thierry Henry, they now had to face one of the best African strikers in former Chelsea & Ivory Coast International Didier Drogba.  
But at the same time they had to face a pair of former players that were involved in the Felipe trade during the offseason as they faced former midfielder Eric Alexander & Ambroise Oyongo who were also stopped in this match, but sadly for Oyongo he was shown a straight red card after handling the ball inside the area and on the goal line preventing Bradley Wright-Phillips to score.

In the 15th minute is was a strange series of plays that earned the Red Bulls a spot kick and sent the Impact down to ten men. After Sacha Kljestan stopped his run inside the area he passed the ball back to Bradley Wright-Phillips and as he shot it, the ball hits a defenders leg, Evan Bush gets a right paw on it and tries to shoulder the ball away from the net, but Oyongo was on the goal line and he tried to slap the ball away with his left hand and Ted Unkle had no choice but to point to the spot and show the Red Card.  

Kljestan coolly converts the penalty straight down the middle and the Red Bulls take the lead on Sacha's 7th of the season. And then another penalty was given to the Red Bulls twelve minutes later as Donny Toia trips up Lloyd Sam in the Montreal area and that meant Kljestan was going to double the advantage. But Drogba played some mind games and stood on top of the ball and forced Kljestan to take it away from him. No booking on the smart gamesmanship call by Drogba and when the 2nd penalty was struck Bush made the save to his left.

But Lloyd Sam was able to double the advantage as he chips the Montreal defense and just converts it under the crossbar in the 39th minute. BWP once again with a free chance tried to beat Bush on the quick break and was stopped and then the ball was cleared by a defender, but Sam was in the right place at the right time to chip that ball and convert his 10th goal of the season which is a personal best in his MLS career.

This was the best defensive performance as a team against one of the best strikers in the world in Didier Drogba who found every advantage he could find to try and attack the Red Bulls Goal. Both Damien Perrinelle and Ronald Zubar had to make sure that their non-verbal communication would work as all three speak French very well. 

Even when Drogba was onside or allowed to be on in an offside position Luis Robles was at the right place at the right time to make the big save and while Drogba did tally on the spot kick, out in the field of play the Red Bulls gave him nothing. 

"I thought the job done on Drogba overall was really good." Said Jesse Marsch, "He's a classy player. I thought the team did a good job on Drogba and made it harder on him, which was a big task on the night." And now the club has taken one of the two games in hand on their schedule.

All they need is a win or a draw next game at Toronto to clinch the Eastern Conference and that CONCACAF Champions League spot, then it's all up for grabs on the Shield. Currently still at the top with a three point lead on the LA Galaxy, but other games that are being played can throw a wrench into the works. So let's wait and see what happens as the Red Bulls build on this win and face the 2nd leg of the Canadian doubleheader at BMO Field.
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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

2015 Jets Week 4 Review Podcast

Join Daniel Feuerstein & Rick Laughland as they review the big AFC East Division 27-14 victory over the Miami Dolphins at Wembley Stadium in London, England.
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Red Bulls Ready for the Drogba Challenge

Right now the New York Red Bulls are in a good place at the top of the Eastern Conference, but at the same time they are leading the league in the Supporters Shield race as they are currently edging the Los Angeles Galaxy on the Points per Game tie breaker. This time however a big threat is coming towards them and it’s the Montreal Impact and their new Designated Player signing in former Chelsea & Ivory Coast Striker in Didier Drogba.
This man caused a major storm at the Montreal International Airport when he arrived and you saw many French Speaking Canadiens and Ivory Coast immigrants living in Montreal, Drogba has created a lot of noise and putting the Impact currently over that red line for a playoff spot in the standings.
“He’s obviously a handful, a world class player and always plays at a very high level.” Said Dax McCarty, “He’s a guy who is a difference maker and seen plenty of highlights from him making fantastic plays. We know what his strengths and weakness are & he’s changed the dynamic of that team.”
But when you want a real technical answer about how to play Drogba, you go straight to the coach and Jesse Marsch has an answer. “He’s such a physical presence and he is so smart and clever, it’s not a one man job as it is a team job. One of the keys is too keep him guessing where defenders are and not letting him know where they are as he likes to feel guys and hold them off. We also know he can slip a real clever ball. It will be a challenge on a team that is explosive and can counter, but we need to know where he will be in the box.”
A lot will be focused on Drogba but at the same time we also have to look at the other players around him that he has improved like Dilly Duka, Ignacio Piatti, and others as this side did make a big run in the 2014-15 CONCACAF Champions League and became the first Canadian side to reach the final. Even though Frank Klopas was fired after Drogba was signed by the club this side has looked dangerous and improved.
But looking at the current Supporters Shield race that the 2015 Red Bulls are on, some are looking at comparing what the 2013 side did when they won it with Thierry Henry, Tim Cahill and a few more who are still here like Bradley Wright-Phillips, Dax McCarty and Luis Robles. But the truth is simple in that it’s not the same type of situation.
Of course certain results are breaking the Red Bulls way like in 2013, but it’s a different side with a different presence as they have been using this press offense from start to finish and while the start wasn’t good in 2013 for Mike Petke’s side he did have two separate winning or unbeaten streaks that looked solid and gave them chances to convert & get positive results.
But overall this Impact team is a dangerous side that is still hunting for a playoff spot and with the addition of Drogba, they could surprise and leap frog a few sides. But once again this is where the games in hand need to pay off and stay not only top of the east, but to keep the top spot to win the regular season and hoping to earn their 2nd shield in three seasons.
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Red Bulls defeat Crew and Stays on top of the East

A big test at Red Bull Arena came as Kei Kamara and his Columbus Crew came over to try and find a way to knock off the Red Bulls from the top of the Eastern Conference and it looked like at first it might have happened after Justin Mearm found a way to poke home the opening goal just past the fingertips of Luis Robles.

But once again nothing fazes these Red Bulls as this was just a blip on the radar and as always they found a way to comeback and win the match as the home side found a way to get it done. Two big goals to beat Steve Clark and win it 2-1
Lloyd Sam who has had a great season and added many goals to his campaign converted the equalizer in the 12th minute. After a good steal by Mike Grella attacking the goal, his shot was stopped by Steve Clark, but the rebound went to Sacha Kljestan who squared the ball across the area to Sam who roofed it top shelf. 

Then it was Bradley Wright-Phillips turn to get another chance at goal and did so in the 21st minute. Once again Grella forces Clark to make a bad play and Connor Lade gets a hold of the ball and makes a beautiful cross to BWP who heads it home for the lead.

All first half you have seen Steve Clark make rash decisions with the ball and allowing the Red Bulls to try to score more than just two goals. In fact it could've been four or five more by the Red Bulls if they kept getting fed the ball like that. 

But once again a solid defensive second half for the Red Bulls as they prevent the Crew from getting an equalizer let alone trying to win the match and the Red Bulls find a way to get the full three points and remain at the top of the east as well as the top of the league in the Supporters shield race. 

This game however was the second match that Jesse Marsch missed due to suspension as he was sent off in the last match against Orlando City. Denis Hamlet took over and goes 2-0 in games that Marsch is suspended, but to be honest Marsch never escalated the situation and even though he flapped his arms, it wasn't in an escalated situation. 

But now the Red Bulls are moving on and ready to take on those games in hand as they face the exciting Didier Drogba and a revamped Montreal Impact in mid-week action.
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Saturday, October 3, 2015

2015 Jets Week 4 Podcast Preview At Dolphins in London


Check Out Sports Podcasts at Blog Talk Radio with FansFavorite*com Jets Podcast on BlogTalkRadio

Join Daniel Feuerstein as he is flying solo on the Jets Podcast on Fans Favorite as he discusses the game against the Miami Dolphins being played at Wembley Stadium in London, England
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Red Bulls ready for Kamara's Crew on Saturday

The Red Bulls have already put to bed the worst loss in their history when Orlando City came to town and converted a five spot on the scoreboard at Red Bull Arena. With an extra day of rest the club was already putting their mindset on their next opponent in the Columbus Crew and facing one of the candidates for the Golden Boot leaders in Kei Kamara who has been very sharp and dangerous for the team in the black & gold this season. 
What does it mean to face a tough striker like Kamara who does a lot more than a normal striker in this league. "It's pure athleticism" said Head Coach Jesse Marsch, "I think he's a freak athlete. He can run, he can strike, he can jump at the ball strong, it's a full package of athleticism that he brings." But there are also other components as well "But Finley can add to the attack and the wingers in the midfield like to push up to give support to Kamara, but he's had a fantastic year."
Make no mistake about the Columbus Crew when Gregg Berhalter came back to MLS and became the Sporting Director and Head Coach of the club. He wanted to mold this team into his own vision for what he wanted to do and so far this side has shown to be what he has done when he managed Hammerby back in Sweden when he played abroad before coming to MLS with Bruce Arena and the Los Angeles Galaxy.
So when you currently look at the standings of the Eastern Conference the big picture is can the Crew leapfrog over the Revolution and either get one of the top two spots? Or go face the Red Bulls in an early playoff round after the wild card. "As far as the playoffs go it would be foolish and na├»ve to look towards the playoffs right now. We need to finish strong at the end of the regular season." Said Dax McCarty. 
"But with the changing styles that the Crew present in these past two games is it a challenge to see if they might change again. "We know them pretty well, we've played them a bunch in the last couple of seasons. We know how they want to play with the ball on the ground and we are ready for the challenge that they will represent." 
For Ronald Zubar it has been a trying season for him as we all know the issues he has had to face with so many injury issues with his legs and while Matt Miazga has surprised many with his solid season with the Red Bulls, he will be missed with US Olympic duty as well as being suspended the next two league games when he comes back, but Zubar is ready for the challenge. 
"I'm ready for the challenge to come back and do my part. Matt has been great, but right now it's my turn to help the team." Said Zubar, but obviously the injuries he has suffered has been a bother for him. "Something as a player you want to help the team and it's been up and down for me, but right now I am at 100% and ready to play these games, so it's my time now."
The Red Bulls of course will also miss Jesse Marsch as he was ejected by referee Jorge Gonzalez for arguing certain calls during the game and to be fair Marsch didn't even escalate the situation, but we shall see what will happen as the Red Bulls will continue to stay at the top of the Eastern Conference.
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Thursday, October 1, 2015

Jets Podcast on London Trip


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Join Daniel Feuerstein & his UK Correspondent Julian Carter as they discuss the Jets in London, England and how his advice can help Jets fans sightsee as well as prepare for the big game against the Miami Dolphins.
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Monday, September 28, 2015

The Jets Podcast Week 3 Review Show


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Join Daniel Feuerstein & Rick Laughland as they recap the first loss in the Todd Bowles era as the Jets fall to the Eagles 24-17
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Jets suffer first loss of the season in Bowles era 24-17 to Eagles

It came sooner rather than later. After a solid start to the season and earning two straight wins, the Jets sadly finished off September by falling to the Philadelphia Eagles by a final of 24-17 and their record going to 2-1. But while the first half wasn’t anything to write home about, they did find a way to get back in the game and tried to play catch up.

But at the end of the day missed tackles and no running game along with some mental errors caused the Jets to lose a chance to be one of a few sides that were unbeaten to start the season. It was the Darren Sproles & Ryan Matthews show as they ran rough shot all over the Jets.

While Sproles stats wise wasn’t were it should be in this type of win for the desperate Philadelphia Eagles, his 89yd punt return for a touchdown was a spectacular run that made the Jets miss taking him down, but for Ryan Matthews he was unstoppable carrying the ball 25 times for 108yds.

In the throwing department the Eagles were able to get some fantastic plays down by Jordan Matthews and Zach Ertz as they helped Sam Bradford look solid by making their plays. The Jets on both sides of the ball in the first half looked sluggish and unsure of themselves trying to make plays and give the Eagles credit on defense when they stopped Bilal Powell and Zac Stacy on the run game.

There were some solid throws to Brandon Marshall and out of a poor day he did receive the ball 10 times for 104 yds and a touchdown that gave the team life when he grabbed it before halftime on a 16yd throw by Fitzpatrick. But of course the big head scratcher of a play was in the 2nd quarter on the Jets 7th possession of the first half.

After starting on their own 28yd line Fitzpatrick finds Marshall on a 15yd catch and as he was getting tackled down, Marshall made a surprising and dumb move as he tried to lateral the ball to a team mate that wasn’t there. The ball thrown at an Eagles facemask and recovered by the Eagles even though the left elbow was down on the turf while the ball was still in Marshall’s right hand wasn’t enough to overturn the review.

But after all the positives that happened in the first two weeks, it all came crashing down in this loss to the Eagles and now in the last ten meetings, the New York Jets still haven’t found a way to defeat Philadelphia’s NFL side. But sooner than later you had to expect a loss coming and with a long road trip to London, England to face the Miami Dolphins at Wembley Stadium this should be a good time for the team to sit back, relax and get ready for their first AFC East Divisional Game of the season.

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